REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 1997 911 GT1 Plain Body •

REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 1997 911 GT1 Plain Body

The last review from AUTOart did not go as planned (Composite Lamborghini Huaran); let’s see what the ‘Signature’ diecast Porsche 1997 911 GT1 Plain Body brings to the plate.  The AUTOart Porsche 1997 911 GT1 was issued in late 2015. I actually got my sample back in December, due to an unforeseen paint issue I had to send her back. My replacement did not arrive until early February.



The model itself comes shipped with all the removable panels removed. Each is attached to the upper section of the styrofoam shell. Nicely secured in their own space to minimize the risk of damage. Once you get each piece separated and installed you get a complete 911 GT1 model, which is quite impressive. Each piece is crafted with care and detail to spec (well as much as my knowledge base understanding). Fit is near perfect on the model, personally no complaints on shutlines and panel gaps, they are great! The exterior paint is very good and consistent throughout, the entire package works well.



The front section of the model allows the end-user to remove the front hood and entire front body panel. Parts are secured with pins and magnets.  As mentioned earlier each piece is crafted with care and fitment, installation, and removing pieces is completed without issue. With the parts removed the inner workings of the car are revealed. This model comes equipped with working suspension and the detail is a delight. The upper section highlights more suspension and cooling detail with the car’s carbon fibre components front and centre. The detail is grand, the best available for any Porsche 911 GT1 replica to date.



The rear houses the heart of the beast. As the photos show the entire rear section is removable. There are no screws to remove so access is granted in seconds. Fit and finish are once again excellent! Inside the end-user is shown above-average engine detail. From a distance the detail is excellent, but as you approach the model you find the individual layers don’t all show at the same level of detail. Some pieces are metal and others plastic; it’s the plastic bits that don’t show well. Now I have zero issues will companies using plastic, it’s how they fine-tune or choose these materials and the cohesion of these materials is my main concern. The Porsche 1997 911 GT1 is $225 plus, the model should have the detail to match.  If you’re looking for a Zonda power plant look elsewhere.


The wheels are nicely executed as in typical AUTOart form. Wheel and various braking components are executed well. With the cover off you can see the nicely detailed coil-over shocks too.  The tires also feature Michelin lettering and whatnot.



Inside the driver’s cockpit features a generic blend; well it is a race car at heart. All elements are represented right down to the fire extinguisher and roll cage. Thought I wish AUTOart would have turned the dial up a few notches on the quality of materials used.


I don’t believe the Porsche 1997 911 GT1 plain body is a priority for all. I am a huge fan of AUTOart’s plain body series cars; I think I own them all. So elevating my current UT Model Porsche 911 GT1 road car was a must.

The AUTOart Porsche 1997 911 GT1 plain body is a terrific piece, yes there are a few shortcomings, but the package on a whole is solid. Access to the interior working is a true delight, and when everything works as it is supposed to that makes things a whole lot sweeter. I have no problems recommending the piece. Enjoy the pics!

porsche_911gt32 porsche_911gt33 porsche_911gt38

porsche_911gt311 porsche_911gt313 porsche_911gt315

porsche_911gt316 porsche_911gt318 porsche_911gt319

porsche_911gt320 porsche_911gt322 porsche_911gt323


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  1. diecarlover says:

    Great model.. have both versions (plain/ Le mans)… I would say on par with the zonda R / evo.

    Now if They would make the street version og the gt1 and the 1998 gt1 :)

  2. Shaun says:

    I have the same one as in the review and I think it’s a beautiful model. Very happy to own it and goes beautifully next to my TSM Ferrari F50 GT. Pity the TSM is a sealed resin though but still a great pair

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