REVIEW: GT Spirit Liberty Walk LB BMW M4 Coupe Blue •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Liberty Walk LB BMW M4 Coupe Blue

The Liberty Walk LB BMW M4 Coupe Blue was commissioned by Kyosho and manufactured by GT Spirit.  Don’t ask me how these competitors align, as I don’t have an answer.  Its original intent was to be an Asian market exclusive of 504 pieces, no more, no less.  To my surprise one showed up on my door step a few weeks back.  It was acquired from the US distributor of GT Spirit models, and to be honest, when I pre-ordered it, I thought it was going to be the Grey (hobby version) not the Blue presented here.  Highly sought after today for many reasons (colour, model, low production) the value of this replica just keeps climbing north, what is the fuss all about?  We put the 1:18 Liberty Walk LB BMW M4 Coupe through the ringer…


Out of the box the first thing that strikes you is the colour.  The Baby Blue exterior is brilliant in photos and deeper in tone in person.  The paint on my sample is near perfect, maybe for a few odd clear coat issues around the mirrors.  The decal work is decent too.  What makes a LB BMW M4 unique is the extended fender flares, truly massive on this model.  Execution is very good, but with most entry level resin models you do not get the depth of field.  Meaning the gap lines are somewhat generic in nature, and lifeless.  Some people have taken liberties here by painting in their own lines with black marker.



Overall the body lines are true to the original car and shutlines along with panel gaps are near perfect, but this is usually the case with resin models.  If I had to press one thing I did not like on the exterior it has to be the finish work on the inlet just under the GT Haus logo along side the front fenders – see above image.  Poor in my opinion.


The front of the LB BMW M4 features an aggressive bumper and lower chin spoiler.  Execution is clean, though we have no perforated grilles for the lower intakes.  No huge miss. Headlight detail is good, but it is missing some depth.  Lastly the BMW badge looks out of place quality wise, it doesn’t match up with the rest of the model material wise.  Same applies for the rear badge.


Rear of the model features the same aggressive treatment to bumper, along with over-sized upper spoiler.  All is executed with care.  Clearly the visual element that shines the most is the dual chrome tips.  Fit and finish are very good here.


The stance of the LB BMW M4 is low and aggressive, exactly how it should be!  The rims are wrapped in some massive rubber.  I love the painted script around the tires.  It seems this trend is making a comeback on both sides of the globe.


In typical GT Spirit fashion the entire package, which includes wheels and braking components is beautifully crafted.  The calipers are painted blue and feature the M logo decal to boot.



I’m not sure what a typical Liberty Walk/LB interior is all about, but I can say the entire interior found here is complete and is based upon the standard/OEM M4 Coupe trim.  All elements are touched upon and execution for the most part is clean.  However there is no carpeting found within.  On the plus side, fabric seat-belts are found front and rear.


GT Spirit’s Liberty Walk LB BMW M4 Coupe is definitely a unique piece.  The exterior colour, accentuated body panels and decals really transform the standard BMW M4 Coupe.  Coupled with the fact that the production run of this model is limited to only 504, it will surely become a highly sought after piece for any BMW fan.  Indications are proving true, as the price of this model has tripled since the announcement.  If you can get your hands on one, it would be a great add.  Your alternative is the hobby edition, painted Grey, it definitely doesn’t have the mass appeal of the Blue.  For some that is okay.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. beemerjunkie says:

    I noticed on youtube someone has posted a yellow version of this model. Do you know if GT Spirit made these in yellow or if the one on youtube is a custom job? as I cannot find it for sale anywhere on line so i am guessing it was a custom colour change to yellow

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