REVIEW: GP Replicas Ferrari 312-T4 #12 Gilles Villeneuve •

REVIEW: GP Replicas Ferrari 312-T4 #12 Gilles Villeneuve

Not many race models pass through for review, but when they do we’re up for the challenge.  A new player to the resin scale model industry is GP Replicas, they provided us with a sample model of their latest creation, the 1:18 Ferrari 312-T4 #12.  The race car was driven by the famed driver, Gilles Villeneuve to 2nd place – Formula 1 1979 France Gran Prix.  To be honest we don’t know much about the manufacture other than the two offerings currently available, the second being Jody Scheckter Ferrari 312-T4 #11 World Champion Formula 1 1979 car.  Both models retail for roughly $235CND a piece, and can be purchased through our many sponsors.  A special thank you goes out to Little Bolide for initiating the handshake between and GP Replicas.

I assume “GP” in GP Replicas stand for Grand Prix, so the companies main focus will be race driven.  Since this is our first model from the brand I thought I’d show you the model’s packaging.  It is quite impressive to say the least.  The box is traditional in size, comes with outer paper sleeve.  Other than the numerous GP Replicas logos that surround the exterior it is all Black.

Pull up the outer box cover and the Ferrari 312-T4 is revealed.  The model itself is fixed to a base in brick pattern and shares space with small identifier that comments on the model at hand.  Presentation is original, its the first model I’ve seen in 1:18 scale that is presented on an angle.  It is totally secured and safe as well.  Looks great and aids in presentation if you choose to display your collection.  Remove four screws and the model is freed from the base.

I’m no authority on vintage F1 or race models in general.  The review will focus on the over execution of the model.  I’ll let the resident Ferrari fanatics debate the finer details.  First off the cool factor of vintage F1 is definitely present.  The cookie cutter and boring cars of the modern era just don’t do it for me like the classics do!  Paint and livery execution on the Ferrari 312-T4 is extremely well done.

Since the model is based on resin material and sealed lifting the cowling is not possible, so detail is limited to what the eye can see.  From the top view you can clearly see the cooling vents on either side are open.  Each is nicely defined with perforated metal underneath (hard to see in image). Detail behind the roll-bar section is somewhat lacking refinement.

From the front view the Ferrari 312-T4 has almost two layer effect spoiler design.  Massive front wing/spoiler mates to a small triangular piece that in-turn connects to the main body.  All is nicely crafted.  There are some suspension components and internal bits defined here.  Overall decent in appearance, though depth is somewhat lacking.

Another interesting feature of Ferrari 312-T4 is the steerable front suspension.  Operation is flawless and adds an element of realism to the package.  Though the cooling intakes in each side could of used a little more finesse – a little more depth.

Rear is home to some massive wheels and large wing.  The wing on our sample has a slight bent to the left.  It looks much worse in photos than it appears in person for some reason.  Motor detail is average, suspension detail slightly better.  Overall the package is decent.  You’re definitely not getting the level of detail you seen in recent AUTOart Honda RA272 F1…

The under working of the model will provide a little more detail into the suspension, motor, and exhaust.

Inside the driver’s area the detail continues with fabric seat-belt harness and metal buckle bits.  Driver seat is finished in a Black textured fabric, very nice.  The surround is painted White too.

Wheels and tires on the Ferrari 312-T4 are a nice touch.  I love the textured dotting on the contact section and the textured lines on the inner and outer sides.  They really add a level of realism.  The rims continue on the same level.  The massive rears take ownership due to size.  Each wheel features the Speedline decal inside.

GP Replicas does a very good job and bringing forward the vintage Ferrari 312-T4 #12.  Though the resin model presents some short coming, it does achieve a level of detail and presentation most collectors can appreciate.   If the expectation that model will replace the likes of the Exoto’s version then you are mistaken.  But the GP Replicas version comes at a fraction of the price.  Looking forward to what the brand has to the bring in the near future.  Enjoy the pics!


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  1. Douglas Morales says:

    Thanks for the review, the MP4/2 release date?

  2. Vincent Preston says:

    Thanks for the review, i have not seen one, but the look of the rubber tyres does not seem great, and no valves in the rims,
    like Douglas, hanging out for the MP4/2

  3. J. Hill says:

    Are the decals painted or decals? It’s not easy to tell from the photos. Thank you for the review.

  4. Aaron says:

    I wonder if GP Replicas has considered doing the following in 1/18 w/workable steering and rolling wheels. Now that would rock

    1978 Mclaren M26 driven by James Hunt & Patrick Tambay
    1978 Ferrari 312 T3 driven by Carlos Reutemann and Gilles Villeneuve
    1980 Tyrrell Ford driven by Derek Daly
    1980 Alfa Romeo driven by Bruno Giacomelli
    1985 Ferrari 156/85 driven by Michele Alboreto & Stefan Johansson
    1985 Williams Honda driven by Nigel Mansell
    2008 Sauber BMW F1.08 driven by Robert Kubica at Canada

  5. Michael van Zyl says:

    Another spelling error the list has it as Ferrari 321-T4 #12 Gilles Villeneuve(wrong) and the heading in green is REVIEW: GP Replicas Ferrari 312-T4 #12 Gilles Villeneuve(correct)

  6. Michael van Zyl says:

    still havent corrected the spelling error

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