REVIEW: Fangzhou Model Arcfox-GT •

REVIEW: Fangzhou Model Arcfox-GT

At times finding a new model or something of passion outside the mainstream norm is a challenge.  Recently a member of the team discovered something new in the EV category (better known as electrical vehicle).  The car is Arcfox-GT made by BAIC, a 1600+ horsepower supercar without the traditional gasoline motor.  Who would have thought?  Two versions of the beast are available, there is a Street and GT Race Edition.  What is presented here is the street model.  BAIC/Arcfox also incorporates and platform for the SUV enthusiast too.

The replica here we are told is one of the many side project manufacturers in China, this example comes from Fangzhou Model.  The kicker, model and presentation packaging, which is quite substantial equates $99 US shipped.  Yes, we said $99.  Our example arrived with some slight damage to the exterior packaging, a further discounted of $20 was granted.  Total price here $79 US or roughly $106 CND.  It’s a whopping deal for sure!

The exterior is painted a sharp Metallic Light Blue very similar to the NIO EP9.  Additional detailing is aided by the various carbon fibre bits.  We must say each element is executed well as the model will show.  Stepping back the visible cues are quite angler, not the typical smooth surfaces found in many designs today.  So, some may believe it’s not the most attractive car on the lot, we somewhat agree.  But you cannot discount the uniqueness factor.

As for capturing the overall design and essence of the original, Fangzhou Model does a solid job here.  We need to mention the model is made of diecast metal and offers up full 360 access.  I think you now see why we labelled it “whopping”.  As for shutlines and the overall panel gaps, the model once again shows extremely well.  If there was one area for a minor concern, we’d lean to the rear functional spoiler.  In the closed position, the gaps are a little larger than what is presented elsewhere.

The facia on the Arcfox-GT is something out of Star Wars.  We love the fact it is fully executed with perforated metal.  The attention to the lower sections just under the headlights is well above the industry average.

Moving forward, some of the electric components are located inside the front storage area.  The carbon fibre work on the hood is well done, the high-gloss works well with the Light Blue exterior paint.  Once inside you discover some the power plant for the Arcfox-GT.  Two thumbs up to the highly detailed components and the team provide you with appliable “hazardous voltage” warning badging in the rear.  The lower price point model does reveal some basic elements with the appliable hinge work.  Nothing major, and not to mention the open and close feature works exceptionally well.

The rear has some surprises.  First, the small glass feature is accessible.  Inside the area is covered in hard plastic.  Note the supporting strut right side for the glass.

Move down the functional spoiler is nicely covered in the same carbon fibre pattern found in front.  We do admit the action of raising the rear spoiler is quite primitive; however, it works.  And, how many other brands at this price would include a fully functional piece?  Not many if none!

The remainder of the rear section is stellar with the supporting staff of perforated metal grilles and quality materials in use within the taillights.

Stance on the Arcfox-GT is perfect and the accompanying wheels are highly detailed and provide cross-drilled rotors and Black calipers front and back.  Not our most favourite wheel design, we would have approved the multi-spoke style found on the Race Edition car.  As an added bonus, the model offers fully independent suspension at all four corners.  Unexpected at this price point, but we admire the passion!

Inside the Arcfox-GT the interior is accessible via two up-sweep doors.  The functionally is little tricky at first, the key is pull slightly out then upwards.  Inside the interior is a delight for carbon fibre fans, it is loaded with the same type of pattern material found on the exterior side.  Dash and centre console are nicely detailed with the smaller items in focus too.  Doors cards feature a fabric door pull, seats provide stitching on the perimeter with adjustability forward and back and finally, fabric seatbelts are in check too.

We do not see any interior flocking but based on the images we studied this car does receive that attention.  We do like the effort Fangzhou Model added to the lower driver side area, the various pedals and the texture of the lower base material is beautifully executed.

What can we say about the Fangzhou Model Arcfox-GT that hasn’t been said?  At this price point, $99 US the deal is too good to be true or is it?  The team has pushed the limits with the smaller and multi-functional surprises, some that higher priced models or static examples can’t even mimic.

This leads us to question, are we conditioned by the various other mainstream manufacturers that this is the average price for a model today?  Food for thought.  Yes, we do not have all the facts and figures and is this product officially licensed or subsidized by the China government.  We don’t know.  What we do know is a brilliant model can still be executed at an affordable cost.  You just need to do some leg work to find these gems…

With the ever-escalating prices and level of detail today that does not mirror past successes (and this affects many brands) the Arcfox-GT is definitely a breath of fresh air.  We at, and we think most collectors would agree, we don’t mind paying a higher price for examples that provide full access and excellent details inside and out.  However, there are limits…  This product from Fangzhou Model really makes one think, are we getting hosed?  What are your thoughts?  Enjoy the pics!





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  1. ss19 says:

    Sellers dump at the beginning of sales, but then prices for the model gradually begin to rise. So I would not say that everything is so great. Rather, you are in luck in this case.

    • DS Team says:

      So your theory is being the at right place at the right time? Possibly, but we’ve seen other examples that prove this wrong.

      • ss19 says:

        Sorry, there is not much desire to argue, but if you follow the dynamics of price changes for models of such brands as Almost Real and LCD, you will see it yourself. For example, LCD started at 80 euros for the Range Rover L405, then went up to 120 – 140 euros for the Velar and Honda Civic. Now their new Pagani Huayra roadster costs near 200 euros. Something like this…

        • DS Team says:

          This is not arguing this is expressing opinions and thoughts… LCD, this is true but the SUV market doesn’t appeal to the masses as sport or supercars do. We’ll give them credit, tease the market with good execution, surprise them later with a supercar and double the price. Not to mention their distribution channels are horrible and lack of customer service does not help. Some will equate this to greed?

