REVIEW: GT Spirit Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

I’m not an avid American muscle car fan, or for that matter, an American car fan in general.  Every once in a while I’ll make the odd exception, and this time it’s for the 1:18 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R by GT Spirit.  The model is a limited edition run of 504 pieces, exclusively offered by CK Modelcars, Little Bolide, and Modelissimo.  Depending on who is driving through the most units, the price is slowly moving north.  I purchased this model with the discount for 89 Euro, plus additional saving of no VAT.  True bargain! Well, I’d like to think so anyway. Read on…

I wasn’t too keen on the initial hobby release in White from GT Spirit.  Once I saw this limited edition, Liquid Blue, with Black and White decals, I was sold!  The paint on the model is flawless, and truly stunning in person.  I’m happy to report my model has zero quality control issues.  The shutlines and panel gaps are too perfect. What do I mean?  I know for a fact that one of Ford’s nemeses is balancing profit with execution. A shame, an $80,000 car should be near perfect in my opinion.  Also, my brother-in-law owns the 2016 version of the Mustang Shelby GT350, so I’ve seen Ford’s work up close.  I’ll tell you the quality of fit and finish in some areas is poor at best.

Many don’t buy the real deal for panel gaps, but the performance the car offers.  I was very impressed with the overall body lines and the execution of the car’s curves.  Many of the design nuances were captured well and mirror the 1:1 sufficiently.

The front of the Shelby GT350R is executed well.  All grilles, which includes upper and lower pieces, are perforated metal.  Headlights offer very good detail too.  Though the upper hood cooling vent is sold plastic, it’s not a huge issue.  One thing I need to address is the front badge.  Based on my understanding, the R version should be Red.  Also the White pin striping on the central stripe decal should be Red too – exclusive to the R edition.   The hiccup is the numerous photos on the Internet showing the model as replicated by GT Spirit.  Could this model be based on a presentation car?  Someone define, please.

The rear is much like the front, near perfect.  Nice materials for taillights, and there is also a 3D emblem to boot.  Lower grilles are perforated metal bits too.  Also the large upper carbon fibre spoiler is painted black just like the original.

The wheels are real gems, beautifully replicated as per the original design.  The calipers and rotors are quality pieces too – so good, they look life-like. GT Spirit even painted the lug nuts.  Well done!  There are some reports that the scale of the wheels is off, which based on my research is not true.

Since the model is sealed, I can’t show you the V8 monster than lives underneath the bonnet.  The undercarriage detail is basic, endemic to most resin models.

The interior of the Shelby GT350R is a huge surprise.  It is beautifully done based on the price point.  No, it doesn’t offer carpeting, but it excels with all the little things. These include nicely painted elements throughout the dash, door cards, and center console.  The Recaro seats also feature the R logo in the headrest and Recaro script on the side.  Well done GT Spirit!  The only miss I see is they failed to add the silver colour to the rim of the console cup holders.

Some of the recent releases from GT Spirit were slightly amiss.  This replica of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R reinforced why I love the brand.  Good price point, excellent execution and great specimens.  Until someone can provide a diecast version with opening bits, this model will sit proudly next to the other Fords in my collection.  Don’t pass on this one, she comes highly recommended.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Miles1977 says:

    Mine is on the way… Can’t wait after this review !

  2. David says:

    GT Spirit replicated a quite speciifc GT350R and I’m glad they did!
    This is a special show car painted in Liquid Blue, the very same colour available for the Ford GT. And if I’m not mistaken, the white accents on the Recaro seats are also specific to the show car. In fact, the whole Ford Performance line-up had the same treatment. Then, The black/white stripes and silver front badge are true to the show car.

  3. mustangEleanor says:

    I got the two model released- white and blue.
    Really nice model. I’ve sold the white, and kept this amazing blue!!!

  4. Moondawn says:

    Yes, this version was an instant hit and I bought one too, just before CK noted that these were selling like hot cakes and decided to increase the price. The last ones sold for 150 and I really have my doubts about such actions. Unless GTS has another batch coming, I think only Carmodel has one (or more) left…

  5. eric says:

    I really want one can anyone give/find me one? I am willing to pay a lot of money for one!!! Just not anything crazy like $800+

    • Wildman Bradley says:

      Eric, reach out to a friend of mine.. His name is can email him at RKcarmodels on eBay.. He has a liquid blue one imported from Italy..tell him Bradley from New Mexico sent you

  6. Wildman Bradley says:

    I finally picked one up on eBay for $ so excited to

  7. Brent says:

    Does somebody know if I still can get this one(or the white one with black stripes)??

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