REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi A1 Quattro •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi A1 Quattro

If you sneezed too hard you may of miss this release from Audi, the A1 Quattro.  Released back in 2012, this hot hatch was nothing less than spectacular, well to at least any hatchback fan!  Manipulating the Audi Quattro system into the car it required some extensive engineering.  In short, there are 600+ new parts that differ from the standard Audi A1.  Even the driveshaft is made of carbon fibre.  Only 333 cars were produced.  If you weren’t one of the lucky people to purchase one, well there’s a second chance to own A1 Quattro.  This one comes in scale, 1:18.  And comes from DNA Collectibles.

The exterior features an all-White paint theme with the exception of the roof and various front and rear components.  As for the paint application a solid effort from DNA Collectibles.   Exterior lines of the A1 Quattro mirror the original well.  Shutlines are panel gaps are excellent and refined, usually, a given for resin and sealed examples.

The devil is in the details with that DNA does execute well.  For example, Quattro decals just below the rear spoiler are present, along with all appliable badge work front and rear.  Door handles feature detailed key lock too!  Another cool aspect is the small lip/secondary fender around the rear fender well.  Nice attention to detail folks.

The front fascia is very aggressive in the looks department, reminiscent of the Audi MKII TTRS.  Centre grille is fully detailed with each segment of the perforation piece.  As for the lower intakes, each is defined but is executed with solid plastic grilles.  Not something we would have expected from DNA Collectibles based on past reviews. Headlights are wonderfully in-depth and feature the Red elements that are a staple with the A1 Quattro.

Dual exhaust and upper spoiler help define the rear.  Each executed with care.  The lower section of the model does present some additional detail, basically muffler and moulded components into the model’s lower cover. Finally, taillights are two gems, detailed and finished with quality material.

Wheels are one of the coolest from Audi to date.  They take us back to the ‘80’s rally cars!  DNA Collectibles left nothing on the table.  The package is complete with valve stems and the centre section also features Quattro logos and Audi rings.  If there was one miss, we would have appreciated the centre cap placed appropriately within the centre of the wheel.  Seems placement on a few wheels is off slightly on our example.

The interior is effective, one of DNA Collectibles’ signatures if you choose.  The various elements all receive the required attention to detail.  The use of colour and textures help define the various parts.  Similar to the Audi R8, the A1 Quattro uses the billet aluminum type shift know.  The Interior does show carpeting throughout.  Lastly, the cool-looking sport seat also has the Black Gloss backs with the appropriate Quattro decal on each seat.

The DNA Collectibles Audi A1 Quattro continues in a long line of great models from the team.  They continue to impress with the chosen subject matter and overall execution.  This one was such a surprise and welcomed edition.  We’re still fighting among ourselves on who gets to keep the sample.  That alone speaks volumes.  The Audi A1 Quattro is a rare breed in original form and scale if you want to own a little piece of history head over to DNA Collectibles now as this prize will be soon sold out.  Enjoy the pics!


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