REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo V70 XC •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo V70 XC

Looking through the mountain of models we need to review we come across 1:43 scale piece within the rubble.  This one comes from the DNA Collectibles team; the model is the Volvo V70 XC.  Continues with their tradition of unique subject matter and execution excellence this model is under the microscope today.

The exterior of the V70 XC is completed in 437 Sandstone Metallic.  Related trim pieces are painted in Flat Black.  The separation of each colour is executed flawlessly.  The Brown on the whole under closer inspection reveals its metallic flakes.

The model is obviously sealed, though there is very good definition of the panel gaps and related shutlines.  In short, our example is extremely sharp in the exterior department.  Nicely fitted luggage rack completes the exterior package.  Once again fit and finish are positive.

The fascia of the V70 XC is clean in execution.  Centre grille is open with good definition.  There is even a microscopic logo in the centre to boot.  Headlights and lower fogs are good in definition.  The team also supplies the headlight wipers.  Very cool!

The rear excels.  Decal work is exceptional for the scale.  The upper spoiler is fitted as well as the lower centre brake light.  Side taillights are beautifully crafted and fit into place like a glove.

Wheels are somewhat generic in appearance.  Seems this is a theme from their 1:43 scale series.  We’re not sure if this is a limitation of scale, but the appearance of the wheels, in general, seem similar throughout their 1:43 assortment.

Inside the Beige and the Black interior is crafted with definition.  Lines throughout the various elements of the interior bring forward a true, life-like appearance.  This is something not easily replicated in 1:43 scale.  Painted bits and faux wood pieces complete the package.  On the flip side, there is no flocking or seatbelts present here.

In short, the DNA Collectibles Volvo V70 XC is a well-executed and well-rounded replica.  We don’t see much in terms of 1:43 scale models cross our path but this example from DNA Collectibles is ahead of the curve.  They truly rival their larger counterparts in 1:18 scale.  If you’re looking for a unique piece or want to update your Volvo collection this one is a must.  Currently available through DNA Collectibles, it will set you back about $80 CND.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Bert Jan says:

    We are very glad with this first V70XC in our collections! DNA is doing a great job and we can’t wait for the upcoming Volvo’s by this new Swiss brand! Follow my page for latest Volvomodelcar news, over 7000 collectors together. Welcome!

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