REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Falcon Tuned Version "Black Interceptor" •

REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Falcon Tuned Version “Black Interceptor”

As a young kid you hold on to certain memories, one that comes to mind was the first time I saw the original Mad Max movie.  It was mesmerizing!  Good versus evil!!  A typical plot that resonances today.  The movie itself was full of cars unseen (Australian angle), bikes, noise, superchargers, and more.  A true action packed frenzy!  If you haven’t seen the original yet, do yourself some justice and watch it!

So where is this leading us.  Well, our next review focuses on the recent AUTOart release, the 1:18, diecast, Ford Falcon Tuned Version “Black Interceptor”.  Yes I said diecast.  This model also features full access to motor, rear and interior, along with detailed undercarriage.

From an exterior point of view the Black paint just pops here.  In all honestly it still looks wet!  The blended in matte panels mate up perfectly too.  I still stand firm that AUTOart’s paint technique is still better defined on diecast metal rather than composite.  But I will say they made some positive strides this year in perfecting their paint methods on composite.

Shutlines and panel gaps are excellent on my example. As you can see from the accompanying photos the doors and engine areas are very tight. The quad side exhaust is very intimidating; beautifully executed in scale.  More on this as we review the motor section.

The work on the front clip is very clean and in tune with the rest of the piece.  There really isn’t a lot to the front end of the Ford Falcon other than the custom lens covers.  We do have actual headlight mechanisms behind, nicely detailed too.  The hood is completed with a matte finish.  Note the lower intakes made with perforated metal grilles.

The rear is definitely less intimating than the front.  Once again the final product here is clean and dry.  Good use of materials for the side markers in Red and taillights.  Access to the rear storage is available.  Shutlines and panel gaps as well as the operation of hatch are excellent.

The entire storage compartment is lined in carpeting.  I do like the extra attention to defining the spare tire area and wheel-hubs on each side.  Seems AUTOart took some cues from their line of models they develop for the Australian Biante.

The motor is where the model excels somewhat.  The massive intake and blower definitely take centre stage.  There are many of layers to this beast, which I will highlight.

First, the use of colour for the engine block as well as chrome and silver accents bits provide the realism.  Good use of wiring and perimeter apparatus help define and complete the motor bay.  Although the overall package is solid some of the elements that make-up the bay are too plastic in appearance and somewhat underdeveloped and leave you wanting that little more.

The engineering on the hinge wok for hood operation is fantastic to say the least.  Hinges are equipped with spring tension (they make the same noise the 1:1 would make as you open and close the hood, how awesome it that!?).  Operation here is flawless, which adds much win to the overall engine compartment.  Great job AUTOart.

Oh, remember the side exhaust I mentioned earlier.  There is constructed piping/mufflers from the engine block to each side fully defined.  As well as nicely defined front and rear suspension components.  Please note our example from AUTOart is missing the passenger side trail arm.  How many of you would have noticed that if we didn’t point this out?

The wheels on the Ford Falcon are all business nothing less.  AUTOart’s version is well executed right down to the defined lug nuts and tire script.  The rear brake package is basic with standard rotors and calipers in check.

The interior of the Ford Falcon is a little more polished than one would think.  Full seating front and rear is found with accompanying fabric seat-belts.  Even the old school windows cranks are clearly defined in detail and chrome.  Fully carpeting is available too.  The “interceptor” angle is noticeable here; we find the police light on dash and the Red blower activation button is also found on the gear shifter.  In all the workmanship is solid, I’m sold!

The AUTOart Ford Falcon Tuned Version “Black Interceptor” is a well packed, well executed, a full impact replica, almost mirroring the Mad Max film successes from 1979.  The model excels on so many levels as we pointed out above.  Where it fails ever so slightly is the lack of attention to the motor materials.

Looking beyond this the model is very good; something a seasoned collector would appreciate and maybe one we overlooked as 2017 Model of the Year.  I have no issues recommending the piece.  It will hold itself well with many and so cool to to the eyes.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Alex says:

    I had been waiting for years for this car to come! Even owning the Mad Max 2 Interceptor didn’t cut it for me which is why I sold it.. But I”m so pleased to have this new car in my collection! I will have to check the rear suspension on my car and see if it has the same missing part as yours. Can’t say that I’m too worried about it though as the rear ends on these old Falcons were quite a simple setup.. Great review!

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