REVIEW: BBR | CONCEPT 18 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB 1975 •

REVIEW: BBR | CONCEPT 18 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB 1975

The latest model under the microscope is the 1:18 resin BBR Ferrari 365 GT4 BB 1975 in Rosso Corsa.  A limited edition piece of only 130.  There are however our colours and livery available for the same.  The model comes from BBR’s CONCEPT 18 series, a sister brand of the manufacturer.  The CONCEPT 18 series is to provide an attractive price point while retaining the craftsmanship and quality of the BBR marque. If anyone can define the differences in detail, please post them here or send us an email via the website.  Believe it or not this is our first resin piece from BBR for review.  Yes, the team has looked at their classic diecast series, but those are ancient history today. So how did the model do?

First off I’m not a Ferrari authority or historian, so the review will mainly provide perspective on overall execution and fit and finish. I’ll let others debate the good and the bad when it comes to this sensitive area of overall authenticity to the 1:1.

This is a our CONCEPT 18 review, so what does that mean?  We start with the exterior packaging as always.  The all Black exterior box is layered with ghosting images of the BBR logo and CONCEPT 18 on the side.  Other marketing info is present on the side and bottom.  It is definitely clear the model is produced in China with “Made in China” found on the bottom of the box.  Is this one of the trade-offs with the CONCEPT 18 series?  These are not hand-made in Italy I suppose??

Once you lift the exterior lid of the box it reveals the model with a secondary inner shell cardboard piece.  Once removed you can slide the model out, remove three screws and the model is freed from the base.  The base is made to look like a slab of marble.  There are three badges present, they include the side BBR logo with model name, Ferrari logo, and side badge that indicates limited edition 094/130.  All of which are completed in genuine quality and finish.

The Ferrari 365 GT4 BB is love at first slight.  The exterior body lines with its outrageous curves definitely define the term “sex on wheels”.  The Rosso Corsa red is beautifully sprayed, maybe the best paint I’ve seen in scale in years. It is truly breath taking!  BBR is known to use factory OEM paint, is this the case with the CONCEPT 18 series too?  I’m not 100% sure.  There is nearly no residue of glue or other foreign materials found on the exterior execution either.  Well done!

The exterior features a host of photo-etched bits which adds to the realism.  Shutlines and panel gaps are perfect, which is typical of resin scale models.  Cooling grilles are split 50/50; some are solid plastic bits while others are perforated.  The perforated or open ones include the rear passenger side and top rear hatch.

The front of the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB is nicely crafted.  All lines are nicely defined.  On the negative side there are no perforated bits of the lower grilles, all are completed with solid plastic.  Headlights are beautifully crafted, bulbs them shelf use quality materials.

The rear is focused on a wide ass, I like a wide ass!  Execution is solid throughout.  There is no access to the motor as we’re dealing with a sealed model, though there is some insight to the motor through the slotted/open rear grille.  Most of what you see is transmission and cooling apparatus, which is slightly average in detail.  The taillight materials are very good, and I love the protruding ceramic coated exhaust pipes – hanging wire straps keep them in place.  The entire package is truly stunning, and one of the main reasons I fell in love with this model.

Wheels are completed with care and seem authentic to the period.  Silver cross-drilled rotors and sliver calipers with Brembo name can be seen through the deep-dish wheels.  The added Goodyear script is the icing on the cake.

The interior of the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB is sparse and to the point.  There is one seat and a full harness replicated in cloth material. Full credit to BBR for using quality plastics to replicate the various elements, and painting various interior bits to add to the authenticity.  In the end it doesn’t look cheap and generic in appearance that some resin manufactures fall into.

BBR | CONCEPT 18 has done a fantastic job on the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB 1975.  The Rosso Corsa exterior paint is some of the best I’ve seen.  This model serious shelf presence like no other.  That is definitely due to the wide-body appearance and aggressive nature of this beast.  I’m a presentation car junkie, couple that with wide-body and Ferrari, and I’m sold.

The price is more than your typical GT Spirit, this one tipping the scale at about $249CND, but can you put a price on love at first sight, I say NO!  I was so impressed with this model I placed myself on the pre-order list for their 1:18 CONCEPT 18 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2015 Quadrifoglio with Silver wheels.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Scott says:

    Congrats on the add, damn its so muscular this makes me wish i had grabbed one from CK. Great review as always.

  2. Atalante says:

    Thanks for reminding me, again, that I missed that one. Sigh…

  3. George K says:

    Now THAT’S a Ferrari!

  4. MSZ says:

    I have a BBR FXXK and a Huracan from MR, both are made in China.

  5. George K says:

    One question- What’s going on with that gear shifter? That doesn’t look right. . .

  6. Alex says:

    Beautiful car but sucks its a solid body and the price tag that goes along with it..

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