REVIEW: Automodello 1981 Gurney Eagle Challenger •

REVIEW: Automodello 1981 Gurney Eagle Challenger

Our next model under the microscope comes from the Automodello brand.  We have the 1:43, 1981 Gurney Eagle Challenger – Founders Edition Pepsi Livery.  Two versions are offered by the team and are licensed and approved by AAR; 43A010 – Dan Gurney (limited edition of 192) and 43A012 – Geoff Brabham (limited edition of 148).  Both are hand-signed editions, and currently offered with free worldwide shipping through

We’re not going into a history lesson, though the car, the team and driver featured here do present some good reads.  Your friend Google will help you find more on all three topics.

The model itself is presented in an attractive display, similar to what most 1:43 manufacturing are using today.  The one differential piece is the included fact card and signature – see above image.

From the exterior view the brilliant Yellow and White paint are top notch.  Each area is nicely defined with Black pin stripping with almost perfect definition of each colour.  The Pepsi Red decals provide the added pop.

The model is completed in resin with various photo-etched and plastic parts.  Upper and lower intakes/cooling pictured here are nicely defined, though they are completed with solid plastic pieces; scale might be the limiting factor here.

Front suspension arms and tie-bars are a visible and completed in plastic.  Our sample piece did show a slight bend in one of the arms.  We’re sure the production piece from Automodello will ship issue free.

Side fueling apparatus features two photo-etched pieces.  Execution is very good.  As we move to the rear you’ll notice two metal exhaust pipes.  The aero-dynamic under-belly extends well to both sides – hard to see on our photo is the nicely carved section on both ends.  Just underneath the top spoiler the models end is completed with a metal strip with rivets and all.  Very nice!

The wheels on the Gurney Eagle Challenger are beautifully executed too.  The Silver paint within the wheel is clean as well as the script that is found on the front and rear side of each tire.  Braking components are visible on the front section, though they lack any real depth.  Something that is required at this price point.

Inside the cockpit is bar bones and too the point.  We like the executed wind-screen and side mirrors.  The top roll-bar is cool too, strong enough to transport the model, same as the 1:1 in an unfortunate accident state.  On the flip side the racing harness is completed with a one piece decal.  Based on being central focal point a cloth crafted piece would have been more appropriate based on price.

The Automodello 1981 Gurney Eagle Challenger is a very nice replica.  Overall execution is solid.  There are a few touch points that do require attention, hopefully they we be addressed in upcoming projects.   We applaud Automodello for capturing the uniqueness of the car and history in scale.  This is something that most other brands are lacking today.  Their assortment of creative and unique specimens available scale is a testament to their passion and their motto, “Dreams Engaged”…  Enjoy the pics!


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