REVIEW: HEADLINER | Kyosho Lancia Stratos HF #4 1978 Sanremo •

REVIEW: HEADLINER | Kyosho Lancia Stratos HF #4 1978 Sanremo

We don’t get many race models here at for review, but once in a while something does cross our path.  Today we have another model by HEADLINER, the 1:18 Lancia Stratos HF (High Fidelity) #4 1978 Sanremo, drivers M.Allen and I.Kivmaki. If you’re not aware of the HEADLINER brand, the model line is a collaboration between Kyosho and Ignition Models – in my opinion there is more Ignition Models here than Kyosho.  This model retails for about $280US and is manufactured in resin with a closed-body design.

Since this is our first 1:18 replica from HEADLINER I will start with the packaging. The packaging is multi-layered, the first being a simple cardboard box with HEADLINER logos.  What makes this box unique is that it has a hidden handle that can be opened to help transport your precious cargo, definitely a first!  Inside there is a clear plastic box that surrounds a paper and black plastic framework.

The model itself is hinged on a plastic base with a carbon fibre look finish.  There is also a metal badge front right corner.  All levels are nicely executed, which align with the quality of the gem inside.

First off, I’m no authority on Lancia or Rallying, so my observations are based on the overall execution of the model as I see it.  From the exterior view, the Lancia Stratos HF cannot be mistaken, the lines are very unique to the car.  As for the exterior paint, I would assume the original car was wrapped or painted with three base colours, Black, White and Red.  All are matte in finish and executed perfectly.

Kyosho did confirm all decal work is water based.  The execution is flawless. And based on the number of decals, it is quite impressive too.  Shutlines and panel gaps are excellent; this is typical of most sealed resin models I’ve reviewed. There are various photo-etched clips found on various panels of the exterior, each is crafted well.

The front of the Lancia Stratos HF is a collage of lights.  The main beams are found in the open position.  Headlight lenses are completed with quality materials, as are the side indicators.  The centre lower grille is a solid plastic piece.  Sorry, somewhat difficult to see in the provided images.

Rear is much the same as the front, all areas executed well.  There is a hint of the exhaust system that makes an appearance.  That is about all I can comment on the motor as this model is sealed.

The wheels are five-stars, painted in Matte Red, with metal rotors and gray calipers rounding out the package.  All parts are executed with quality and care.

Inside the Lancia Stratos HF, the quality of the finish is high.  Beautifully detailed interior is completed with photo-etched bits, fabric seatbelts and various race elements.

The Lancia Stratos HF (High Fidelity) #4 1978 Sanremo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  The hobby itself is very niche; add the Rally element and the pool is even smaller.  With only 180 pieces being issued, exclusivity is here. Along with the exclusivity comes a beautifully executed model inside and out.  I really can’t find anything wrong with the subject.  Okay maybe the price, at almost $380CND it is up there with BBR and MR.  Though I see why not since the quality is the same.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Lausambaychua says:

    Well, I have to admit (based on your photos at least) that this is the most satisfying resin model I’ve ever seen, because unlike the typical resin piece, the panel gaps are much more prominent. The price is quite uncomfortable, but considering the finish, panel gaps, overall finish, and the limited producion volume, it’s a much better value than almost any AUTOart “Composite” piece, save for the BAC Mono (in my opinion, at least).
    I might consider adding this piece to supplement my Kyosho Stratos HF Stradale in the near future.

  2. gabriel says:


  3. gawler says:

    Hi, I have the exact model from Kyosho with opening parts. However, I found some difficulties to open the headlamp. Does anyone know how to pop-up the headlamp? I still could not find on google for the instruction manual. Help me pelase, kindly email me at: gawler [at] gmail [dot] com for the information.

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