REVIEW: GT Spirit RUF RTR Turbo Porsche 911 •

REVIEW: GT Spirit RUF RTR Turbo Porsche 911

Once in a while you receive a scale model that checks almost all your requirements.  The latest effort from the GT Spirit team almost does that for me.  The model in question is the RUF RTR Turbo Porsche 911 based on the 991 platform, a limited edition piece of 991.  If you’re not familiar with the brand they offer sealed, resin based models in 1:18 and 1:12 scale.   This example is 1:18, which roughly retails for $148CND. So how did they do?

From the exterior the model just shines.  The Rennsport Blue is one of my favourite colours on any Porsche skin.  Application is solid and rich throughout.  I did however notice a little rough patch on either rear intakes.  Other than this the paint work is flawless.  Since the model is sealed shutlines and panel gaps are optimal, and exterior lines mimic the original car nicely.

There are no noticeable issues on the fascia of the RUF RTR, other than the lack of perforated bits for the intakes and lower opening, overall she’s well executed.  Headlight are above average, the lens on each side shines with approval.  Lower lights are simple in design, but they do the job.

As you move to the rear the wide stance of RUF RTR comes into focus.  The large wing and massive ass take centre stage.  I’m not impressed with the black paint work for the lower cool vents just behind the rear glass.  Thankfully it’s not in plain sight!  Decent work on the lower valence, this includes the carbon fibre work too.  Lower intakes on the bumper are solid bits.  Boo!

The wheels on this model are HUGE.  Massive rollers are beautifully executed in Black powder-coat finish.  Large rotors and Yellow Calipers complete the package.  GT Spirit even scratches the surface of the rotors to provide the element of usage.  Very cool!

Inside the RUF RTR the interior is completed in all plastic.  No flocking of any sort, though fabric seat-belts with metal buckles are included front and rear.  Door cards, centre console, dash and seat all share some of the exterior Rennsport Blue.  The interior work for the most part is very clean, each area is defined within limits.

I know the tuner side of Porsche doesn’t appeal to all, but RUF are legends when it comes to Porsche of today and past.  Anyone remember the RUF Yellow Bird?  GT Spirit’s replica is very well done, not perfect but they are considered an opening price point in the resin forum.  This model checks many must haves for me, the only exception, I would love the same in metal with opening parts, but hey we can have everything.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Porsche993 says:

    “Massive a$$” lol. This site is definitely PG rated.

    BTW I thought Spark made the 1:18 Yellow Bird. Did GTS make one too?

  2. Miles1977 says:

    Great review for a nice model, it looks nice in my collection too ! ^^

  3. gawler says:

    NIce review….somehow I would love to see the bottom side Currious to see the engine & mufler

  4. Luis says:

    nice review!! have been a fan of your forum for 2 years!! keep it up !! :)

  5. F80pilot says:

    May have to pull the trigger on this one. Looks great!

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