REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi A2 •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi A2

In the early 2000s, Audi introduced something very different, a car which I think was ahead of its time – the Audi A2. It was a lightweight small raised hatchback with space frame elements made with an aluminum chassis. And to top it off, it looked ahead of its time. DNA Collectibles reproduced the original in 1:18th scale crafted in resin with a closed body shell. This model is produced in four different colours to choose from: yellow, red, blue and orange. Today I will review the red model.

All current DNA Collectibles offerings come packaged in a black box with see-through plastic in the front, top and both sides. I do like this packaging better than the one they used before where you had to take the model out of the box to actually see it. This red Audi A2 1.4 TDi is screwed into a black base with Audi A2 script on the front side for all those collectors who like to display models with a base.

Looking at the model out of the box, I was happy to see that DNA Collectibles applied the paint really well. This is something I think DNA Collectibles is really good at. They chose some of the best colour options for all their models in my opinion. From launch colours to unique colours, how do you not get them all? Definitely DNA Collectibles strong point!

In typical form, they do a good job crafting all the doors and shut lines with nice depth. Black outlines around the windows are replicated showing good dimensions. The unusual windshield wiper is correct and authentic to the real car. The rear window is a long one-piece component that curves downward and it’s perfectly mounted. It includes detailed window defroster lines and a mounted spoiler. Looks very nice! Side windows are well applied but the front windshield is not perfect. It is a large window that needs a long piece of clear plastic and in this example, the top middle part of the window does lift a little. I really hope this is a one-off. Moving onto the roof it is painted in matte black with four ridges present true to the original.

As for the sides, the door handles are well defined and painted to match the rest of the body. The side turning signal is indeed a separate part – something I like. Moving onto the rims – valve stems are present (something other makers forget about). The rims look nice and clean – silver paint is well applied, however tire branding is not present. To me, it is not a big deal, but for others, it may be so I thought I would mention it. Front discs (have a nice shine to them) and callipers, as well as rear drum brakes, are present.

The front light housing has a nice black border evenly applied all around. Audi badge and chrome around the grille are both present and have a nice shine to them. I don’t see anything to fault here. Real lights look nice but the turning signal lens is orange and I think it should be clear with an orange bulb. Can anyone confirm in the comments section below?

Moving to the rear, the usual bits are present.  Nice detailing with applicable badging and taillights.  However, on closer inspection the design of the taillights are slightly off, they appear cut on an angle whereas the 1:1 is more straight and clean cut.

Let me take a peek inside – right away I definitely appreciate two-tone seats. I think it adds some colour and breaks the blacks. The interior door handles are silver with the rest of the doors black. The seatbelts have metal resembling buckles both in front and rear. The front dash is mostly black with a visible hazard lights button in red. Back at the turn of the millennium, there were no big screens so there is not much colour to really replicate, to be honest.

To sum everything up, I think it is another great model from DNA Collectibles that does not disappoint. The model isn’t perfect, other than the top part of the windshield that does lift a little and taillight shaping. What DNA Collectibles continues to accelerate at is unique European models that no other brands will touch.  Each model for the most part does provide that above-average level on definition too.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Another unique pick from DNA Collectibles for sure! Thanks, Luk!! And one car I wish us are nuts in North America would see in Audi dealerships.

  2. Giorgio262 says:

    The real car was a flop for Audi, but I always liked its design, definitely more than that of its direct competitor, the 1st generation Mercedes A-class. I Guess the aluminium space frame construction, while making the car lighter, meant it would be more expensive to fix in case of crashes.

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