  2. Lykan Hypersutra says:

    Oh WOW!!! What Do We Have Here? And Once Again, Great Job Guys. This Is Exactly What I Want In My Collection. Another Entry On My Shopping List. Right Now There Are No Models Available In Europe. But It’s Fine. I’m Gonna Find One Eventually.

    • DS Team says:

      Evil bay or eBay is good start ;)

      • Lykan Hypersutra says:

        Ebay Germany Shows Zero Results And Ebay US Has Only Two, Both From China. First One Has Little To No Reputation And the Other One Asks 144$ For This Model. I Used Google And Found One For 115$. Still Not a Bad Price, Right? Well For Me It Means 115$ + Shipping To Germany + 16% Taxes = 160$ Total. Now We Can See What People Mean. 99$ Price Tag Was Already History Even Before You Guys Published This Review. But It’s Fine. I’ll Wait Until Someone Imports a Bunch Of These And Then I Can Get One. Besides, I Have More Than 20 Other Models On My Shopping List….

  3. Patrick Timmermans says:

    I found one in eBay and just bought it thanks to this review! I like these special cars and models!

  4. Mike says:

    I bought mine when they were fairly cheap….$120 bucks ar EZ Toys….very nice model indeed.

  5. Henry Chen says:

    This model car came out late last year, and in fact, I bought mine last December 2019. I didn’t know much about the real car prior to that date, but the picture of the model car looked good and it was quite cheap at that time, so I bought it. I reckoned it would be a nice and unique addition to my collection. When it arrived, I was surprised to know that the model offers 360 degree access and the paint job is really good, and it is made of diecast metal. It has bits of details that is considered value for money for the price I paid. There was no model brand included in the packaging, and all it said was the car brand ArcFox, as it was supposedly an OEM product. It didn’t really matter to me back then that no established model maker brand made this. It was only now through your review that I know the model maker is Fangzhou. Yes, maybe a new name to the hobby (both the car brand and the model maker), but this particular model is very good. I definitely agree with your review.

  6. Epic says:

    Great review. And it is not just great because it is well written – it is great that you take care for such models (OEM / hard to guess maker plus original car is also little known).

    I already got mine since ca 2-3 months. eBay seller asked 120 USD for model with free shipping to EU but allowed offers. In the end we agreed on 110 shipped. Box was little damaged but I haven’t asked for any reimbursement, as model was one of the best I have – simply no manufacturing flaws, no transportation damage. Plus it was shipped with DHL Express which took just 4 days to arrive to Poland from HK. I had to pay duties, but it was not that steep thanks to value declaration made by seller.

    I wonder if this is kind of production variation or if you just got the same issue as me, when photographing the model, but in reality it is not as blue as ARM’s NIO EP9. It is much more greener. And it is hard to catch it on the picture – at least on iPhone. I had to use some kind of “warm – vivid” setting to get the color quite properly. I got both NIO and ArcFox next to each other and the color difference is simply obvious for anybody.

    When asked, the seller said that the model comes from Shunlin Models…

    • DS Team says:

      Thanks for the kind words… We are collectors too! And cars in scale is our passion.

      Our original listing price was $120. It does help to negotiate where ever possible. $120 or $99 it is still an extreme bargain based on the final product. The category may not appeal to the masses, but we appreciate the uniqueness of the piece. Yes, we would agree on the “greener” hue on the Arcfox.

      Curious, who did you buy it from?

  7. Henry Chen says:

    Hello DS Team. Interestingly, I asked a friend of mine about the manufacturer of this model car, and he said it’s Shunlin Models also (the same as what Epic’s seller told him). I can’t contact my seller anymore. How did you know the manufacturer to be Fangzhou Model? Does the packaging of your model car says this?

    • DS Team says:

      Again, as per the eBay seller. We don’t actually care who produced as factories in China are dime a dozen that can actually tool from scale production if they choose.

      What we’re trying to message here is that value is still available, we just need to do some leg-work at times to find it. Also, are prices of models today justified? That is for everyone to debate and decide.

  8. Aaron says:

    If only these following cars were much more popular, it would be sweet for Fangzhou models to make these in 1/18 w/opening parts
    GTA Spano from Spain
    Spyker from Netherlands
    Koenigsegg Agera R from Sweden
    Rimac from Croatia
    KTM X-Bow from Austria
    VUHL 05 From Mexico
    Zenvo from Denmark

    • DS Team says:

      I know a few members of the DS team that would be on board too!

      • Aaron says:

        Here’s some more suggestions to throw out there:
        Mastretta MXT-Mexico
        Pontiac G8-USA
        Tushek Renovatio-Slovenia
        Bricklin SV1-Canada
        Asterio Roadster-Portugal
        Korres Project 4-Greece
        Arrinera Hussarya-Poland
        Donto P1-Argentina
        Rossin-Bertin Vorax-Brazil

        • Epic says:

          I am sorry to inform you, that Arrinera Husarya from Poland is a big fat fake. That was some Audi with body kit, on most presentations it even didn’t work – had to be pushed by people. The “fake” status is confirmed as of today.
          Better check if others on your list are not fakes too…

  9. Henry Chen says:

    Yes!!! Hello DS Team, maybe you can relay this to Fangzhou Models as request to make the above-listed 1:18 model cars. It would be great if they can make some of those if not all.

  10. Roshan David says:

    I love these oddball cars Thanks! I Just got mine for 105$ shipped

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