REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Subaru Baja •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Subaru Baja

On the shortlist of recent releases from DNA Collectibles comes their version 1:18 Subaru Baja – and to be honest, likely the only 1:18 scale example ever to be made.  This unique vehicle combines the traditional passenger car creature comforts with pickup hauling capacity, towing capability and more.   Released in the early 2000s the Subaru Baja was the successor to the Subaru Brat.  If interested in the Brat, this rare specimen was completed by the DNA Collectibles team in 1:43 scale.

Out of the box, the exterior paint combination of Yellow Baja and Silver Stone Metallic is an accurate match.  Transitions between the two colours are executed with attention.  This also extends to the Black section of the rear cargo bay, done in a Matt Black texture.

As for overall exterior accuracy, DNA Collectibles continues the trend of near 100% compliance.   One of their fundamental traits.   The fit and finish of the panel gaps (based on resin) are clean and established, the model is true to the original design.

The front of the Baja is noticeably the most detailed part of the model in our opinion.  The craftsmanship within the headlights is first-rate, and the lower, large running lights are capped with a protective grille that is even tactical to the touch.  These somewhat invisible details do shine.  Also, the basics elements of perforated grille or should we say open and defined grille section along with the Subaru emblem are here too.

The rear is dominated by a mid-sized cargo bay.  Inside we appreciated the level of detail with the panels throughout.  Not to mention the excellent chrome tie-bars on either side.  Taillights are quality finds and well as all appliable badge work.  And finally, note the attention to detail on the “Baja” decal on either side of the rear mudguards!

Wheels are basic OEM 5-spoke design.  There is no tire script on the sidewall of the tires either.  Behind the basic rotor and caliper are found.  Nothing over the top here, the package gets the job done.

No access to the motor is available as this is a static replica, however, there are some elements of design to the undercarriage.  For the most part, is raw with the exception of the rear exhaust/muffler.  If you want to see more, click on the video!

Inside is usually where DNA Collectibles excels more so than their competitors, the Subaru Baja is no exception.  The basic ingredients of interior carpeting are found along with fabric seat-belts front and rear.  Dash elements are clearly outlined along with the centre console and related apparatus, in all the interior package is solid.

Once again, the team at DNA Collectibles clearly executes a strong and accurate replica of the Subaru Baja.  From our perspective there isn’t much wrong we can find with the model in general, and we believe the photos speak to its depth.

Possible enhancements, “Baja” auxiliary lights attached to the available rood-rack or extend the rear cargo area with the optional OEM extension cage?  Could these be possible updates in a future project?  Maybe.  If you are looking for something unique and rare specimens, and especially models of the Subaru or Volvo marque, you need to check out DNA Collectibles.  Enjoy the pics!

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