REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi RS3 8P Sportback •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi RS3 8P Sportback

We have a hot hatch under the microscope with emphasis on hot this week!  The latest German offering from DNA Collectibles is the 1:18 scale Audi RS3 8P Sportback 2011.  I’m envious of you chaps on the opposite side of the pond, this particular model never made ground in North America.  Though in 2019 Audi sent us the A3 Sedan RS3 based on their latest platform, however, as you British folks say, total rubbish!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting in front of the wheel of an Audi with a 2.5l turbocharged motor you positively want to get this on your bucket list. The motor to date has won numerous awards and has seen its share of variations over the years.  I could go on and on with the exhaust note alone, it’s just brilliant!

Two options of the DNA Colliecibles replicas are up for grabs, there is the Black/Red wheel and Grey wheel option.  Our example features the latter, in Grey.  Being an avid Audi collector you understand there are slim pickings in scale, especially one featuring the RS badge!  So when DNA Collectibles announced the 1:18 Audi RS3 8P Sportback our team was more than grateful for the opportunity to review one in length.

Positive marks on the paintwork!  The Misano Red exterior is a perfect colour for the car’s design, one I enjoyed for many years on my Audi TTRS.  This example features the optional Silver trim package which further highlights various trim bits throughout the front, rear and sides.  This clearly matches up well with the Grey wheel option best. Also, their continued refinement of the panel gaps on a whole is some of the best we’ve seen in resin/sealed replicas to date.

Typically, each manufacture uses very thin clear plastic to create the exterior windows.  Well, this method has a tendency to lead to bowing; meaning the adhesive or adhering of the window to the body has a predisposition to bow in some areas.  Our example arrived with a large bow on the rear passenger side.

DNA Collectibles is definitely on point with the exterior picture overall.  I know hatchbacks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, this is somewhat of a dream car.  This particular model was only made available in a 5-door version and only automatic transmission too (boo), no 3-door option available here.

The front of the Audi RS3 features all the good stuff we come to appreciate from DNA Collectibles.  First off, the grille work is all perforated and truly authentic to the eye.  Headlight detail is extremely good.  Each part of the assembly correctly supports each designated component.  With the RS3 badge and Audi rings completing front.

It’s not all good news, one quality control miss, the lower centre three slots, the one to the far right was missing the Black paint, clearly visible in the photo below.  It was an easy fix with a thin felt-tip marker.

The rear is up to speed.  Note the detailing of the rear defogger lines in the glass with an appliable wiper arm/blade below.  Quality badge work is once again presented along with class taillights too.  This level of detail extends to the bumper with the multiple back-up sensors noted, chrome exhaust tips and lower valence on a whole.

Moving to the wheels the 5-spoke design is one of my favourites from Audi.  This design has secured its way to various other models in their assortment, even the premium sportscar, the Audi R8!  The paintwork, specifically the transition of matt to standard Grey is top-notch!  The supporting cast of brake calipers and rotors are quality gems.  Cross-drilled front and solid vented rear rotors are accurate too.  Did we mention the small air value stem intergraded into the rim?  Nicely done.

Beyond the exterior, the interior is another element where DNA Collectibles usually outshines their competition, and again they succeed here!  The Audi RS3 8P Sportback is extremely polished on multiple levels.  The team does an excellent job of defining each area, the use of colour and textures definitely create an authentic and genuine package.  The basics elements are here too, lower flocking and seat-belts front and rear.

We define DNA Collectibles as a premium resin brand, and their continued commitment to realism inside and out is truly cemented in their DNA (hence DNA in DNA Collectibles).  We consider the Audi RS3 8P Sportback one of their best pieces to date and will surely be a candidate for the model of the year.  Some of the shortcomings can be improved, especially affixing the windows.  In truth, this is a huge miss with collectors, myself included.  On the flip side, this hasn’t been the standard for DNA Collectibles based on the lengthy assortment we’ve seen from the brand in their breif history, so hopefully, this is a one-off.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Kevin says:

    I would buy a full opening version for sure! Especially with that beautiful mesh

    • DS Team says:

      You and me both! Unfortunately, based on the car and popularity chances are it will never come… A perfect canidate for resin. I’ll continue to cherrish, and it’s a perfect place holder until something better comes along!

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