REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren Speedtail •

REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren Speedtail

The McLaren Speedtail is an exceptional example of advanced car engineering that aims for ultimate performance and luxury. It combines sleek, futuristic design with aerodynamic efficiency. This hypercar features a hybrid powertrain that merges a twin-turbo V8 engine with an electric motor, producing an impressive 1,055 horsepower. This power results in incredible acceleration, launching the car from 0 to 186 mph (300 km/h) in just 12.8 seconds, pushing the boundaries of what a legal road car can achieve. Beyond speed, the interior is luxurious, offering the latest technology and high-quality materials tailored to the driver’s preferences. Limited to only 106 units, the McLaren Speedtail is a sought-after masterpiece that showcases automotive innovation.

Beyond its powerful performance, the Speedtail’s unique design enhances its aerodynamics and exclusivity. Its elongated body, teardrop shape, and retractable digital rear-view cameras replace traditional mirrors to reduce drag and increase speed. The carbon fibre monocoque chassis, a symbol of McLaren’s engineering excellence, ensures strength and lightness, boosting overall performance. The attention to detail extends to the dihedral doors that open upward, revealing a lavish interior with a central driving position reminiscent of the iconic McLaren F1. In every aspect, the McLaren Speedtail represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and unmatched performance, capturing the brand’s relentless pursuit of automotive perfection.

I usually don’t jump to the gun, however, the AUTOart McLaren Speedtail is one of those must-have models, especially in the launch colour, Frozen Blue.  This example from AUTOart comes with “extras”, something the bean counters at AUTOart seemed to have missed on this release…  Highlights include the luggage pieces in the front and rear storage, the adjustable rear wing/flaps (yes, there’s that button on the underside of the chassis – but the result is cool as f$$k!) and the functional side mirrors/cameras.  This is the extra that is usually a miss with the genic-like releases from AUTOart overall the last several years.  Don’t get me wrong, they get the basic stuff right and then some, but most releases haven’t gone the extra mile.  In short, if this replica fits your theme it’s a win!  There is a plethora of colour options too, and likely more to follow if Frozen Blue isn’t your flavour.  More on the model below…

The McLaren Speedtail design is a slight departure from other modern McLarens in their current assortment, the overall lines and the elongated rear body shape are captured well.  This model allows one to access the front, rear and interior.  Panel gaps are good throughout, though door gaps are rated here as decent.  The paintwork is exceptional, like silk and the Blue hues can sometimes be mistaken for Grey.

Front side, AUTOart provides a 3D emblem in the centre.  The lower spoiler is covered in tampon-style carbon fibre, this technique along with moulded carbon fibre is found underneath the bonnet (note the added luggage and neat engineering on the hood hinge work.  The front bumper also highlights the sensors and the headlight even provides the small carbon fibre blade on the bottom side of the headlight.

The rear shows the same carbon fibre tampon addressing the majority of the bumper area – I know this is a pickle for some but if I’m honest, AUTOart’s results look quite good!  The carbon fibre extends to the lower diffuser area where one will find the two exhaust tips.

The elephant in the room is the button that actuates the two flags above.  I’m willing to accept this as the overall result of the flaps moving is something totally unique and gratifying, to say the least.  Movement is little, though one can definitely see the elevation and drop.

Just above there is access to a small storage compartment.  Inside there are three pieces of luggage and the surrounding compartment is wrapped in carbon fibre.  However, I’m not sure if this is a decal or a tampon if I were to guess, it would lean to the latter.  Also, note the admirable work AUTOart has taken on the rear glass with the multiple dotting to replicate the rear glass.  See the photo above.

The wheels aren’t disappointing either.  Note the aero equipment on the front, this piece is locked in place though the wheels are still capable of steering and spinning.  The material is covered in more tampon-style carbon fibre.  The caliper and brake discs are quality items, each end nicely executed – the rearing also supports the parking brake.  Lastly, tires do provide branding, something that can be overlooked due to size – ‘Pirelli’ and ‘PZero’ are highlighted.

Moving to the interior, AUTOart keeps pace with the exterior side.  The interior shell, doors and even the steering are treated to carbon fibre finishes.  There are also photo-etched foot resets on either side. One must point out the unique centre seating position.  The finest feature is the functional cameras on either side of the doors.  Simply move a lever on the inner side of the door and the camera will pop out.  Not going to say it was easy to find, but our example worked flawlessly!  The the negative side, seatbelts are made of rubber.  Also, I do wish AUTOart would take more care in elevating the interior elements with textures, especially key dash components and seats.

You already know my personal sentiments about this 2023 release, AUTOart has assembled a skillfully executed replica.  The charm of the McLaren Speedtail is definitely captured here and then some…  As for competitors,  TrueScale has released their example, however, it is a static piece and LCD Model or is it MotoHelix is actioning the Speedtail too – neither has come to market yet.  The question remains, why should they?

AUTOart’s definition will fulfill most collectors’ requirements well, those who accept composite exteriors (haha).  The Speedtail is a gem, and in my opinion, a rare release from AUTOart that goes that little bit more.  Is this an optimistic trend, likely not, as it seems the bean counters have assailed once again, their McLaren Honda MP4/6 production release pales in comparison to the pre-production images recently released.  Enjoy the pics!

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13 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren Speedtail"

  1. InTheFastLane says:

    WOW! Great job with the photographs! Looks beautiful.

  2. Epic says:

    Wow! Fantastic pictures! I also like this model, but it has some imperfections in the paint – some slight scratches.

  3. Scenic's View says:

    Damn, the pictures look incredible! Had a tough time deciding between frozen blue and lantana purple. Ended up choosing purple and I’m very happy with it. Have to agree, Autoart went the extra mile in this case by adding some features that have never been seen before.

  4. Davy says:

    Did you see the AutoArt McLaren Honda MP4/6 in the flesh? The latest pictures showed a model that seemed to have hit a barrier – the front and rear wing are misaligned, the rear tire camber looks strange, the camera is pointing upwards…

  5. Snake says:

    The way some people carry on about fit and finish in comments, makes me question if they actually own any actual desirable car in real life lol.

    This car is killer. End of.. Only complaint is they didn’t release it with the trick bits and luggage etc this had.

  6. Charlie says:

    I received my Speedtai last weekl. Not my typical purchase, but the purple body / orange interior has serious presence. Mine arrived with zero issues, and It’s absolutely beautiful!

  7. Dominic Burscough says:

    Wow! I haven’t got this one yet, but I’m determined to! The photos make it look superb, and your review seems to back up that impression. Looking at that gorgeous rear end puts me in mind that the design team might have been inspired by the equally stunning Corvette Stingray with the split rear screen gently tapering towards the rear, where it’s styling has the same sharp finish. I have no issue with that, if something looks beautiful, then why not emulate it. Thanks for inspiring me to get one!

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