REVIEW: Kyosho Ferrari F40 Light Weight LM Wing (high-end) •

REVIEW: Kyosho Ferrari F40 Light Weight LM Wing (high-end)

Just recently I had an opportunity to trade up to the “high-end” model of the Kyosho Ferrari F40 Light Weight – LM Wing version. It was more like I sold my original F40 Light Weight and purchased the latest release. There was no real desire to do so, but the price on the latest release was to attractive to pass up and the fact this supercar is one of my favourites in my collection also helped.

The package on the new version is different form the original. First there is a cover sleeve, then comes the comes inner red box and finally a styrofoam shell. See photos below.

ferrari_f40lwbw22  ferrari_f40lwbw23

ferrari_f40lwbw24  ferrari_f40lwbw21

First I’m no authority on Ferrari, F40 or the difference between the original and new release by Kyosho, I’ll try to highlight as many differences as I can. Please forward anything I over looked! The overall exterior remains unchanged except for the LM Wing and functional gas caps on either side of the car. Opening the front bonnet you immediately notice the difference, the hood and compartment have been lined with a green carbon fibre weave. There is also the addition of strapping on each side of the hood that act like a stopper that wasn’t there on the original. Lastly you will notice a small factory decal located on the passenger side of the compartment.  As in true Kyosho form beautifully executed!


ferrari_f40lwbw2  ferrari_f40lwbw3

ferrari_f40lwbw4  ferrari_f40lwbw5

ferrari_f40lwbw6  ferrari_f40lwbw7

Moving to the rear end from what I gather there is much difference from the old to new. Major difference is the upper and lower areas are again covered in a green carbon fibre weave. Lot’s to see here visually, a beautifully crafted motor by Kyosho.


Interior seems identical to the original. One thing I did notice is the length of the gear shifter is noticeably short than the original. Is this correct? Anyone can comment? As usual a very well appointed interior, fit and finish in my opinion is some of Kyosho best work.

ferrari_f40lwbw12  ferrari_f40lwbw10


The burning question that many of you may have, was it worth it? Honestly in my opinion the answer has to be no. These updates though nice do not justify the price. Yes I understand Kyosho’s position with licensing with Hot Wheels; they are obligated to keep their Ferrari line at a certain price point. If you can find one of the original releases, though rare they are out there, and better priced especially the black version. One thing I truly happy with is I did make a fellow collector quite happy with the sale of my older model. After an exhausting search he finally has a true gem in his collection. Enjoy the pics!

ferrari_f40lwbw13  ferrari_f40lwbw14  ferrari_f40lwbw15

ferrari_f40lwbw16  ferrari_f40lwbw17  ferrari_f40lwbw18

ferrari_f40lwbw20  ferrari_f40lwbw19

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  1. Tiago says:

    I’ve just received one of these a few moments ago! :D

    It’s just a wonderful piece of art! Both the miniature and the actual car! The model itself its brilliantly made as only Kyosho knows how to do.. The HotWheels Elite version is good but this one is another story. ;)

    I should thank you for your review of it because it made me buy it! I am starting to collect diecast models and this was the most expensive model i bought till now but it surelly is the best one till now also!

    Thank you for this review and all the others! They are great!

    My regards from Portugal,


  2. Nova Rionaldy says:

    This is amazing models from Kyosho, made the models with real detailing. For Kyosho competitor must be perfect to get appreciate from collectors every where. In Indonesia very difficult to got this F40 :)

  3. Matteo says:

    I have received my model just a cup of days ago. It’s wonderful, high detailed and quite similar to the real car. I have noticed the same aspect about gear shifter, that according to me should have been done with more attention: you can notice that is blocked in an unreal postion.

    Congratulations for your site: DIECAST SOCIETY is a lovely place where learn many information about our passion. I have discovered it only a cup of hours ago and i am searching news and pic like a baby with his first game.
    Well done!

    • DS Team says:

      Thank you Matteo! Please spread the word about DS and join our forums to discuss diecast models with other enthusiasts from around the world! Happy collecting!!

  4. Ben T. says:

    Revisiting this old post. How is the paint holding up? I’ve been gushy of Kyoshos because the few that I’ve had all have paint issues (i.e. blistering with age). It scares me to spend so much only to have it go bad.

  5. Troy says:

    NOTICE : the interior door panels are NOT red. Blk is correct for blk F40 and maybe those odd Yellow and white etc. But Blk for the Red LM’s ???? NOTICE: they got rid of the raised out plastic fender crest for looks like flat painted. Highend high detail LM with out LM wing came with easy to fall off raised puffed out crest.

  6. babgh says:

    try to search for ferrari f40 rm autosport it looks the same with kyosho’s f40 lightweight

  7. ser says:

    Io posseggo un F40 Kyosho prima versione rosso da molti anni, i dubbi sulla vernice sono esatti a me presenta vesciche ed opacità dopo essere stata in vetrina per oltre 10 anni inoltre, cosa molto più grave, il triangolo superiore della sospensione dx ha ceduto e si è frantumato quello sx è lesionato in piu parti e sta per fare la stessa fine. La tiranteria di sterzo si è conseguentemente disallineata.
    Penso che la sospensione sia stata strutturata male non nel progetto, che è fedele all’originale, ma nel materiale che è una lega di alluminio non paragonabile con un metallo (acciaio) più resistente ai carichi del modello. Ora considerato il “prezzo del modello” all’epoca dell’acquisto veramente top mi ha lasciato un pò sconcerto.
    E’ vero che se l’avessi alzata con dei supporti sotto il telaio per non far toccare le ruote a terra questo non sarebbe successo ma non prevedevo che il materiale non reggesse il peso della vettura.

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