REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo P1800 •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo P1800

The latest review comes from DNA Collectibles.  Today we look at one of their latest 1:18 scale examples, the Volvo P1800.  A little about the P1800.  It is considered a 2+2 front engine, rear drive touring car.  Based on the lines one would consider her more sport than a tourer.  The P1800 was manufactured by Volvo from 1961 through to 1973.  The car received some notoriety in the hit television series called The Saint, starring Roger Moore.

We’ll start with the exterior side of the vehicle.  In typical fashion, the paintwork is stunning on our example.  Noted as White on their website the car does lean towards an Off-White hue.  Nonetheless is it flawless throughout.

As for the bodylines and overall presentation this replicas scores high marks based on the images and video we studied.  We would have given perfect marks but one of our team members pointed out the incorrect door line – just above the chrome pin stripping front side the replica leans towards a straight neutral line, though in fact, it should be more curvaceous, almost like a perfect breast.

There is much chrome work on this model.  This is metal not painted pin stripping too, which stretches from front to rear.  Our example is perfect.  Some of the best work we’ve seen in scale.  It seems DNA Collectibles understands how to successfully apply metal pin stripping.  Can you guys provide Schuco with a lesson on how to install?  Their work on the recent release of Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet and Coupe Concept were horrible and flawed.

We wanted to point out the quality decals on either side of the model.  You can clearly see the attention to detail DNA Collectibles extends in their work.

The front of the P1800 is dominated in chrome, most of which is invested in the centre grille and lower bumper.  The workmanship here is flawless.  Also, the grille is 100% perforated, and in behind some of the motor, components are visible.  Nice touch!  If we had one minor complaint, it would be the area where the bumper attached to the body of the car.  On the 1:1 there is a Blacken area where the chrome inserts pass through.  Creating this is scale would be more authentic.

The rear of the P1800 comes to an end with Cadillac like fins on either side.  As you can see the pin stripping extends to the end.  More chrome is found on the large bumper which wraps with each side of the vehicle.  Gas filter and truck chrome bits are in check, each is quality in workmanship too.

Wheels are lovely bits on this model.  The chrome work once again is flawless and the shine is diamond-like.  Black fins are painted through the perimeter of the wheel, and one does show the air value too.  Right behind each wheel is mud flag executed in metal.

Inside the cockpit, the interior is faithfully recreated in Red and Black.  Again, the team scores high for overall accuracy and craftsmanship.  The detail work on the dash and all its little components and hardware provide an excellent base for a sealed model.  Fabric seat-belts are found with full metal buckles and related hardware.  Excellent work!

The DNA Collectibles Volvo P1800 is another example of their solid work at very high standards.  Their unique subject matter continues to capture the imagination of those who appreciate their selection of classic European cars, and we like them too.  The Volvo P1800 is another highly recommend piece, and one they only afford 320 pieces worldwide.  What are you waiting for, get one before they are gone.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo P1800"

  1. Miguel Oliveira says:

    I think that my first models from this maker it wil be the Volvo C70 (also from The Saint movie).

    I’m really hopeful this is a quality model maker. :-) Let’s see. :-)

    • DS Team says:

      We’re sure you’ll be quite happy with it.

    • Neil says:

      As far as I can see on their website, they announced the C70 convertible. This is not the car from the Saint movie as it was the Coupé version.
      However I am looking forward to it as well.
      I own some of their models and they have a great shelf presence. Love them. ;-)

  2. David says:

    Beautiful model this one, just wish DNA had included the driver door mirror, which seems to be absent for some reason?

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