REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo

We promised you more from DNA Collectibles 1:43 series.  DNA Collectibles continues with their passion for unique vehicles, this week we feature the Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo.  The model here is based on the second generation car, which was released ~ 1979-80.

Multiple variants of the second generation car were out into production; they included two-door hardtop coupe, four-door sedan, station wagon and a three-door hatchback.  1.8l Turbo version of the car was added later with 4×4 AWD to boot.  Innovation wise, the automatic transmission utilized the world’s first wet hydraulic multi-plate clutch.  Translation, this allowed the driver to engage 4WD with a simple push of a button.  State of art back then for sure!

The replica from DNA Collectibles comes in their unique packaging.  A clear base with clear cover comes standard with protective cloth cover/bag.  Move on this on our initial review of their Audi 200.

Exterior wise the paint of the Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo is found in Light Metallic Blue.  Along with the paint being executed consistently, the uber decal work of “Turbo” and “4×4” are on par.  These contrasting visuals definitely provide a sporty feel to our 5-door hatchback people mover.   Other elements we enjoyed are the great work on the upper luggage rack and right behind it the sporty chrome spoiler.

There isn’t much reference material one can access for the Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo image-wise.  Based on what we discovered the model does seem to be on point for correctly addressing the body lines and look of the original.  Note the photo-etched door handles, key-hole, gas-cover and window trim.  Well done!

The front of the Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo is cleanly executed.  All elements are crafted with care and precision.  We like the addition of the “4WD” logo on the upper hood, passenger side.

The rear is on par with the front.  Neat decal work is nicely defined.  Small wiper centre and chrome work on the centre hatch release is nicely executed as well. Also from this angle you can make out the “4WD” logo on the oversized mud flaps at all corners.

Same as the Audi 200 we find the wheels are slightly off on the Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo.  In our opinion too much rim and too like tire.  DNA does do a good job at replicating the overall wheel design along with the correct centre painted in White.

The interior is complete; how accurate it resembles the original we can’t confirm as there was no reference material for us to review.  Though based on past examples we are confident it does reassemble the original as much as the 1:43 scale will afford.  Interior colour choosen is Grey.  Other than some Black components (automatic shifter centre and driver left side) and decals within the dash it is pretty monotone.

The Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo isn’t going to appeal to all buyers.  I think DNA Collectibles understands that.  What the model does well is provide a solid example in 1:43 scale that core Subaru owners past and present can finally enjoy in scale.

The model excels on many levels and will prove worthy for your collection.  The additional bonus items; base, cover and collector bag are all welcomed too.  Please note that DNA Collectibles has changed their business model somewhat.  Moving forward, all pre-orders are discounted 10%, so saving more and adding unique scale specimens with DNA Collectibles is now even easier to do.  Enjoy the pics!

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