REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo Concept Coupe •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo Concept Coupe

It was back in 2013 that Volvo unveiled the Concept Coupe.  It was 2020 that DNA Collectibles unveiled their 1:18 replica of the same.  The Concept Coupe takes inspiration from the classic first-generation Volvo P1800 (BTW, DNA Collectibles produces an exception example too).  The forward-thinking design at the time was the latest architecture from Volvo that would define their SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platform cars.  Seven years after its introduction the car looks as fresh as ever!  DNA Collectibles brings us a solid example that does capture its subtle elegance along with the finer details…

The Metallic Grey exterior is exquisite on the Concept Coupe lines.  Speaking of design, DNA Collectibles does a terrific job and executing the original car in scale, there are no glaring differences between the two.  From the bold front grille to the sharply defined rear-end, the model is simply on point.  We need to mention the open glass roof design, it adds a birds-eye view to the exceptional interior.

Being a static representation, you need to win on all levels of exterior definition.  Starting with the front floating grille design featuring the Volvo logo in the centre the car is unquestionably a Volvo!  Great work on the chrome bits.  All opening/intakes are capped with full metal grilles. And the depth and definition of the headlights are truly fantastic.

Rear design elements like the integrated taillights are quality bits – look at that attention to detail folks!  Lower exhaust tips in chrome mirror the original car well.  And the Concept Coupe unique badge is faithfully placed with care in the correct position.

The five-spoke wheels are a perfect marriage to the exterior design elements.  Volvo badge is found in the centre too.  Braking components are quality bits with metal cross-drilled rotors and exterior matched brake calipers check!

Inside the interior is more impressive than the exterior!  The Scandinavians truly are artisans at simplicity with a touch of class and glamour.  DNA Collectibles does an epic job and re-creating this interior in scale.  Some bits that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye, the Swedish crystal shift knob, the texture on the primary dials, and “Since 1959” inscribed on the metal seat-belt buckles throughout the required seating.  This signifies the year Volvo introduced the 3-point seatbelts – definitely a nod to their pilar of safety.

All the basic interior elements one would expect on this quality replica are here too.  Full interior flocking throughout and fabric seat-belts.  This is where DNA Collectibles outshine the competition, one of many reasons their low production replicas call for a premium retail.

The DNA Collectibles Volvo Concept Coupe is a stellar example in scale, in one word the car is uber sexy.  We believe the best example from the crew in 2020.  The team continues to impress us with their unique one-off specimens, and their continued attentiveness to the exterior side and pack-leading interior successes.  Thoroughly satisfying work on what they present with the Volvo Concept Coupe, and this comes from one who isn’t a massive Volvo fan at heart.  Our teams only regret, we wish we would have reviewed this model sooner, as it would clearly have been a contender for 2020 Model of the Year.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Karsten says:

    Thanks for the review! I´ve been considering this, more so because this has not remained a mere concept but has actually made it to market quite recently, not as a Volvo, though, but under the Volvo-owned Chinese brand “Polestar”. I suspect, we may see a full access diecast model of the Polestar, either by Norev who already do a 1/43 version or by some Chinese brand like Kengfai, Paudi, etc.

  2. Henry Chen says:

    Yes!! We definitely need a 1:18 Polestar 1 (production car version) , preferably an opening diecast version. Any model maker who would step up to make this will be highly appreciated by the collectors.

  3. Eduardo Budan says:

    I ordered this beauty on preorder on September 2020….for just…124 €.+ shipping…..DNA models show clearly that other resin manufacturers are way overpriced …unfortunately they don’t own the rights of many interesting makes but these people are simply excellent !!!

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