REVIEW: BoS Porsche 911 Turbo Gemballa Avalanche •

REVIEW: BoS Porsche 911 Turbo Gemballa Avalanche

The next model up for review is the 1:18, resin, Porsche 911 Turbo Gemballa Avalanche from Best of Show or better known as BoS.  This model is currently found at Model Car World, suggested retail price is 119.95 Euro (VAT included).  The car is based on the 1985 Porsche 930 platform.  The project itself was focused on style rather than performance.  Although power wise, the Gemballa is up approximately 75hp over the factory Porsche stats.  From a style perspective the  Gemballa Avalanche is a wonder for the senses…  an avalanche of design hahaha…  In fact there is so much going on that your eyes cannot focus on one particular styling element.  It is definitely a slice of the 80’s.  So how did BoS do?

The exterior of the Gemballa Avalanche is covered in a deep Red Metallic.  I can report the paint work is excellent throughout; even the elaborate rear spoiler is dressed nicely.  You’ll see more on this later.  Researching the model online there seems to be multiple examples of the car, so to comment if the body-lines are true and mimic the original is hard to say.  In my opinion the scale model is well represented.  Shutlines and panel gaps are near perfect, as expected in a resin design.

The front-end is equipped with traditional Porsche slantnose style.  From the side view the massive grilles are incorporated into the doors and rear side panels.  Another interesting item is the exterior side mirrors, no glass here, seems cameras are equipped on both sides.  The rear is finished with a massive two stage spoiler.  The first section covers the rear glass and the second is housed in a typical location, but flares slightly over the rear fenders.  You have to admire the 80’s!

As mentioned, the front is a la slantnose style.  Overall design is clean and executed nicely throughout.  Materials used for lower lighting is well above average.  Since the model is sealed there are no working headlights, and they are found in the closed position.  All the styling nuances in the lower front chin are nicely executed too; headlight washer nozzles and 3D emblem finish up the front.

The rear of the Gemballa Avalanche is something spectacular visually.  The elaborate two stage spoiler is definitely something from the 80’s, big hair and all!  BoS did a terrific job in crafting this elaborate piece.  The finish work is clean and well sanded from all angles.  Other than a few small dust particles found in the paint, the execution on the spoiler is on point.

As we drop to the lower section of the rear, the Gemballa name is found embossed in the centre of the bumper.  All materials used to form the taillights and additional signal lights again are well above the average.  Fit and finish is excellent throughout.  Nice job BoS!

I’m not done with the rear; it would be a sin if I didn’t point out the six tip exhaust system, three pipes for each side.  Talk about over the top!  But would you expect anything less?  Not much else is underneath the model other than the upper muffler section of the exhaust system – see images below for more detail.

The wheels are covered in chrome, the centres are covered with a candy-red chrome finish and silver caps with red emblem complete the wheels.  Not much is seen of the braking and suspension components due to the style of wheel.  Otherwise the craftsmanship here is flawless.  There is even a mention of the air nozzle on each wheel.  Nice attention to detail!

Inside the Gemballa Avalanche there is a full tan interior with a few red accents bits.  The tan extends to the dash, doors and roof.  Interior elements are nicely detailed and provide depth, something absent from lower priced models.  For example, the seats show separation in the initial lumbar support and depth in the upper seating area.  Dash, steering wheel, and centre console elements are nicely appointed and provide the overall realism we crave for in scale.

There is a lot of win here with the BoS Porsche 911 Turbo Gemballa Avalanche, thumbs up to BoS for thinking outside the box.  They continuously push the boundaries with scale model specimens that others seem to overlook, this one is no exception.   For all Porsche fans this model is a must!  How many opportunities have there been in 1:18 scale for Gemballa to date, I believe NONE!  The model itself is near perfect from a manufacturing perspective.  It seems BoS has the quality control aspect in their corner.  The uniqueness of the Gemballa brand is highly effective in this model, thanks to BoS for their interpretation.  Enjoy the pics!


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5 Responses to "REVIEW: BoS Porsche 911 Turbo Gemballa Avalanche"

  1. Raul GP says:

    Nice, love the 80’s look.
    Are there plans for a white one?

  2. Roberto says:

    Thanks for this review. It is excellent subject matter and a great effort by BoS. I always like their vehicle choices, but not always their color choices. I find that they are at their best with a vehicle like this with very little chrome. On some of the American cars, they paint most of the chrome on as silver paint and it loses some effect. i have 2 of their models.

  3. Scott says:

    First BOS model in my collection, Got to say i love this thing just opened mine up this evening…. first off i was blown away by how rich the paint is… drool worthy. The fit and finish is awesome and the interior detail was much better than i ever expected. I recommed this one get it while you can. Thanks for the awesome review and Ckmodels once again for fast shipping and excellent packaging.

  4. Atalante says:

    Not my taste but seems to be a really well made model. BTW I remember seeing the original car in the mid 80’s at the Geneva Auto Show along with the work of other crazy tuners of the period.

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