REVIEW: Kyosho/GT Spirit Lamborghini Centenario •

REVIEW: Kyosho/GT Spirit Lamborghini Centenario

It’s been a while since we had a Lamborghini product under the microscope. I’m happy to introduce the Kyosho/GT Spirit 1:18 collaboration of the Lamborghini Centenario in Pearl White and Matt Black exterior. I’m not sure what Kyosho brings to the plate other than a higher price point, but I do know what GT Spirit does. Great execution, low price point, sealed resin examples that embrace a large array of marquees and themes. The Lamborghini Centenario continues that tradition.  The exception here is the price.

The Lamborghini Centenario marks 100th anniversary of the birth of founder Ferrucio Lamborghini. Taking its lines from the Aventador the car was considered over the top when first introduced. No way I say! Over the top is defined by the likes of the Apollo Intensa Emozione and the sinful McLaren Senna.  The styling of the Centenario is on point in my eyes. This scale model comes with a base price of 149 Euro or roughly $229CND.

The car itself is considered a “one-off” by Lamborghini. The original was completed in full carbon fibre dress with Yellow accents. So the colour here defined as Pearl White would be considered a option colour?   Though I prefer the latter, Lamborghinis are always looking sharp in White! The exterior paint application on our example is top-notch. No issue on any piece or panel. Shutlines and panel gaps are exceptional, but that’s a given with any (usually) resin, sealed replicas.

Lucky for me I’ve been staring at a side profile image of the 1:1 Centenario for weeks now. It’s the current wallpaper of choice.  Body lines here are very sharp and accurate for the most part. Looking from the side I give top marks for how well the team at Kyosho/GT Spirit mirrored the challenging design. The model isn’t perfect, but what model is? The front opening on the front side of the wheel is slightly off. Depth and angle just don’t meet up with the original.

Side cooling intakes are executed well, though there isn’t any mesh or grille hinting at the monster inside. Side decals and emblems are quality pieces. I also liked the execution of the Centenario script on the roof line.

The front of the Centenario is a little less settling than the side. Noted this is a sealed model, the hood intakes are just painted Black. As we move to the lower chin and upper grille. You will notice the overall sizing is little on the small side; starting from centre to the outside. Also, the lower chin is slightly too short in forward depth. This is nothing overly dramatic; honestly most would overlook this. Centre emblem is quality and headlights are above average too.

Moving to the rear you will notice the spoiler sits in the closed position. Yes, there is a functional spoiler on the Centenario! Next on the list is the massive diffuser stretching from the undercarriage to the upper-mid section of the rear. I must say I’m impressed with the overall design and Kysoho/GT Spirit’s talent to capture this. Best part it isn’t flimsy or delicate to the touch.  When you look inside there is a hint of the cooling apparatus left and right side.

The centre Lamborghini decal is very detailed for the size. The taillights are completed in clear. There is no hint of Red in behind. Must I assume this would be Kyosho/GT Spirit’s take in keeping with the option theme? Rear exhaust is good and blends in well, though the exhaust pipe inside are slightly smaller than I wanted to see.

It’s a Lamborghini, so the engine is usually visible from the outside even though the model is sealed. What is presented through the glass is basic at best.  The colour and detail come from the coilovers in Red/Silver and of the other elements within the engine compartment have touches of Silver paint. I would like to see more attention to detail here. A little more effort to align the motor with the exterior excellence would have gone a long way. As for the hatch cover itself, the team forgot to include the indents (left/right side) in the upper section of the hatch.

GT Spirit is great at replicating wheels and related apparatus. That tradition continues here. The team did a great job and bringing the Centenario wheels to life. Missing is the carbon fibre treatment of the poster car. What is replacing it is a Black Matt finish, which is in line with the surrounding Black accent bits found within the overall theme. They even added the small screws that mount these fins to the wheel. Well done!

Calipers and rotors are quality pieces. Where they missed the mark is the material used for the rotors. Instead of the carbon ceramic apparatus found on the 1:1 we have crossed drilled metal rotors.  Optional?

Inside the Kyosho/GT Spirit Centenario, the interior is completed in Black. Some texture is used in the door cards and possibly the steering wheel to mimic the Alcantara finish. There are also some grooving elements added to the driver and passenger seats. Other than a little splash of colour added to the centre console and central display the interior is definitely lacking in definition. We also have no flocking or seat-belts to mention.

There isn’t much competition out there today for a replica Lamborghini Centenario. On the opening price point, we have Maisto Excellence. High-end includes MR Collection and Looksmart.  This model covers the mid-level.

Hat’s of the to Kyosho/GT Spirit for capturing the exterior essence of the design in scale. I confidently grade an overall solid performer.  7.8 out of 10 on a rating scale.  Highlights include the design, paint, and wheels.

Some improvements are required, such as the lack of polish within the interior and an engine execution.  You know us collector’s we’re always looking for that little bit more that takes something from good to excellent!  Providing fans with optional colours is a good move too. If interested this one is also available in Black. Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Wildman Bradley says:

    Great review..iv been waiting for a review on this piece.. I purchased the Kyosho Yellow Lamborghini Aventador LB Works piece, which is breath it.. Since then, Iv been straddling the fence on making a decision on this piece, yet in black..may get one but will have to be at a lesser price

  2. Paul says:

    Great review! Just a little correction, the Lamborghini Centenario is not a “one-off” model. Indeed 20 coupe units and 20 roadster units were produced and sold. Two of this units were produced in white, one matt with blue accents and one pearl with red accents, if i am not wrong

  3. JM says:

    4/10 for this model. Look the window black chroom plastic –> So ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing to open,…

  4. PERHXOTIX says:

    Is there a functioning spoiler on this model?

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