REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Bond Bug •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Bond Bug

I’ll tell ya, one of the coolest things about being part of is learning and discovering about new automobiles.  The next model under the microscope is one of them.  Until DNA Collectibles brought it to my attention I had no idea the Bond Bug was a car and one sporting three wheels that have travelled the streets of our great planet.  If you’re like me and don’t know much of the Bond Bug I’ll provide some history.

The Bond Bug is a British two-seat microcar.  It was built from 1970 to 1974.  Access was provided via a lift-up canopy style hatch.  It also featured side screens over conventional doors.  To say the least, let’s call it unique!  So how did the team from DNA Collectibles do?  Read on.

As mentioned in our previous review of the DNA Collectibles Saab 9-3 Viggen Convertible their examples ship with a clear base featuring the cars name on the side.  The Bond Bug is a little bugger, tipping the scale at about 6 inches in length at 1:18 scale.  What it lacks in size is made up in character.  This thing is uber cool!

Crafted in high-quality resin the model features a static design.  The Orange exterior paint is excellent throughout.  What impressed us more is the photo-etched trim work around the main windscreen and doors.  Excellent attention to detail, some of the best our team has seen in resin design.

The decal work found on the rear sides and front are quality.  Even the filter cap and aerial show well.  Just some of the various elements from the team that show their commitment to quality workmanship.  The overall body lines are on point; it stands up extremely well to the 1:1.

Another cool feature of the exterior is the execution of the side screens (doors).  DNA went as far as adding wrinkling effect.  Best part each side has a different footprint.  Well done!  See photo above for example.

The front of Bond Bug is a simple approach.  Headlights and turn signals complete the lighting array.  Each is completed with quality materials.  The centre of the Bug features a single intake.  It is finished with a metal perforated grille.  Unfortunately, the length of detail doesn’t continue inside.  Side mirrors and single wiper mechanics round out the package.  Again each of these elements is crafted with care.

The rear of the Bond Bug is dominated by its very flat appearance.  Our example is presented with mud-flaps, which includes three tiny rivets on each.  Taillights are excellent in material and appearance.  Even the smallest details are executed well, DNA does a great job in highlighting tiny hinges and key access.

If there was one suggestion I would provide to the team it would be this.  As you can see from the rear the drive train and suspension components are exposed.  Based on images I studied most if not all showed chrome springs fitted to the rear suspension.  In my opinion, they should have gone that extra step and added true metal springs.  This definitely would have added some pop to the Blacken components here.

Two wheels are exposed on this three wheel car.  Depending on your angle or height the third is visible too.  Each spins without issue.  This is refreshing compared to other resin models I reviewed in the past.  The craftsmanship on the wheels is completed well.  This includes the Silver and Black painted areas.  There are no other braking components exposed or on view front and rear side.

Inside the Bond Bug, the interior is basic feature wise as one would assume.  The execution from DNA’s perspective meets the same standards as the exterior.  Everything is in place and materials and finishes suit the model well.  We like the addition of the centre photo-etched vent, wood shift knob, and fabric seat-belts that are a two-stage appointment.

This is the second model I’ve reviewed from DNA Collectibles.  I can say the Bond Bug lives up to their standards and then some.  If I’m honest, I enjoyed this Bond Bug more than the Saab.  Not that one is better or worse, the uniqueness factor can’t be beaten.

There isn’t much wrong with this model, just a whole lot of right.  If you’re looking for that individual and exclusive model to add your collection this would definitely make a cool entry to any collection.  I’m sure it would stir some good conversation amongst friends.  DNA Collectibles is offering free shipping for a limited time.  Please contact them for more information.  Beep, beep.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Roberto says:

    These are very cool, how much are they?

  2. Robert S. says:

    I’ve been waiting for a quality scale model of this car. What scale is this? Six inches translates to around 1:18.

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