REVIEW: Kyosho Shelby Cobra 427 S/C x3! •

REVIEW: Kyosho Shelby Cobra 427 S/C x3!

There are some cars that are considered all-time classics.  If you ask the average car guy or experienced collector to name their best top 10 cars of all-time, I can almost guarantee the Shelby Cobra will be on that list.  The car itself comes from humble beginning, and the legendary creator Carroll Shelby needs no introduction here. The team at Kyosho did release their version of the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C at various times over the last 10-12 years.  I’ve had one in my collection since 2012.  New for 2016/2017 ia a trio of new variants, which include Blue/Yellow stripe with White side exhaust, Blue/Red stripe with chrome side exhaust, and race decals, and finally Grey with chrome side exhaust.  All three will be pictured here for the review.



Out of the box the cars look stunning from all angles, my personal favourite of the bunch is the Blue/Red stripe with side race decals.  Paint is very good from front to back.  Based on past feedback, the lines of Kyosho’s replica aren’t represented in the truest form. There is no update on the shape based on the last time the model was released.  I won’t go into detail on the specifics for two reasons: I don’t remember the exact misses and I am not an authority on the marque.  Surely others will chime in with the details.



Panels gaps and shutlines are average, definitely not Kyosho’s best work.  Tolerances also vary between models.  The elements of chrome work throughout the models is average at best.  Overall the execution is stellar, just beautiful from every view.  My only major gripe with the exterior would be the material used for the side exhaust, which looks cheap.  This is mainly due to the plastic look and texture of the material.  If this is a concern for you, the White exhaust wins over the chrome in my opinion.



The front of the Shelby Cobra is executed nicely.  Fit and finish is very good and materials are above average, this includes bumper and headlight materials.



The rear is similar to the front.  The large White stripe is executed nicely front to rear.  Access to the storage is available.  Operation is flawless utilizing the two small hinges.  I like the fact that Kyosho extended and showed the roll-bar support beam as it comes through into the rear storage.  Well done!  The gas cap (passenger side) is not operational.



The heart of the beast is powered by Ford’s 427 S/C.  It definitely isn’t going to win any awards in terms of CMC quality, but it also doesn’t cost $500 plus.  I like the move to Black wires, my 2012 release came with White!  Also the hood support is a nice addition to up the realism factor.


Wheels are signature Shelby Cobra.  Overall execution is well done, B+.  The added script work definitely adds an edgy feel for the era.  Ride stance is true to the period as well.



The cockpit is designed using the bare bone essentials; remember, this thing was made to go fast and race!  Creature comforts were not a consideration.  All the elements of the original for the most part are here and execution is solid.  Seat-belts are crafted in fabric and buckles in metal.  On the flip side, the side pivot windows are fixed and both the hinge work and windshield wipers are slightly too bulky in size for my liking.


Kyosho’s representation of the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is lovely.  Though she’s not perfect, the model embodies the essence of the car and the creator.  The Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is also manufactured in diecast, a rare thing based on the resin dominance of the last few years.  The new variants of a classic car will hopefully attract newcomers to the hobby, and based on the $135US price point, it is affordable too.  No matter what theme your collection entails, every collector should have at least one Shelby Cobra in their collection.  Kyosho’s replica, I believe, is more than capable to satisfy most.  Enjoy the pics!

ky_ford427cobra3 ky_ford427cobra4 ky_ford427cobra5

ky_ford427cobra6 ky_ford427cobra7 ky_ford427cobra8

ky_ford427cobra10 ky_ford427cobra12 ky_ford427cobra14

ky_ford427cobra15 ky_ford427cobra16 ky_ford427cobra24

ky_ford427cobra26 ky_ford427cobra23 ky_ford427cobra27

ky_ford427cobra33 ky_ford427cobra34 ky_ford427cobra35

ky_ford427cobra_gr ky_ford427cobra_gr2 ky_ford427cobra_gr3

ky_ford427cobra_gr4 ky_ford427cobra_gr5 ky_ford427cobra_gr6

ky_ford427cobra_gr7 ky_ford427cobra_gr8 ky_ford427cobra_gr9

ky_ford427cobra_gr10 ky_ford427cobra_rs ky_ford427cobra_rs2

ky_ford427cobra_rs3 ky_ford427cobra_rs4 ky_ford427cobra_rs5

ky_ford427cobra_rs6 ky_ford427cobra_rs7 ky_ford427cobra_rs8

ky_ford427cobra_rs9 ky_ford427cobra_rs10 ky_ford427cobra_rs11

ky_ford427cobra_rs12 ky_ford427cobra_rs13

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5 Responses to "REVIEW: Kyosho Shelby Cobra 427 S/C x3!"

  1. Mark says:

    This is good example, so I have a question. If this could be done for 135 eur, or Minichamps could rerelease theirs old F1 for similar prices as long time ago when new, this means, that the diecast, even full openale, could be done for such price. So where is the difference of 100,- Euro. In tooling the new forms, really ???

    Anyone knows ? Thanks.

  2. emeff says:

    I’ve always loved the Cobra, so I was interested to see this article and photos.

    Perhaps I’m being overly critical but the paint, both blue and grey, seems to be out of scale – the metal flakes in it are too big. Also, the tyre treads are too shiny when they should be matt, and finally looking at a photo of the cockpit, there is a gap between the body and the interior, i.e., you can see out of the wheel arch from inside the cockpit.

    That said, if I can find one of these online, I may go for it – I am still bowled away by the real car.

    • DS Team says:

      The paint is great! I’m not a professional photographer, my editing may have enhanced the metallic flake. Your other points are definitely valid.

  3. ilka says:

    Personally for the “traditional” shape of 427 (with windshield) I still go for Solido because for so much less in price you’ve got not so much more in terms of body accuracy. Kyosho look more like modern replicas.
    Having said that, I’m considering buying the race version without windshield, because it’s the only race 427 you can get in that scale. Oh, and paintjobs are great.
    Another big miss for me is the lack of pins for soft top. On Solido model at least there are decals for them.

  4. I picked up the GMP !/12 Cobra #98 Blue w/ white stripe white exhaust 289 c.i. 4 2 bbl. w/ stacks . All in all a very nice piece !! Many working features , very real looking engine bay, a dist cap that is hypnotizing in its real appearance…… The Kyosho Cobra in 1/18 is not the issue I’m more familiar with I’ve looked at comparo’s in 1/12. The 1st and most noticable difference between them is the color, which is vastly different. Kyosho’s is almost neon in comparison to GMP’s somewhat pale, even lackluster blue. It has a great finish, but I’m left wondering WHICH is the more accurate ? I would likewise love to hear a complete view of the differences between the two from the DS I would ask for one comparing 1/18 scale, but I don’t know if GMP even made a 1/18,and it would personally mean more to me because the 1/12 is what I have !! Thanks for listening

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