REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 675LT •

REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 675LT

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The McLaren 675LT is AUTOart’s next entry in their McLaren line up, joining the likes of the F1, 12C, P1 & 570S. The McLaren 675LT is the lightweight, track-focused evolution of the 650S, It was announced in February 2015 and introduced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.  The LT in the model name is a reference to the “Long Tail” 1997 McLaren F1 GT.

The model itself has had a very peculiar release, the model was announced in February 2017 during Nuremberg Toy Fair and then sample pictures of the Mclaren Orange model where released during July 2017 then all was quiet on the 675LT, it didn’t even make an appearance at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018, but was released very quietly on the likes of CK Model Cars and Modelissimo towards the end of December 2018.

Now on to the model itself, it is part of the composite line from AUTOart, cost €197 from Modelissimo. I have been anticipating this model since it’s announcement nearly 3 years ago, the question is does it live up to my expectations. Fortunately, the answer is yes, the LT is on the same level as the 991 GT3 RS from AUTOart, but is surprisingly weight wise feels as heavy if not a slightly more heavier than the AUTOart P1.

The 675LT is a fully opening model, doors, trunk and engine lid all open smoothly and with ease although my right side spoiler strut is rather finicky and require a bit of force to lift up and has a good range of motion, a bit more than the 12C or it seems so since the wing is much larger than the 12C’s. The interior is nicely detailed with nice carpeting and carbon fibre details, my favourite part being the McLaren Orange seats, which was the deciding factor on going with the chicane grey over the McLaren Orange.

Like the 991 GT3 RS, there’s not much to look at with the engine which isn’t AUTOart’s fault, although there are nice McLaren and 675LT logos on the intake manifold, unlike the 12c there is no strut work with the engine lid. What I really like and is a small detail is you can see the part of the exhaust system through the rear vents behind the engine. The rear of the car is very nicely done, I particularly like the exhaust tips, rear lights are very similar to the 12C, mesh work is very good on the rear.

There is some nice mesh work with the side intakes, which include two smaller intakes, one section in the C pillar and one on the rear of the skirts as well as a nice 675LT logo at the end of the door next to the front wheels.  Speaking of, the wheels are nicely done as are the brake discs, but what really pops is the orange calipers which goes nicely with the orange seats in the interior.  All four wear nicely branded Pirelli P zero wheels.

All in all, I’m very happy with this piece form AUTOart, it’ll look very well next to my 12C and P1 on my shelf.

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 675LT"

  1. DS Team says:

    Looks like a solid piece indeed, love the colour too. What surprises me is how this model got to market without any fanfare, I mean it came out of nowhere and only to the European market. Seems AUTOart may have shipped produce early by mistake?

  2. Adrián I says:

    I just checked out Modelissimo page but couldn’t find this model, do you know if it already sold out!?

  3. Ole Andre says:

    Great review. I was woundering how it comper in size with the 12C?

  4. Nero says:

    Looking forward to get mine in Napier Green and to have some news of 720S and Senna at Spielwarenmesse..

    But still missing the 1:18 12 C Spider that Maxichamps promised and other models like the 650, 650 Spider.. 570LT..

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