REVIEW: Kyosho Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce •

REVIEW: Kyosho Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce

Words and photos courtesy of Mark Smeyers


I have to admit I’ve been waiting for this 1:18 scale Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce by Kyosho to arrive in Europe, it has been available in other markets a few weeks earlier, but only recently did this long awaited model arrive in Europe … so naturally I ordered it within hours of being listed … Rosso Bia and Bianco Isis are the first two shades to be made by Kyosho, Giallo Orion, and Verde Ithaca are up next.

As you know I always try to get hold of the exact model as presented in the official Automobili Lamborghini SpA press release or the one that was unveiled at the motor show … in this case the 2015 Geneva Auto Show … but Lamborghini played a trick on us, the press release shows the Superveloce in Rosso Bia, however during the press day in Geneva they showed a Giallo Orion on the stand … that was replaced with a Rosso Bia one for the public days … this means I will need to get two different Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce in 1:18 … the Rosso Bia one from Kyosho is the first one to be added.


The Kyosho Ousia series is a sealed diecast program, this means you can’t open the doors nor the engine cover … we all know this, so I’m not going into that, but with the Veneno, Veneno Roadster and Huracan models from this series one complaint kept being heard … closed grilles and not too much detail in the lights … Kyosho promised to tackle that with this new Aventador Superveloce … so did they?

Yes, Kyosho now has open grilles on this Bull and those headlights look amazing, as do the taillights mind you, and Kyosho went to great lengths with their attention to detail … this model is a near perfect scaled down version of the official press release car … starting with the color.


Lamborghini calls the ‘Rosso Bia’ shade a ‘Glittered Color’ (you also have Solid, Metallic, and Matte), Rosso Bia was a $14,000 option on this $486,000 car back in 2015. This paint contains real life glass particles to create a deep shine, this is not just a metallic red, it is a lot more special … so has Kyosho managed to replicate that in 1/18 scale?

They sure came very close, the red is great looking and the paint shows a lot of metallic flakes, some a bit too large for the model, but the overall impression of ‘wet paint’ is there, this Kyosho has a very deep, high gloss shine over her, so for me this Rosso Bia looks close enough, I don’t think you can do much better in 1/18 scale.


As for the other details … the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce was introduced with a mix of matte black parts and matte carbon fiber parts … making the right decision could have been hard by Kyosho, but as far as I can tell they didn’t miss a thing.

The new front bumper for the Superveloce is normally finished in matte black, so are the side sills, the rear view mirrors, and the headlight covers … Kyosho nailed it on this model, even with the rear diffuser, which is even harder because it has parts in carbon fiber and parts in matte black … Kyosho replicated it very nicely, and their carbon fiber looks good too.


The Aventador Superveloce in the press photos has carbon fiber air intakes behind the side windows, fixed carbon fiber intakes above the rear wheels, carbon fiber fins on the side intakes behind the doors, carbon fiber rear wing, carbon fiber fins on the engine cover and carbon fiber vent covers in front of the windshield … the 1:18 Kyosho model has all of those too … that impressed me, even more so because the borders of the engine cover should be matte black … which they are on this model.

The press car came with the small, black SV decal on the side … now I’m a fan of the larger one above the rear wheels, but this Kyosho one is correct compared to the press car so I’m happy with it, also the brake calipers are black while the glossy black Diantus forged wheels show the red center lock … again exactly like on the press car … Kyosho did a great job here, even the carbon ceramic disk brakes look good.



So this model looks good on the outside, how about the interior? That’s a little harder to tell because … as we know, nothing opens, but you can still look inside and get a feeling on how Kyosho did on this Aventador Superveloce.

The dashboard look good, there is the carbon fiber section on top of the pod, the yellow LCD is there in front of the driver seat … both seats are the lightweight carbon fiber seats in Nero Cosmos with Rosso Alala details (an Ad Personam option in real life) while we can also see the door panels being made from carbon fiber … just like on the real car. There is even the strap used to pull the door down on this model.


There are a few issues with the interior of this Kyosho model to be honest … the seats look too glossy, in real life the upholstery on these carbon fiber seats is a mix of Alcantara and a small section of leather on the side, the front and seat section should be less shiny in fact, also the dashboard pod is covered partially with Alcantara … in this Kyosho you don’t see the difference, and apparently they didn’t think about adding seat belts either.

But the red piping is there on the seats and dashboard, even the stylish SV logo is visible on the seats and the Raging Bull crest is there on the headrest together with the red line on top of the steering wheel … and the two red lines on the headliner that come with the interior carbon fiber package … so still a lot of attention to detail from Kyosho on the interior.

And then I discover a difference between the press car and this Kyosho model … check out the central console … on the press car this is a forged composite plate with an SV logo on it, Kyosho went with the optional Navigation and infotainment system … that’s too bad, sorry.


So should you buy one of the Kyosho made 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce models (they come in either this Rosso Bia or a Bianco Isis) … yes, I do think you should add it to your collection.

Sure AUTOart is going to release a 1:18 model of this new Superveloce too, and I’m sure it will be even better finished, more finely detailed, and offer opening doors and hoods … but when and at what price?

You can buy this Kyosho model right now for about €90 and admire it in your display … let’s be honest, how many of your models are on display with the doors, engine cover or hood open … a rather low percentage I’m sure … so don’t turn this ‘sealed’ model into a problem.


The AUTOart Superveloce will be launched … in the future, we don’t now exactly when, and we don’t even know at what price, but with the normal Aventador LP700-4 at about €230, the LP720-4 at €250 and the LP700-4 Roadster at €240 I am almost certain by the time AUTOart releases the LP750-4 Superveloce we are looking at €270 to €280 … you can get 3 Kyosho ones for that price … so I will let you decide if you want to wait for the AA one or get at least one Kyosho right now for ‘only’ €90 … and keep in mind AUTOart isn’t even doing Rosso Bia on their Superveloce, that alone is reason enough for me to get a Kyosho one.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Based on today’s standards and pricing, this seems like a real bargain! Good review, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ole Andre says:

    Thanks for a great review. I got mine today and i think it looks stuning for that price.
    Only 85 euro with shipping to Norway. Thats very cheap i think. And for that price i can overlook that it has no seat belts inside. Its a great car for that price. And i guess
    that AutoArt will relize that car in composite. And for alot more money. So by this one insted:)

  3. Hans says:

    Will there be another Colour options By Kyosho ?? if yes when it will be released ??

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