REVIEW: GT Spirit Audi RS5 •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Audi RS5

The latest Audi RS5 continues in the path of past generations.  A perfect mix of hair-raising performance and all the luxuries and tech on could ask for and more.  The team at GT Spirit recently released this replica in 1:18 scale a few months back…  The latest RS5 is powered by 2.9L Twin Turbo V6.  Though the car moves away from eight cylinders the numbers are on par.  From a torque perspective, she’s up 126 over its predecessors!  Not too shabby.  0 – 60 is achieved in less than 4 seconds and a top speed (limited) of 174 mph.  So how good is the GT Spirit piece?  Read on!

Out of the box, the Navarra Blue exterior paint with the Silver trim package is nothing less than stunning!  In typical GT Spirit form, the team presents a well-painted example.  This Silver trim extends to the front section, side mirrors, window trim and rear.  Though a perfect contrast to the Blue exterior we would have preferred the less flashy Black trim.  Top marks to GT Spirit for capturing the overall lines and design of the original car, this isn’t an easy application based on the general shape and design cues.

Another nice touch to the exterior presentation is the 3D looks of the window trim in Silver on each side.  This is usually flat in appearance for this price point.  Nice job on GT Spirit’s part!

The front fascia is neatly executed with quality defined headlights and intricate bumper design.  It isn’t perfect, small intake closest to the centre grille could be slightly larger and better defined.  Also, all grilles are executed with solid plastic; however what is presented is clean and crafted with care.  Note GT Spirit also remembered the Quattro script in the lower centre section.

The rear of the RS5 features more of the Silver trim on the lower valance.  Two chrome tips exit each side and are beautifully executed.  Taillights are quality items too, each finished in Red.

We would think the OEM wheels would be very challenging to replicate.  We’re glad to say GT Spirit did an awesome job on the overall presentation.  This includes the ceramic rotors, however, the calipers could use a little more depth, they seem too flat in appearance.  Audi logo completes the package in centre of the wheel at all four corners.

Inside the interior of the 1:1 mixes an array of rich materials and high-tech equipment.  For the most part, the GT Spirit captures the essence with full attention to dash, centre console and doors cars.  This example also comes equipped with fabric seat-belts front and rear.

It isn’t perfect though, the lack of flocking at the base/floor and lack of texture or stitching isn’t presented at all, though the team does use carbon fibre accents in the centre console and door cars.

We’re not sure we’ll ever see the latest iteration of the Audi RS5 in opening form.  The team at GT Spirit present a great example in resin with a sealed-body design.  For an Audi fan, anything is scale form featuring the “RS” badge speaks volume.  The model itself is well done on many levels, our photos don’t lie.  With a suggested retail of less than 100 Euro, we’re sure this model will find its way into many collections.  We’re definitely keeping our example and looking forward to alternative colours.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. SPhilli911 says:

    What a beauty! If there is one thing I love most about GTS models is the quality of the paint. Looks real nice on this one.

  2. Ole Andre says:

    Thanks for a great review. I have been wating for this review and after reading it, i will defenetly by this one. I hope you will allso review the RS TT Abt to soon


    Do you make it in Red? Please

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