REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Saab Aero-X Concept •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Saab Aero-X Concept

One of the latest offerings from DNA Collectibles is the 1:18 Saab Aero-X Concept.  This model was produced by Saab back in 2006 and was presented to the public officially at the Salon International de l’Auto.  Technical specs include an all-wheel-drive system, 2.8L Twin Turbo V6 mated to a 7-speed transmission.  From a styling perspective, the car was dominated by some massive wheels, 22-23 inches for sure.  This isn’t the coolest element of the car though.  The doors and windscreen are connected, instead of conventional doors, it relies on cockpit entry.  What does this mean?  The entire top section of the car opens up to let the driver and passenger in.  Very cool!

One cool tidbit of the car I did not know was there were rumours of the Saab Aero-X making its cinematic debut in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, obviously if you watched the movie, I’m sure many of us have, this did not materialize.

DNA Collectibles decided to offer this concept in scale.  We’re not sure many other manufacturers would have, for that we give them two thumbs up.  It is nice to see the hobby move outside the norm and offer these unique and desirable models.  One would say why the use of the word desirable.  Simple I’m a huge fan of concept cars, and meeting friends within the hobby there are many that agree.  Also a first in 1:18.  There are small 1:43 examples previously released.

Out of the box, the model is surprising light.  One of the lightest sealed resin models we reviewed here at  This does not distract from the model at all, the team accurately captures the gorgeous lines of the Aero-X.  The large fenders are nicely defined at all four corners.  The definition and depth are nicely replicated in the upper section of the front nose too.

The upper tinted glass area must have been a pain in the rear to implement in scale based on the thin material and the curable of the piece.  I must say the team did a great job here.  Shutlines and panel gaps are excellent throughout.  But as we know this is typical of most all resin, sealed models.  If there was a negative from the exterior perspective, it would be the wheel size.  Studying images on the Internet it is oblivious the sized used here is slightly too small.

The front fascia features the spirit of Saab in the grille.  Execution of the grill, headlights and painted bits are all top-notch.  One slight miss is the non-perorated grilles on the lower section.  Based on the model’s price point this is a must.  However, I will say DNA Collectibles did an excellent job in fabricating these grilles with the integrated lights.  They are not simply flat piece placed in the opening, they actually replicated with the same depth and design of the original.  Possibly this could be the reason for the solid piece due to integrity in scale.

The rear is quite simple at first glance.  DNA mirrors the original perfectly from what we can see.  We love the quality material used for the rear lighting, single clear piece with the definition in behind.  Saab and Aero-X badges are again top quality gems.

Wheels as mentioned earlier the overall size of the wheels could be slightly larger.  Quality materials are used throughout the package, this includes the braking apparatus in behind.  Wheels definition mirrors the original well; chrome work is on point too.  Brembo logos complete the massive calipers front and rear.  Even the tires have a unique pattern, see images of the undercarriage for more detail.  Not sure if this was something specific to the Aero-X

The interior of Aero-X is futuristic and minimalistic at the same time, LOL is this even possible.  The steering wheel does take centre stage for me.  Execution of it and the other interior elements are done well.  A shame it does open up like the real deal.  If there was a miss, and these are minimal, it would be Black missing from the underside of the headrest along with some of the texture pattern to the rear side of the seat bolster that is found in the front.

Once again, the team here at is very impressed with the work we see from the new guys on the block, DNA Collectibles.  The Saab Aero-X is a stunning piece, a definite add for Saab and Concept fans.  I hope the teams continues to grow, and learns from past mistakes and improve.  Based on discussions with DNA they will.

To further enhance the member experience, DNA Collectibles is offering a 10% off discount code.  With its current summer sale, this model can be even further discounted, not a bad deal.  Our code is valid until 10/31/2018.  Use “DIECASTSOCIETY10” at checkout.  Enjoy the pics!

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