REVIEW: Ebbro Honda Civic Type R (U.K. Spec) •

REVIEW: Ebbro Honda Civic Type R (U.K. Spec)

Words and photos courtesy of HY90


This car was never initially on my radar whatsoever. However when Model Citizens kindly offered the car in question up for sale at a rather attractive price point, I couldn’t resist. The Civic Type R has always been a forbidden fruit. A delectable piece of pie that North Americans unfortunately never got our hands on…until the current generation.

However, we would’ve never reached this point without its rightful predecessor~ It’s wild design and samurai-inspired wing and tail lights adds to the beauty of the car. Though some might say ‘beauty’ is a bit of an overreach for this Civic, I for one loved how wild it looks compared to its competitors.

Fortunately for us collectors, Ebbro has came up with this rather unique piece. From a exterior point of view, fit and finish is rather good. There are no blaring errors and best of all, the model remains as a diecast.

The interior stays rather true to its 1:1 counterpart. All the typical bells and whistles are represented faithfully and fortunately does not features grained plastic textures (if you know what I mean) However, I do have to point out Ebbro did not add felt carpeting but instead, a floor mat that seems to be printed on to the floor. This wouldn’t be my first choice in quality, but not entirely against it.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get particularly excited when all four doors on a model opens. Tell me… is that something you guys are typically excited over?

The gaps on this model actually isn’t as big as the picture would suggest. In fact, I’d have to use my fingernail to pry the doors open. Kudos to Ebbro for making the shutlines pretty tight!

Headlight details are pretty well done for the most part. Though a little more finesse would do it justice.

From here, things goes a little downhill…

I completely forgot to take pictures of the engine bay so a quick google search made up for it. Unfortunately, engine details aren’t as great as I would like for a model priced in the mid to upper 100. Lack of detailing, non-perforated grill and dog leg hinges are definitely something I didn’t hope to see…

Take a look at the actual engine and do a comparison then you would know what I am talking about.

Another criticism about Ebbro’s take on the Type R, is that the rims are rather large in proportion. I don’t mind the detailing which to me, is rather good. However, the fact that the tire tread grazes the wheel wall every time I roll it, definitely deducts some points in my book.

While we’re on the subject, brakes are definitely not as realistic and detailed as I would have hoped.

Perforated grills are typical for models in mid-range prices. Manufacturers such as Minichamps are guilty of this. With models being priced above $100, would having perforated grills be too much to ask? This is most definitely a cost-cutting measure but a sad one at that.

Similar to the front of the car, rear features non-perforated grills. However, I would definitely give kudo points to Ebbro for making the samurai shape wing. Which as I have mentioned, is definitely one of, if not, the best part of the car. The badges and stamped tampos also add to the realism.

In conclusion, the Ebbro Civic Type R is a mixed bag. There are definitely parts of the model I do adore, such as the interior and wing. However, there’s also features I hope Ebbro would address. Especially with a model priced at $150 USD~.

I do have to give credit to Ebbro, considering this rarely make 1:18s and when they do, they typically do not features opening parts. However, it is a learning process for the manufacturer.

At the end of the day, those would have read through this review would beg the question: is it worth the price and do I recommend it? That would depend on how much you want the model. If you collect JDMs or are a fan of hot hatches, then this is a must. However, if you’re just in it for a new addition to your collection, then that would unfortunately be a no.

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5 Responses to "REVIEW: Ebbro Honda Civic Type R (U.K. Spec)"

  1. Patrick says:

    Glad you are enjoying the model! I completely agree on how nice it is to find a diecast model with four opening doors. Regarding opening any parts: Ebbro includes a small “pry-bar” in the packaging for this purpose. If your box was missing this item, please let me know and I’ll try to get you a replacement. – Patrick, Model Citizen

  2. Domee says:

    BOUGHT! openig parts! HALELUJAH!

  3. Robert says:

    So here I went saying well looky here another resin do nothing model, then I looked closer and saw the front wheels at an angle… Hmmm could it be? Why yes, it is a model that opens up and is showing internal bits and operating features! How cool is that? All doors open up, that’s even better! I remember my first 4 opening door 1/18 car, an AutoArt Impala SS 510, I was quite impressed! This model of a high performance Civic is quite impressive to see in this seemingly declining market. Lets have more! Ebbro you say?

  4. David Bird says:

    Being that I work for Honda as a design Engineer and actually I worked on the Civic project I had to have this model. My biggest complaint is when I innitially removed it from the packaging and placed it on a hard surface it teetered like a wobbly bar table in need of a wadded up napkin to keep it steady. But since I bought it on EBay and it came all the way from China I decided not to return it. I keep all my models in large glass cabinets and they never come out once they’re in. Point being doubtful anyone but me(and readers of this)will ever know. My other complaint is the paint. I ordered the blue one. The paint is hideous! I see TSM is offering the Type R and the Mugen Type R. I may pickup the Mugen since its unique but typically TSM models are resin and therfore sealed. I will pass on their Type R. Hoping AutoArt makes it, I love most of their work.

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