REVIEW: AUTOart Hennessey Venom GT •

REVIEW: AUTOart Hennessey Venom GT

The Hennessey Venom GT is a supercar based on the Lotus Exige. The car is manufactured by Hennessey Performance Engineering based in Texas, USA. The Hennessey Venom GT has gained popularity over the last few years for its top speed, and Hennessey was hoping to claim the world’s fastest production car record. The fastest time recorded to date was on February 14, 2014, at 270.49 mph, or 435.31 km/h. Nuts! To my surprise, the car was announced by AUTOart in 2014 as part of the Signature series. Four colours are now available – Red, Matt Black, White, and Grey.


I went for the Red exterior once AUTOart announced the Yellow was no longer going into the production. Right out of the box you can see the model has a presence. The exterior lines are faithfully reproduced with panel gaps and shutlines near perfect, too. Please excuse my photos, as they aren’t the best in capturing the deep, rich red paint. The roof of this model is removable and is manufactured in diecast metal, as is the rest of the car. Operation and fitment are flawless.


The front of the Hennessey Venom GT is highly detailed. The lower chin spoiler is wrapped in carbon fibre, headlights are highly detailed, and center grilles and upper cooling grilles are all metallic, perforated bits. The detail here is amazing! If there is one complaint I need to address, it has to be the lack of access to the inner workings of the cooling or suspension components, as the front portion of the model is sealed.



The rear is much like the front. The upper hatch is nicely detailed with metal grilles revealing the monster that dwells underneath. Operation is flawless; struts keep the hatch in the open position without incident. Upper and lower portions of the rear again feature metallic, perforated grilles, all beautifully detailed, as are the rear taillights. The model also features a functional rear spoiler. A simple press of the button underneath with the use of the supplied AUTOart tool, and the spoiler springs open with ease. Check out the engineering here, off the charts folks!



The Venom’s wheels are a work of art too, no expenses spared by AUTOart here! Overall ride height is near perfect too. Just behind the front wheels, you see some detailed grilles that support the lines and aerodynamics of the car.



The best and most exciting part of the model, without a doubt, is the monster that powers this beast to insane speeds. The car features a twin-turbocharged 427cu in (7.0 L) V8 GM LSX engine with an iron block and aluminum heads featuring twin precision ball bearing turbochargers. The engine produces 1,244 bhp of power at 6,600 rpm, and 1,155 lb·ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. AUTOart’s execution of the motor is just as impressive as the aforementioned numbers! This is one of the cleanest and most detailed supercar motors to come from AUTOart to date. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are on par with the Pagani Zonda. It’s truly a work of art!



The interior is sparse but nicely executed throughout. Dash and centre console/shifter have a real look and feel of quality, not plastic. Even the Venom GT logo is in place. The only thing I don’t like is the material used around the supporting padding for the roll-cage. The material, or colour, seems off and out of place, though this is a very minor issue, to say the least.


I received three models last week, the AUTOart EB110 GT, AUTOart Lamborghini Veneno, and the Hennessey Venom GT. The latter has, by far, surpassed them all. The model exceeded all expectations on many levels, I’m sure you will agree. The Hennessey Venom GT will become an instant classic. Execution is excellent, and the model is near perfect. This car truly deserves the AUTOart Signature Series badge! All you need to do is decide on the colour and buy one before they are all gone! Enjoy the pics!

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    I think black matt is the best for this car …

  3. George K says:

    I have mine on order, in black. Can’t wait!

  4. Tye says:

    My seats on this model is wobbly, is this a problem for only my model?

  5. dereck says:

    How do I order one?

  6. Lykan Hypersutra says:

    Really Great Review. I Love Exotic Super Cars. Infact, After Reading This Review I Wanted One As Well. Like Really Bad. But I Want a Black One. So, After a Bit Searching I Actually Found One For 155 Euro. Should Be Here By Thirsday. Yay!! :D

    Thanks For the Insperation.


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