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McLaren in celebration of 20 years since their victory at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, announced they would bring back the GTR name with a complete track version of the McLaren P1, in the P1 GTR. This variant of the P1 comes loaded with improvements; some include power output of 986 bhp, slick tires, added aerodynamics and downforce in comparison to the road car.   Also different from the road version, the P1 GTR is designed with a new fixed ride height on race-prepared suspension, a fixed rear wing capable of using DRS, and a new exclusively designed exhaust.  This accelerated level of performance and grip equates to the ultimate track experience as per McLaren.  And it sure looks cool too!

This brings us to the model in question, our latest review, the AUTOart 1:18 McLaren P1 GTR.  Our example features the Dark Hyper Silver with Red accents exterior.  As you can see from the provided images the exterior is striking.  It moves just standing still.  The model is itself is from AUTOart’s composite series.  Nothing over the top when it comes to features, this example only grants access to the interior.  The street version from AUTOart came fully accessible with access to front storage and fully removable rear bonnet.  See our review section for a detailed summary.

The exterior of the P1 GTR is aligned with its full-sized counter part.  Paint is executed well and the Black/Red theme fits the body lines like a glove.  Carbon fibre work also mirrors the original.  It’s not the pretty stuff you find on street cars, this one is reinforced and made to race! Stance is aggressive as it should be.  There is also an aerial hole and aerial itself included with the model.  For photos purposes we decided to exclude.  Panel gaps and shutlines are excellent, though access as we said is only invited to the interior.

The front of the P1 GTR is dominated by the large carbon fibre chin spoiler, side fins and upper intakes.  One update over the first batch of street P1’s is the fat trimmed from the upper portion of the headlight.  The intakes on each side also give you a clear path and view on the cooling system.  Nice touch.  Toe hook and a few decals round-out the package.

The rear is little more complex than the front.  Massive rear spoiler takes centre stage; the long arms are affixed to the inner section that is fully transparent.  Something not found on the street version unless you remove the bonnet.  Lower carbon fibre diffuser is executed well too.  What is the miss is the level of detail on the exposed components of the inner motor mechanical workings.  The quality of materials is average and in our opinion a little lacking in detail and finesse for an AUTOart piece.

As mentioned earlier the model is sealed from accessing the motor.  What you are left with is a small window view that shows little.  Is this cost cutting measure to maximize profit, most likely.  On flip side the execution of the upper section is done well; featuring various elements in design such as perforated grilles, paint and carbon fibre elements.

Wheels on the P1 GTR are nicely executed for the most part. We’ve seen better from the brand in past examples.  As mentioned in our last review, the team at INNO Models, a new comer to the scale model car landscape did exceed a staple in the industry with materials and overall realism.  Camber on the model is also neutral; something a little more aggressive would have been nice for an all-track car.

Access to the P1 GTR is completed through a wing-style door.  Hinge engineering and strut do work flawlessly on both sides on our example.  There are small magnets that keep the doors in check.

Once inside you’ll notice the cockpit is lined with carbon fibre everywhere!  There are some dash elements that are fabric/flocked on the original, AUTOart chose a textured plastic.  This is also a single seater and rightly so for weight reduction and track duty.  All elements of the interior are done well.  This includes dash, centre console, door cards. One slight miss is the plastic used to replicate the seat-belt harness.  It should be fabric.  And in the grand scheme of things a likely 5 cent addition to the overall cost.

The AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR is a very capable model.  From an exterior stand point the model does excel in all the right ways.  Body, paint and stance are all positives.  Where the model struggles is the rear exposed bits and lack of access that the street version did afford.  This model has suggested retail of $239CND before tax, so tipping the scale near $300.

We’re not sure what the mind set is with the brass at AUTOart, but they need to figure out where they want to play.  It seems all too often the concept is great but the production fails somewhere.  The street version though nice did leave a bad taste in the mouth with collectors for its lack of attention to the motor detail.  Here we have minimal access and what is visible (rear section) isn’t all that great.  Enjoy the pics!

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4 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR"

  1. bservais says:

    Will buy the orange when it will be available. Great review! I prefer not to see the motor if it’s a disaster like the “normal” P1…

  2. GRKSTYL says:

    Very helpful review. This particular variant would have been a great additional second colour choice after orange but due to lack of attention to detail and limited access to inner workings, and lastly lack of die cast material make this a pass. BBurage are you listening? Die cast version with full access in signature edition with competitive pricing would be very interesting to see.

  3. the1 says:

    Very thorough review. Thank you for that. I must say the model looks good from a display-purpose point of view, but the lack of (full) opening features puts a dent in its appeal. It’s good that they have updated the DRLs too.

  4. Wildman Bradley says:

    When I first began collecting models, at first I thought AUTOart was amazing because I didn’t know any other brand.. Now that I own GT spirit, kyosho, and MR collection. I can honestly say that AUTOart is cheap..i cannot see myself buying AUTOart anymore. When they were making true die-cast, I was a fan.. Now, With these plastic toys they make, I am no longer a fan

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