REVIEW: KK Scale Ferrari 365 GTC/4 •

REVIEW: KK Scale Ferrari 365 GTC/4

Affordability, good execution and Ferrari don’t always mix well.  We find the latest Bbruago efforts a little toy-like, but they serve the “mass” market quite well.  We move to a relatively new brand called KK-Scale.  They are German-based and have been serving the scale model community for a few years now – providing a good assortment of unique subjects at an affordable price.  Until recently a sample could be earned for less than 70 Euro about $100 CND.  We were always itching to see one of their examples in the flesh, but timing and subject matter did not permit.  Welcome one of their latest efforts, the 1:18, diecast metal, Ferrari 365 GTC/4.

A little about the Ferrari 365 GTC/4.  It is considered a 2+2 Grand Tourer produced by Ferrari from 1971 to 1972.  Total production 505 units.  Pininfarina had a hand in the exterior styling. We think it’s the cat’s meow!  Power is provided with 12 cylinders alongside six-weber carbs.  What more can you ask for?

This is our first KK Scale review, so we begin with the packaging.  The box is simple in design with logos and words crafted in gold, they accompany photos of the model inside.  Inside the model is housed in the typical Styrofoam box.  Two screws hold the model in place.

Two colours of Ferrari 365 GTC/4 are available, each defined as Red and Blue.  Each is limited to 750 pieces worldwide.  We think all Ferraris should be Red hence our example here. To be honest the Blue is sexy as sin too!  The exterior is fabricated in diecast metal with a sealed design.  As for paint, we like the overall appearance – not too thick or thin, very consistent throughout.  We purchased their Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 as well.  This one is definitely the better executed of the two.

As for bodylines and overall execution the KK Scale example is extremely good.  Much better than the Tecnomodel version at three times the price.

Window trim is somewhat too thin, more in the rear half.  Good use of materials as opposed to flat decal work.  The model does suffer some is the definition of door gaps and front closed headlights – we’ve seen better form from higher priced models.

The front is defined with a long and thin opening which houses the grille and headlights.  Nice work on the open grille and decent chrome work here.  Headlights and signals are crafted in quality materials.  We’re sure most will be happy.  The Ferrari horse is found in the centre, it is executed with a metal decal.

The rear follows suit.  Taillight materials are quality along with the metal Ferrari horse emblem.  Underneath two dual chrome tips are found left and right.  The hatch finds the Ferrari logo, similar to that found on Hot Wheels Elite.  Lack of panel gap definition is clearly found on the rear hatch.

The underside of the model is primitive almost resin like.  There is an element of excitement with the capable front steering wheels.  Old school engineering, Bburago like for sure.  Spring-loaded too, however, articulation is little to none.  We think the springs are more to support the weight of the body and provide the proper stance.  We highly recommend you try and elevate the wheels off the ground for long term display.

Thankfully the team used the large five-spoke wheels instead of the thin multi-spoke option.  We believe they fit the overall lines of the car better.  The execution here is good.  The team even includes an air value for each wheel.  What is lacking is the braking bits.  They are present but rotors and alipers completed in chrome.  A little paint and little finesse could have yielded better results.

We were pleasantly surprised on a budget piece how good the overall interior of the 365 GTC/4 is!  Finished in all Black with centre console fitted with Silver metal trim – much preferred over wood.  The little instruments and knobs are present.  The best part the nicely detailed retro radio.  On the flipside you’re not getting the definition of the seat side apparatus or interior flocking, and there are no seat-belts to see either.  The Black interior helps minimize the shortcoming, but the overall effect is pretty darn good.

The KK Scale Ferrari 365 GTC/4 is a very capable piece.  At 69 Euro purchase price, the model does provide some serious shelf presence.  It will rival higher priced samples of similar scale based on examples from Minichamps, Kyosho and others.  A small suggestion to the team includes more refined panel gaps to elevate the realism factor.

Overall this model is a win and comes highly recommend.  No Ferrari fan should be without.   Think of this way, when will we see this in scale again, possibly never?  Well, there is a second option coming, if you want the higher priced Tecnomodel piece, which in our opinion is inferior.  Enjoy the pics!

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8 Responses to "REVIEW: KK Scale Ferrari 365 GTC/4"

  1. Atalante says:

    Agree with your review. Love mine. Highly recommended model.

  2. MLB says:

    Very nice model, and overall great value, and agreed that this is so MUCH better than the Tecnomodel piece. The only really annoying problem/mistake with this KK model is….. that as with too many current model manufacturers… they screwed up on the 3-ear knock-off wheel spinners. Those parts are SPECIFIC to left and right sides. This model has Right Side spinners on both sides, which is wrong. All Ferrari 3-ear spinners are unidirectional.

  3. JD says:

    Good and informative review. Totally agreed about the shelf presence. Do bear in mind not all their models were made equal they have quite a few misses in the past in my opinion. Perhaps the most disappointing model for me personally is their BMW 2000CS. That model although looks good from a distance but up close the headlight details are a let down and not real chrome strips/trims and yet they bothered to do that for their 318i and 733i. I recently sold the disappointing 2000CS and will be using the fund to get this beauty instead.

    • DS Team says:

      Well, it seems they are moving in the right direction. Not sure if this brand will be as mainstream as OttOmobile or GT Spirit, but their subject matter on occasion will spark the interest from individual collectors.

  4. JD says:

    absolutely as long as they make niche stuff collectors want they may very well become mainstream one day. At the moment reviews or discussions on KK-scale models online are scarce but that will change once they become mainstream. However the downside of it would be their models will become sold out sooner and so buyers will need to act fast before their prices are inflated on secondary market.

  5. John Tacon says:

    I have several KK-Scale Ferrari models, but only because I’m a bit of an obsessive die-cast Ferrari collector. May I venture that I think these models are a tad boring – some don’t even have steerable front wheels. Am I speaking heresy ? I don’t think they are great value for money, priced almost the same as the Bburago Signature range which have opening doors, boot, and bonnet (or trunk and hood if you prefer). I just wish Bburago would release some more Ferrari models.

    • DS Team says:

      The likes of Bburago and Maisto most likely produce 10,000-20,000 units, These items from KK Scale are likely 1000 or less based on colour. Aforementioned brands can keep their cost down through volume. KK Scale is small and niche, so the price point is still fair based on subject and overall execution. “Boring”, no no, that is your opinion. In our eyes and many others, these are subtle and classy gems that don’t receive the typical Ferrari fanfare. Lastly, this model from KK Scale does provide steerable front wheels.

  6. Dean Kennedy says:

    From what I’ve seen, the KK Scale Models are done with very good quality and overall detail, including interior. I bought a KK Scale model of the Mercedes Benz 540K and am very impressed. Keeping in mind that this is a “closed” body model, and as such the price point should be lower if compared to high quality open body style. I’m sure a significant cost goes into opening doors, trunk, hood and engine. But it’s an individual preference as to whether the opening parts are necessary or not. I would rather sacrifice those opening features for excellent exterior detail quality, which KK Models have. And they are more affordable. That being said, many resin closed body models have become very expensive, therefore making the KK Models more affordable without the loss of overall quality. I’d like to see them produce more models!! One final comment……I actually like that they have all the windows closed so they don’t get dusty inside…..I’m sure those with large collections will agree.

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