REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package •

REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package

We’re back with another AUTOart review.  And another Porsche too, this time we highlight the 1:18, Glossy White, 918 Spyder with Weissach Package.  As with the RWB 993 we reviewed earlier this month the 918 Spyder comes from AUTOart’s composite series.  Along with access to storage and interior bits, we went that extra step to access the sealed motor compartment.  More on that below.  There is also a full functional rear spoiler and removable roof, this model has it all, or does it?

At first glance you notice the depth in the exterior paint finish; Glossy White does have some shine and life!  This is something missing from most composite models we reviewed from the brand, definitely a step in the right direction.  Body lines seem to mimic the original car nicely.  Panel gaps and shutlines are very clean too.  The exterior carbon fibre work is favourable too.  If I had one complaint it would be the crude plastic pieces found on the front hatch left and right side.

The front of the 918 Spyder is nicely executed.  All seems in place and clean throughout.  Perforated grilles are found on the lower section.  There are nicely detailed headlight just above.  Access to the storage area is available.  The inner working of the hinges and magnets work flawlessly.  You can actually store the two roof pieces here is you choose.  Storage area is fully flocked, that will kept the parts free from scratches.  Surrounding material around the storage is completed in carbon fibre-like finish.  Overall I’m impressed.

The rear section is highlighted by the full functioning spoiler.  Release button is found underneath, operation is smooth.  Once in the open position the upper structure of the spoiler is fully positional.   I’ve included an animated GIF that shows the range of motion, hopefully is works!  The remainder of the rear is completed without issue.

There was a lot of anger amongst collectors when AUTOart announced the model would ship with a sealed compartment.  Well it isn’t fully sealed after all.  By removing two screws underneath the chassis (see image I included to where these screws are located), you can have full access to the motor.  I will praise AUTOart for the beautiful details on the hatch itself, much better than the decorated plastic used by Minichamps.

Where they fail is the motor detail, this is sub-par based on model’s price point.  I understand some will argue that the motor is in fact sealed from the manufacturer and not included in the overall scope of the design.  I don’t buy for sec that the Porsche executives requested the rear to be sealed, if this was the case there would be no engine detail to show at all, or at the very least there would be zero access for an end-user to modify and gain access to.  I think they got lazy and opted for cost out versus fully complete execution.

The wheels on the 918 Spyder are a slight disappointment too.  Overall the finished product seems cheap, not on par with wheels of past AUTOart models.  Maybe it’s the finish, I don’t know…  The remainder of the package is clean, green calipers add a spark to the otherwise mono-tone exterior.  There is something new here I like to mention, AUTOart has incorporated script on the tires.  Sorry my photos skills aren’t up to speed to highlight the detail.  Well done AUTOart!

The main reason I went forward with the Glossy White was infact due to the Red/Brown and Black interior.  It is gorgeous in my opinion.  I think you would agree the colour combination is hot and unique.  I like unique!

As mentioned earlier the roof is removable.  Operation off and on is simple and flawless, just take your time inserting into position.  Door operation follows suit.  All areas of the interior are executed with care.  I love the attention to detail of all the elements – this includes dash, doors cards, seats and centre console.  There is also flocking throughout as well.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Porsche 918 Spyder from AUTOart.  The positives here certainly out weigh the negatives I’ve pointed out.  I especially like the exterior paint for being alive.  Also a notable mention has to got to the script on the wheels, hopefully this is a continued trend on future releases.  Any added detail that’s aids in the realism of the model is always a plus.  On the negative side the motor is lacking huge.  This is the second model in recent times where the attention to detail is poor, remember the McLaren P1?  Engine aside this one is very capable and nice representation of the original.  There is also a plethora or colours and livery to serve almost all.  Enjoy the pics!


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18 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package"

  1. Scott says:

    Great review I am glad you liked it. Im holding out for the silver or blue most likely the later

  2. Luis Cantú says:

    I wonder why the engine compartment is not shown open in AutoArt’s official site

    • DS Team says:

      As per AUTOart, it was requested by Porsche the engine compartment not be shown and sealed.

      • Emc Malonje says:

        Yes, when I saw it & your initial comments that it was sealed, I canceled my order but now it’s no sealed after all. I will buy & wait for the Silver one.
        I hope AA will go back to Die-cast and not Plastic… Great review!!!

  3. Atalante says:

    Nice review and pictures. Looks like overall it is a good model despite a few limitations. I will be glad to add it most probably in riviera blue.

  4. Scott says:

    I once said to a friend,I would rather see a model built then not a model built,but it comes to a point in life I need to re think that saying,this is a case that fits the bill,why put the engine in,like you stated and do one of the worst I have seen from AutoArt,that blue plastic line looks so ????

  5. Alex says:

    Now that I know you can actually remove the engine cover this car has become a must have!

  6. Moe K says:

    To be honest the model is lovely and I’m definitely adding one soon. However, there’s something I want to point out. The front rims on the 1:1 aren’t curved inwards. They should be flat compared to the rear rims which are actually curved inwards. Autoart made both front and rear rims curved inwards which kinda bothers me when looking at the model. This is a problem present on the 1:12 GT-Spirit example too. Anyone else noticed this ?

  7. Porsche993 says:

    It’s as if Autoart was reading my mind! I was hoping they’d put a way to remove the cowling and they did! So I’m taking everything (bad) I said about them, this model and Porsche, LOL! Getting the GT Silver one, although hoping for one in Rhodium silver, which IMO is the better shade of silver.

  8. Hamad Almuftah says:

    Lol, I got the model 2 weeks ago and I just knew the wing comes out.

  9. lamborghini4Life says:

    Do you have a new camera or lightbox?! The picutres look amazing!! Can’t wait for my new lightbox which I will buy soon :) And I will buy the blue 918.

  10. Sac says:

    the GIF is working..and would have liked to see the script on the wheels..overall good review !

  11. Shaun says:

    Does anyone know if auto art are planing on doing the regular 918 (without the black highlights and different wheels) but with a MUST HAVE removable roof ?

  12. rober drexler says:

    As far as engine detail. If the engine was sealed you’d complain. They put as much detail as they were allowed by Porsche. Besides high detail would raise the price and you’d complain about the price.If your waiting for high detail at cheap prices keep dreaming. Also I understand Porsche and chevy wanting to keep parts of their newer cars a secret. As much as possible any ways.

    • DS Team says:

      No, Porsche told them to seal the model, not dictate the amount of detail. As per AUTOart Canada the suggested retail on this piece is $269.95 ($305 after tax). At this price the model should be well-rounded based on past AUTOart successes at the same or lower price point. BUT it seems we’re paying more for less. It not complaining it pointing out the obvious. Also there is a lot we like about this model, why not complain about that?

  13. Ole Andre says:

    I have a question for you. I cant decide what color i want. If you had to choose, what color would you go for, not matter the color of the interior? I love the blue one mostly because of the black wheels, but allso the black one. I just wish it had black wheels.
    I would really like to hear what you think. I have allso been thinking of bying bouth the black and blue car and swop the wheels if its possible. What are your thoughts about that? Thank you

  14. Kevin says:

    So this might be a little late, but someone found out that an additional part opens at the back where the mesh is (the cover to access the oil cap). Never knew it’s possible.

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