REVIEW: GT Spirit Ram 2500 Power Wagon •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Ram 2500 Power Wagon

There is has been a slight trend in the market as of late.   One that GT Spirit has recently embraced, something other than the classic European or Asian specimen.  Something that appeals more to the American buyer, and we’re sure the European and Asian markets do appreciate them as well.  The trend is American made trucks or to some pickups.  One of the latest from the brand is the 1:18 Ram 2500 Power Wagon based on the 2017 platform.

Out of the box, this thing is HUGE, so big in fact it is as large if not larger than the recent post of the GT Spirt 1:12 Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4S.  Another striking element is the colour.  The Red and Black work extremely well with each other and the added graphics package.  In one word this model is essentially testosterone on wheels!

The paint is exceptionally vibrant and as mentioned the two colour design works well.  The transition between Red and Black are excellent along with the decal work.  The exterior on this model is sharp, to say the least.  Overall lines have a very good representation of the 1:1. Additional exterior elements come in the form of a rear tonneau cover, integrated sat antenna (roofline) and front OEM winch all are very cool additions.  There is even a full metal aerial just in from the passenger side front section.

The cornerstone of the front appeal is the Ram’s traditional large grille.  Completed in all Black the centre finds the 3D Ram badge in chrome.  The opening within the grilles is competed with perforated metal too.  Nice touch.  The lower section is dominated by a large bumper which fits integrated driving lights and toe hook and winch we mentioned earlier.  The winch comes complete with the warning tag (see above).  Very cool.  If there was one complaint the secondary driving lights are completed hazy finish, we believe they should mirror the headlights in a more clear approach.

The rear finds another large Ram 3D like badge with decals underneath.  Each executed well.  Taillights are quality items and towing apparatus is integrated into the bumper.  Just underneath to the right, you’ll find a sizable muffler with a single exhaust pipe.  The undercarriage in typical resin, though the complete exhaust system is defined and underside of the winch too.  Sorry for the lack of photos!

As we said in past reviews, wheels can make or break a model.  Our earlier review of the Norev Bartoletti Race Transporter is a perfect example.  Execution of the wheel is suspect and driving a lot of negative feedback from collectors.  Here, that isn’t the case the Ram 2500 Power Wagon wheels are sharp and on point.  There is even dearly defined rotors and calipers in behind.  GT Spirit even goes a little further with the suspension detail which in a sealed resin replica isn’t usually the case, they defined the larger dampers with Blue in behind.  Nothing over the top, but at first glance very effective.

Trucks today provide more creative comforts than their car counterpart.  The Ram 2500 Power Wagon is no exception.  The interior here is completed in all Black with some Silver defined bits – nothing over the top.   No flocking but in their defence, the floors for cleaning purposes can be purchased with optional vinyl to facilitate an easy clean.  “Power Wagon” scripts are found in the seats.  Though the rear glass in tinted to the max the rear of the interior is complete too.  Fabric seat-belts are found in three here with an additional two for the front.  Overall clean and purposeful execution.

We are definitely impressed with the overall presentation of GT Spirit Ram 2500 Power Wagon.  Again this truck looks awesome in person mainly due to the Red/Black theme and aggressive stance.  Overall this resin model gets high marks for doing a lot of things right. We also appreciate the team expanding their reach into a not so used scale model market, trucks, specifically those of the American flare.  And we know they do it best.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Sac says:

    If only it were an open access model…

  2. Phil Labelle says:

    This was one of my most recent buys and I love it! It would be nice if someone did a full detail version…but really it looks the part…and how often do we really “play” with them anyways.

  3. Jesse says:

    Are the tires molded on the rims or can they be removed?

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