REVIEW: Ilario Bugatti T57SC Atalante (SN57523) 1937 •

REVIEW: Ilario Bugatti T57SC Atalante (SN57523) 1937

The next model is a first for us under review at  If you haven’t heard of the brand Ilario or the genius behind these scale model replicas, Ilario Chiera you now will.  Since the early eighties Ilario has been producing, high-end, hand assembled examples that primarily focus on early 20th-century classic cars.  This era produced some of the most beautiful specimens ever, some still inspiring designs of today.  These are niche examples with an assortment of examples offered in 1:43 and 1:18 scale.  Our model today is 1:18 Bugatti T57SC Atalante, the exterior is the Blue and Cream with a suggested retail north of 500 Euro.

As for the history of the Bugatti T57SC Atalante, we could start writing another chapter or two. We’re not going to profess us as an authority on the subject.  Far from it.  There are a number of resources online if you choose to learn more.  But we believe the individual who collects such classic gems already has a good understanding of the various history.

Also, there are a few followers one of them being Marshall Buck (thank you, sir, for your help) that are quite keen on the subject, we’re sure they’ll chime in where needed.  Let’s just say the car we see here today has gone through many iterations before it became the Bugatti T57SC Atalante (SN57523) Blue/Cream, and this theme too was short-lived.  The Blue/Cream lasted 3-4 years before moving to its next chapter.  It was last sold for by Gooding & Co. and repainted to original Black in 2013.  The priced it fetched was $8,745,00.

It is always customary for us to feature the exterior packaging of anything new/first we present under the microscope.  So, we start with the packaging.  Before you even see the model you know there is something special inside.  The exterior texture and presence of the box are quite fetching.  No expense is spared.  The top cover is finished is snake-like skin material.  Underneath the second layer is completed in Gold.  The marriage between the two components is perfect.

Inside the model is housed on Grey leather-like base with a plague.  And there is an acrylic cover whose job is to protect the model from the elements. Again, the finished work here is top-notch throughout.  Each piece from Ilario ships with a certificate of authenticity.  This is not a marketing angle; these are truly limited productions.  Our example is 1 of 40.

The model itself isn’t as grand in size as one would think.  It stretches about 10 inches in length, and about 3.5 inches in width at its widest styling point.  We went with the Blue exterior with a splash of White, as we all know Blue is the colour of Bugatti.  The paint application is excellent, some of the best work our team has seen to date.  No blemishes or imperfections here.  As for the overall shape and design, again high marks for Ilario.

If you’re not aware this is a sealed, resin model.  Over the last several years our team has reviewed many resin pieces, so we have some experience and opinion.  We’ve also seen the likes of other premier brands such as BBR, MR Collection, Ignition Model and more.  Without a doubt, Ilario is the best of the best.  Why you ask.  Here are a few reasons.  For one aforementioned paint work.  Also, the definition of the panel gaps throughout is outstanding, to say the least.  So good in fact each specific area of the model be it motor access, interior, rear storage hatch and spare storage area are so well defined it tricks the eye in thinking this a full 360 access piece.  There is more.  The level of craftsmanship of the chrome work and metal pieces are just over the top.  This model just extrudes realism and in the end, that is what collectors grave most.  Now my friends that does require a certain level of knowledge and passion.

The grille is definitely the centre of attention.  It still resonates in current designs of today.  Ilario does a great job and defining it and the related headlights and lower secondary lighting.  Chrome work is optimal throughout, especially on the two bumper pieces.  The large fenders that cover each of the front wheels are delicately crafted and also define the centre line where the two pieces would meet.  Lastly, each fender is topped with an indicator light, both are finely tuned gems.

As you move back from the centre grille, you’ll notice the awesome definition of the hinge work for the two access doors motor side.  Latches and handles are beautifully crafted and glued in place.  There is no room for error here. Each hinged door has three grilles planted carefully in place.  The fit and finish again are excellent.

