REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 12C GT3 •

REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 12C GT3

The McLaren brand or 12C GT3 in this case doesn’t need an introduction. The car was developed by McLaren to compete in the FIA Group GT3 racing series. The car it self consists of MonoCell with aluminum front and rear sub frames, bespoke lightweight carbon fibre/composite body panels, safety roll cage, and air-jack system. The motor is a race prepared 3.8L V8 twin turbo McLaren M838T, producing 493 horsepower, which is considerably lower than the production car. The suspension makeup features double wishbone adjustable for ride height, camber and toe with 4-way adjustable dampers with coil over springs. In a nutshell this car is all race! The model we present here is one of the latest efforts from AUTOart’s Signature series in 1:18 scale.


As usual we start with the exterior of the model. I choose the Azure Blue. Why you ask? I wanted something different, not the typical white or orange associated with the brand. It also looked the best based on pre-production images released from the AUTOart. That being said the paint and application is stunning in person. My basic photography skill only captures it at half mass. Body lines are authentic to the original, with shutlines and panel gaps executed very well.


What is really nice to see is AUTOart has definitely captured the true ride stance for the model. It sits very low, millimetres from the ground actually. All four wheels are perfectly balanced too, the model rolls back and forth with zero clearance issues.



The front of the model is highly detailed. Perforated grilles are found to start. Lower chin spoiler is supported by braces; all looks rigid and authentic too. Headlights are nicely detailed in typical high-end AUTOart fashion and tow-hook is ready for action in case of race failure. The front hood section is removable. It comes shipped in the upper section of the Styrofoam shell. Adding and removing the bit is easy and flawless. With the piece removed there is access to a plethora of detail. All looks authentic to the original and very nicely crafted.



The back-end of the McLaren 12C GT3 is all business! Massive spoiler is well constructed and supports the McLaren badge. Rear lower grille hints at the monster within and the rear diffuser takes centre stage and flows nicely to the undercarriage. I can’t find and issue here. Well done AUTOart.


The 3.8L V8 twin turbo looks magnificent to say the least. It is the perfect blend of textures, colours, layers, and photo-etched pieces. Much better than the recent AUTOart Maserati MC12 we reviewed back in July 2015. Venting and hood struts also support the rear hatch.  Operation is flawless once again.


The wheels are a well equipped package, and as usual AUTOart doesn’t disappoint here. I like the addition of the Pirelli name along side the PZero badge. It adds the perfect blend of street and race!


Access to the interior is done through the 12C GT3 dihedral/butterfly style doors. The production vehicle has a very cool entry system that I don’t believe is an option on the 12C GT3 cars. There should be a pull system here. It seems the actually pull was left out by AUTOart but the decal is present. It’s a little difficult to see with the dark exterior of Azure Blue. Operation of the doors is flawless and smooth. I love the way AUTOart incorporates the small magnets to keep everything in check.



Inside the senses are treated to a beautifully detailed and executed interior. The materials and textures used are a perfect mix that provides the collector a real treat. In my opinion one of AUTOart’s best examples to date!


As a primarily Supercar collector the McLaren 12C GT3 is a no brainier for me! Execution is top notch inside and out. The car is available in numerous exterior colours with more livery additions to come, I’m sure. The model is tipping the scales at almost the $250 CND, if you apply the applicable Canadian tax it actually does, $271 and change.

The McLaren 12C GT3 by AUTOart is a well though-out piece and it shows. I personally don’t see any major flaws or areas AUTOart has taken a lesser path in terms of quality. Other than the hefty price tag this replica of the McLaren 12C GT3 is a winner. Enjoy the pics!

mclaren_gt312c5 mclaren_gt312c6 mclaren_gt312c8

mclaren_gt312c10 mclaren_gt312c11 mclaren_gt312c16

mclaren_gt312c17 mclaren_gt312c18 mclaren_gt312c19

mclaren_gt312c22 mclaren_gt312c24 mclaren_gt312c25

mclaren_gt312c26 mclaren_gt312c27 mclaren_gt312c28

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 12C GT3"

  1. lambo says:

    Too bad the hoses in front are solid without any try to make it look real ehen bonnet is open. A bit of black paint would already helped a bit to give the feeling the hoses for airintake are hollow, now it just look stupid. But besides that it looks great

  2. Chieftain Yan says:

    Yeah, the parts of the 12C GT3 is really really good except two little problem. As a hardcore fans of the McLaren GT3 cars, I think that the ride height is a little too high and the biggest problem is in the rear wing. As the model present, it should be the wing that comes from the 12C GT3 in 2013 or later, but the size of the wing is as the same as the 12C GT3 before 2013. The wing size did change a little bit because of the regulations of the FIA, and it should be as wide as the car include the wide body kit.

  3. huckebinmkv says:

    Get my red bull version and it is good car to have

  4. Marcus says:

    Great review as usual I bought the minichamps version recently in McLaren Orange but I will certainly add this to my collection……….question is what colour?

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