REVIEW: BMC | Volcanic Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 •

REVIEW: BMC | Volcanic Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400

Our latest review comes from a new brand, well new to us.  They are called BM Creations Limited; the model comes from their sub-brand called Volcanic.  The car is the 1:18 scale, resin and sealed Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400.  Two colours are available from Volcanic, Red as featured here and Blue.  There is also an option for left or right-hand drive.  All limited to 150 pieces are less, so exclusivity here is definite.  This is a special edition of the 4th generation Lancer Evolution X.  It produces 409 horsepower and comes fitted with a turbo the size of Tokyo among other upgrades.

As we always do for newcomers under the microscope, we take a look at the packaging.  Nothing fancy here, simple box in Red with Volcanic logos throughout.  Inside the model is housed in Styrofoam shell.  One surprising element no screws were used to secure the model to the base.  This can’t be good for transport we suppose?  Well, I guess BM Creations knows someone we don’t.

We’re no authority on Japanese car culture, and photos of the Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 are few and far between.  That being said, based on what we saw overall good marks to BM Creations for capturing the overall body lines and styling elements of the original.  If we had one complaint may be the lower side panels/body kit could have been slightly bulkier.  Also, the side windows require more care when adhering them to the model, sections show slight glue residue.

Paint is great for the most part.  Our example was a little thin in the upper roof area – driver side outer perimeter rain channel.  Carbon fibre elements are crafted with care as well.  We like the weave and the gloss finish.  No issues with shutlines and panel gaps, as defined earlier this puppy is sealed.

The front of Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 really defines the transition from standard Lancer Evolution X.  Front section is exceptional.  All openings are fitted with metal perforated grilles.  Each highlights the detail behind.  Lower chin spoiler is larger than the standard option and is finished in carbon fibre.

Moving upwards the aggressive nature of the car continues with the small indent right side.  Hood features two large cooling vents, each is covered with metal grilles.  Centre scoop is defined, though the internal finish is solid plastic.

The rear is completed with a large carbon fibre bumper/diffusor.   Nice work on the carbon fibre elements.  Centre has a larger chrome exhaust port with two opening on either side – each is once again covered with metal grilles.  Nice work on the multiple decals.  And finally, the upper rear spoiler is nicely detailed with an indent in centre and lip on the entire back section.  Well done!

Wheels are finished in Silver.  They are mated to metal cross-drilled rotors and Silver calipers.  The package aligns with the 1:1. No tire script is found on the wheels.  If there was one change we would have went with the optional Black wheels, this would definitely amp up the sinister factor.

The interior is completed in all Black.  A little colour definition is provided via Silver and Red accents bits in the dash and seat-buckles.  We do like the added carbon fibre accents within the seats, also the floor is carpeted with fabric seat belts provided and all for corners.  However, based on the price a little more refinement to the door cards, dash and especially centre console would have been the preference.

The team is impressed with the overall model.  Good use of mesh grilles in the key areas and bodylines seem to be on point too.  Exclusivity does come at a price, Red or Blue will run you about $200 CND.  We would recommend BM Creations focus a little more on the interior refinements, with this the team can safely play alongside the key players in resin/sealed applications.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Nero says:

    Still prefering my EVO X from CSM (BBS Wheels) in yellow, not perfect, but openings and good price.

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