REVIEW: Highway 61 Chevy Camaro SS 427 “Baldwin Motion” •

REVIEW: Highway 61 Chevy Camaro SS 427 “Baldwin Motion”

Words and photos courtesy of Attila Balogh


For a long time, I didn’t dare buy a Highway61 product because I thought it was poor quality based on the early pictures. I found a very correct writing about these model types on a US model car site, and then I decided I needed such a model in my collection. I came across this model in the domestic market, after some bargaining I was happy to take over this car.

The packaging of the car came to me in a completely correct, strong, solid box, the transparent cover of the box gave the model good protection. I liked that it didn’t have to be screwed, but could simply be lifted out of its box.

Based on the first experience, it is a very nice model car, which was built for approx. They could have been made of metal 10-12 years ago. What I liked at first was that the mower was nicely painted, with no burrs, no paint flow. The openable parts fit nicely, there are no rough gaps. The openable parts of the car open nicely, remain after opening, do not slam. The interior of the car is upholstered (plush), the small parts are demanding, the awning can be opened, the seats can be tilted. I really liked the rear license plate openness – quite like live. The engine compartment is sufficiently detailed, wired, and the grille at the front of the car is finely crafted, not a block of plastic. The trunk door alone was rough, this arm door solution was not a good choice. The rim and rubber fit nicely and the tire inscriptions are also very fine.

I think the Highway61 products certainly bring the quality of the recently popular AUTOart products, in some ways even better than them.

In summary:

Positive features:

– Classic shape, metal (diecast) model car
– Beautiful painting, photo-etched logos
– Demanding engine compartment
– Plush interior, reclining seats, detailed dashboard
– Hinged doors
– Openable license plate
– Detailed chassis, rotating cardan shaft
– Sophisticated wheels, beautiful chrome plating

Negative features:

– Trunk door coarse – lever solution
– Inaccurate chrome striping in some places
– Rare (discontinued), so very expensive

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3 Responses to "REVIEW: Highway 61 Chevy Camaro SS 427 “Baldwin Motion”"

  1. DS Team says:

    Attila, thanks for letting us share your short and concise review. It’s an oldie but definitely a goodie, the overall results look exceptional. Exterior colour is unique too. And to mention our first official review of the Highway 61 brand, thank you.

  2. Robert says:

    I have a good number of 1969 Highway 61 Camaros, including the one reviewed here. I can say this review is precise and true. The original H61 cars were of pretty high quality, the finish very good and minute details on these cars are surprizingly good as there was a good number of different versions of the Camaro. The people behind H61 were definitely were musclecar nuts just as much as the people behind Acme/GMP. Unfortunately Highway 61 fell on hard times and had to fold. Greenlight bought the tooling and the name, but apparently are not as enthusiastic about accuracy or quality control. I have bought a couple models from the new H61, they are getting better, but still have some ways to go until they get to either the original Highway 61 or even their sister company Acme that uses the same tooling..

  3. DIEGO says:

    Nice review! I have one in silver, with different rims and black interior, which I got used from someone who was selling it in its original packaging two years ago and it really is a great model. 100% agree with you.
    I don’t know if you knew it, but it has a couple more details that you didn’t comment on and perhaps you didn’t discover: the antenna can be raised and lowered a few millimeters and the glove box door can be opened.
    Very good review !!

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