As you move to the rear the sweeping headlines of the interior are met with two small windows in the back.  This leads to rear storage and spare tire compartment.  As mentioned the Ilario team does a perfect job in defining the panel gaps.  Metal parts complete the area, the gas filter gap is one piece that stands out, it asks you to open and fill.

Rear wheels are almost completely covered to the eye.  The beautifully defined fenders are capped in the lower corners with metal plating that shows the intricate rivet workmanship of the original.  Finally, the lower section of the rear is complete with four small brake lights, two on each side.  Just below the driver side, the quad exhaust tips make their appearance.  All elements are of top quality.

The wheels on the Bugatti T57SC Atalante also make a statement.  First, the chrome work is mirror-like in appearance.  Nicely defined spokes do carry an eerie resemblance to the original.  The final piece is the valve stem.  As for tires, we think there is a slight miss here and room for improvement.  We don’t find any of the vintage signature markings or tire script.  Is this due to the restorations, possibly?

Underneath the model will prove the limitation of resin.  There isn’t too much going on here.  And when compared to a Bugatti from CMC in full dress you really see there is no comparison.

As we move into the interior of the car, we first look at the doors.  Again, beautifully executed panel gaps provide realism and definition all around.  Note the realistic hinges and door handle.  Also, the glass for the window used here is not your typical thin layer (typically found in resin models) of transparent plastic there is some mass/thickness to them.

Inside the interior is presented just like the exterior, no stone unturned.  The floor is completed in a Blue textured base.  Seats and door cards are tan in finish and provide very good detailing.  We’re not sure why the team did not utilize true leather materials within the seats and door cards.  Dash is completed in wood, with all the dials, instruments and what not are all in place.  The quality and definition of each component are truly terrific.

The Ilario Bugatti T57SC Atalante (SN57523) 1937 is truly one special piece, as close as one can get to near perfect scale replica.  Without a doubt the best resin example we’ve seen to date.  The model excels on so many levels, some of which include the exterior paint, overall design, definition of panel gaps, exterior and interior materials, fit and finish, and the list goes on.  In our opinion, the model is nearly flawless, and with craftsmanship well ahead of the competition.  There are some very minor exceptions, which are noted in the above review.

Yes, “niche” would be a perfect word for the brand, as Ilario isn’t for all, price point withstanding – Ilario does know that and understands where they want to play.  In the end, these examples don’t come cheap.  Add the exclusivity piece plus hand-made models this usually equates to a higher price point.  If you want something of this era in 1:18 or 1:43 scale with this level of craftsmanship and passion there is no substitute in resin.  We say well done.  Buy with confidence that you’re receiving something special.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. JOHNHEL says:

    This is how the gap panels should look in a resin model in order to look more realistic.At least draw a black line !Do you hear bbr mr and the all the other resin companies?

  2. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    Great review which I enjoyed reading from a collector who (1) shunts resins and (2) am not into early 20th century classics.

    Usually when I come across a great model, “very detailed” is how I would rate it. This one looks to be in a different league, it is about “realism” not merely “very detailed”.

  3. MLB says:

    GREAT review, and I’m glad I could help. As some people know, I am partial to these models. I have the Black & Yellow version of this Bugatti along with three of Ilario’s previous 1:18 releases. His models are among the best available in any scale.

  4. Atalante says:

    Great review with lovely pictures. Very impressed by the level of detail of this model. Always hoped CMC would do this one but in the meantime the Ilario is definitely the one to own. Can’t wait for my shipment to arrive :-)

  5. Hektor says:

    Great review amongst many others very good reviews published at
    Because I am really fascinated by Bugatti’s 1930s cars I already own the 1/18 models of AutoArt (blue Atlantic) and CMC (black Atlantic and Corsica Roadster).
    Inspired by your review I recently bought the Atalante (IL1813) and the Atlantic (IL 1804). I must admit that those two Ilario models are really the best of the best.
    They are realistic model replicas of Bugatti’s aesthetic treasures on four wheels.
    Thank you very much for the hint!

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