REVIEW: Fronti-Art/AvanStyle Koenigsegg Regera •

REVIEW: Fronti-Art/AvanStyle Koenigsegg Regera

There is one thing I’ve always preached to others about collecting scale model cars, and that is one should always be patient. Well, I recently broke my own rule. Just the other day, in casual DS forum conversation, I said I’d wait for the AUTOart release of the Koenigsegg Regera. Well, not so much… I’ve been gazing the various Fronti-Art/AvanStyle photos as of late, and the replica looks soooo delicious in Light Blue that I gave in to temptation.

Believe it or not, this is the first official review of a Fronti-Art product here on DS. The AvanStyle brand is the sister marque of the company, which focuses on excellent quality and much lower price point. I scored the Koenigsegg Regera for $200US (prior to shipping), that’s about $262CND.  This is number 343 of 500 pieces.

As with all first time reviews, I will start off with the packaging. Very similar to the Looksmart brand, the model is housed in a cardboard box with an upper portion that is removable. The exterior of the box is covered in textured diamond-like pattern. Definitely gives a very Asian vibe to it.

Inside we reveal a model with base, badge, and display cover. All elements are nicely crafted. AvanStyle do a great job in packing the item too. The model itself has a number of styrofoam pieces to keep the precious gem safe. They also strap down the front and rear portion of the model with fabric and plastic wrap to ensure it stays in place. After removing three screws underneath the base, the model is freed.

Once free, two things strike you immediately. One, the wheels spin freely, so be very careful when handling the model and where you place it. Second, it is one of the lightest models I’ve ever encountered. To put things into the perspective, I recently acquired a 1:18 Looksmart Pagani Huayra BC, and though size and overall dimensions are similar, the Regera weighs about 1:10th of the Pagani Huayra BC. That is huge!

Exterior wise the Regera is just stunning! The Light Blue paint mates perfectly with the lines of the Regera . Overall shape mirrors the original almost to the letter. I think the only miss I could see are the notches just behind the roof opening. Images I studied had the notches in the up position; on the AvanStyle model they are simple flat decals. Though I’m not 100% sure if this is a functional element of the car, and Fronti-Art chose them to be in the closed position. Anyone confirm?

The carbon fibre work is very delicious as well. The added gloss effect again mirrors the original well. It looks so cool! Might be one of my favourite elements of the model itself.

The front is aggressive in nature. AvanStyle’s depiction is very good. Logo is indented. Lower outer grilles are perforated, centre ones are plastic pieces. Headlight detail is executed well. I also like the incorporated bumper sensors throughout the front, keeps the realism factor high. Finally the carbon fibre work is great and carries to the under belly.

The rear is a work of art design in carbon fibre.  The many photos will show the beautiful execution and detail. All elements seem to mirror the original car as well. Side intakes are completed with black plastic bits. Even the smallest of details are here, AvanStyle added the Regera script to the centre exhaust and also added the Akrapovic (a leader in aftermarket exhaust systems) badge to the secondary elements of the exhaust. Well done!

One of the cons with resin is that most models, if not all, are sealed. So I can’t show you the inner workings of the car’s motor or suspension workings. The undercarriage is sparse in detail, though I do like the extended wrap of the carbon fibre weave.

The wheels are gems too. Again wrapped in the lovely carbon fibre weave I mentioned in detail before. Rotors are ceramic -like in appearance. Love the purple/brown painted calipers with Koenigsegg script in check. Well done!

Inside, the Regera features tan and carbon fibre accents. Each area is crafted with care and precision. I don’t have an actual Fronit-Art item in front of me to compare, but I would suspect the interior is where some of the cost cutting is coming from. Don’t get me wrong, it is done well, but it doesn’t have the over the top feel like the exterior presents.

The Fronti-Art/AvanStyle Koenigsegg Regera does so many things well. The model itself is very clean and created with care and precision. There isn’t much in terms of misses either. The AvanStyle brand has shown another side of Fronti-Art to collectors who in all honestly could not afford the brand otherwise. And lower price point doesn’t mean crappy quality and results. That being said, I’m still reminded of the video on Koenigsegg’s website, which shows the various openings and functional elements of the Regera. This car deserves more than a static piece. There is one coming from Fronti-Art, but retail is steep, $1000 US.  No thanks.  Let’s see if the team from AUTOart can get this one right for about $300. Enjoy the pics!

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8 Responses to "REVIEW: Fronti-Art/AvanStyle Koenigsegg Regera"

  1. Martin says:

    The exterior is just perfect indeed and the colour combination a true genious one.
    Hadn’t thought you could get one for 200 USD.

    Regarding limitation and how well this is engineered, good value for money!

  2. Mark says:

    I have the One:1 Carbon by Frontiart. And it is just as striking to look at as this Regera (or maybe even more).

  3. Patrick T. says:

    Yes it is truely gorgeous! But then production version of the real Regera is slightly different. They produce it in red too but that is just this model in the color red. I’d like to have the production version in 1/18 but if AA does it, it will probably be priced around 325 euros I guess…

    But let’s wait for the Nürnberg toyfair in a couple of weeks for the announcements. Otherwise I might still get myself an example of this one:)

  4. Patrick T. says:

    To make things clear I posted pictures of the 2015 and 2016 car at the Geneva motorshow at my Facebook page–>

  5. gawler says:

    I have mine as well, and is killer look….however, I wanted to free the car from the base but lower panel is sealed. Any info how to release the screws?

  6. Luna says:

    Does the roof come off

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