REVIEW: IXO 1953 Mack B 61 (Red/Black) •

REVIEW: IXO 1953 Mack B 61 (Red/Black)

After our last IXO review we promised to continue along the same theme, something outside the typical sport or supercar review.  This time around we feature a vintage, 1:43 scale piece from the brand, the 1953 Mack B 61 in Red/Black.  Retail for the Mack truck is roughly $45US.  Our thanks to our friends at Model Car World for forwarding us another sample piece.

If you’re a fan of trucks the name Mack will resonate well. The marque has been institution in the industry for more years than I can remember.  As young boy I admired their trucks.  As a young man I spend a few summers at my uncle’s shop taking their monster transmissions and differentials apart.  Definitely a labour of love…

The Mack B 61 found here is made by IXO.  The model itself is made of diecast metal; this includes the large cab and chassis.  There is also a number of plastic and metal parts that completes the model.  At first glance the sheer size of the Mack is striking.  It towers over your typical 1:43 car.  And the supporting packaging is substantially larger too.

The exterior paint is well executed well.  The Black and Red definitely represents the period with its cold and industrial feel.  We did appreciate the extension of the paint to the underbelly of the truck.  The separation of the Black and Red painted elements are completed extremely well, no residue of any kind.

If you look close at the first image above you’ll notice the rivet work on the exterior paneling too.  Very cool.

We even enjoyed the clean pin stripping along the side apparatus.  Silver paint and chrome work is decent throughout all the accenting detail too.

The front side of the Mack is dominated by a large bumper.  Upper nose features the iconic Mack emblem, the bulldog.  How much is that doggie in the window?  LOL.  Surprisingly it is quite detailed for size.  Clean decal work and chrome mirrors, horns, and wipers round out the front.

The rear features a set of dully wheels and tires.  We’ll have more on the tires and wheels later on in the review.  Trailer latching mechanism in the far rear is fully functional too.  Rear plate and light brace is a little primitive in detail.  On the flip side the taillight and signal material along with execution is quite good.

As we move forward there is a metal diamond plate at the mid-section.  Trailer wire harness is here, but like the rear brace detail it is poor in comparison with the rest of the model.

The front and rear tires do spin, but lack front steering capability.  The wheels themselves are very good as well as the rubber tires.  The inner workings show or try to show the intricate detail of the bolts and nuts of the era within the wheel and axle assembly.   The transition between Silver and Red paint is excellent!  The two front wheels also see the Mack logo in centre.

Inside the cab the interior is quite complete.  Elements like the dash/cluster, steering wheel, door cards, shifter, and seats are all present, though the level of detail isn’t as refined as the exterior product.

This is our first Mack, and our first vintage truck we had the chance to review.  We like it.  IXO does provide an overall great exterior package, but lacks the same detail inside the cabin.  Paint work is very good and clean throughout.  For a low to mid level product this model proves well.  If you’re a fan of service, vintage, and or trucks this one is surely up your alley.  Check them out!  Enjoy the pics!

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