REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 911 Targa 4S (991) •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 911 Targa 4S (991)

I believe, as automobile enthusiasts at heart, most of us aspire to one day owning a Porsche. The win with the Porsche brand is not always the most powerful or aggressive marque in the stable, yet the subtlety and grace of the brand. In my opinion, the latest reincarnation of the 911 Targa 4S (991) embodies that! There is enough power from the 3.8-litre 6-cylinder flat-six engine, exactly 400 ponies to satisfy most. The magnesium elements of the roof technology and design still maintain the silhouette of the 911. Today we present one of the latest Porsche offerings from GT Spirit, the 1:18 Porsche 911 Targa 4S.



The first thing that strikes you about the exterior is the OEM Sapphire Blue, truly stunning in person. I’ve managed to capture some of its grace within the provided images. The paint work is excellent throughout, deep and rich, a forever wet look, if you will. As with all resin models, the shutlines and panels gaps are near perfect. The only piece missing is the true definition of the panel gap. With resin sealed models this is somewhat lost.



The front fascia is full of definition. Headlights and turn signals are nicely replicated. The lower grilles do show some 3D elements but lack the perforated grilles. The rear is much the same, though the quad tail pipes steal the show with chrome finish and size. The upper section of the rear defines the storage area for the rear glass. The third brake light in white is visible in the rear grille/cooling, all of which are nicely crafted.


The wheels are once again true GT Spirit. Beautiful execution and definition are visible. The entire package of wheel, tire, and braking components work in harmony and add the realism us collectors crave.



With the Targa top removed, we get to see more of the interior inner workings. First mention goes to the trademark roll-bar that is completed with a Satin Silver finish with the Targa logo inscribed on each side. The dash, centre console, and seating are nicely defined. Each area is crafted with care and colour to add overall realism to the replica. There is also full carpeting throughout.


Here we have another exceptional piece from GT Spirit. The Porsche 911 Targa 4S is truly a treat for the senses. The rare Sapphire Blue exterior is just stunning, and sets the tone for the entire model. If I have one complaint, it is the same as always, I would prefer a diecast version with opening bits over a sealed resin piece. Nonetheless, I have a fantastic place holder until that happens. Folks, don’t let this one pass you by… Enjoy the pics!

porsche_911targa4s5 porsche_911targa4s8porsche_911targa4s6

porsche_911targa4s11 porsche_911targa4s12 porsche_911targa4s13

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  1. John says:

    I loved this model so much I went ahead and bought the black one with tan interior too. I’ve become a HUGE GTS fan.

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