REVIEW: Kyosho Volkswagen Touareg Snow Edition •

REVIEW: Kyosho Volkswagen Touareg Snow Edition

I think we’ve all been there.  You come across that model that is a must-have, well that feeling or experience happened to me in late 2022.  I came across a photo of Kyosho’s Volkswagen Touareg Snow Edition which originally highlighted in their news feed back in April 2021.  Being an avid fan of Volkswagen models in general and enthusiastic about unique and weird this was a must-have!

Two versions of this particular model are available in 1:18 scale – the first features the Swedish Alpine Ski Team livery and the second, the one I purchased is covered in an all-white exterior with a simple Volkswagen logo just behind the rear functioning doors.

The amazing part, I scored this replica for $94 US (actually $74, more on this below).  For those that appreciate metal exteriors, this is in fact a full metal with full 360 access.  In the addition, as if you haven’t already noticed the traditional shoes are replaced with ”mattracks” as defined on the model itself.

I’ve joked with friends that the ridiculously cheap price is likely due to the warehouse full of Volkswagen Toureg models left in Kyosho’s inventory from their original street version.  Pricing aside, the model offers up some great features and enough detailing that would satisfy most.  In short, if all my models average this level of detailing, I would be a happy collector!

Out of the box, it didn’t start off that well, the model arrive with upper auxiliary lighting lenses off and the driver’s front seat was found in the rear!  A simple 10-minute surgery later these parts were back in their intended place.  And this is the reason for the $74 price tag if you are keeping track.

Kyosho’s effort on the exterior side in regards to shape is quite pleasing and overall accurate.  Shutlines are great, though panel gaps due vary, especially on the rear doors.  There are no special features either, no functional mirrors or sunroof, though the included upper luggage rack is fixed in place.

With the exception of the lower grille, the others are solid plastic, but the depth of each line helps in the overall appearance.  Headlight detail is decent, nothing more.

Jumping to the motor the first comment here is on the massive hinge work.  I’m okay with this and is much preferred that a motor one cannot access.  The engine itself is basically one static piece with the exception of the air intake.  Though a proper thanks for Kyosho adding the colouring, the Blacks, Red and Whites to the overall effort.  It truly helps the finished product.

The rear side comes to the life with the true 3D emblem of VW.  Taillights along with the two photo-etched badges help refine the effort.  This is also noticeable at the lower side with the chrome-tipped exhaust pipes integrated nicely into the bumper.  Did I mention the Blue VW logos on the side?  Love them!

The rear hatch is accessible, and the interior flocking, along with metal tie-down clamps definitely elevate the experience.  However, we have no access to a spare or rear-seat folding option.  Neither would affect the buying decision.

Before we head inside, the need to connect with the wheel or should I say tracks.  Six wheels in total are found within the inter-working here, each rotates too around the rubber tracks.   This is definitely a plus and one that wasn’t expected at first!  Note the added marking throughout the track itself.

When you flip the model over and investigate the undercarriage you are greeted with a wealth of detailing.  Though the suspension is not functioning the overall grouping of suspension bits along with exhaust systems, once again elevates the collector experience.

Interior-wise, I’m overall pleased.  The flocking is definitely helping here with Kyosho’s technique very solid and more than capable.  As for the dash and related components, it is generally completed in flat Black colouring, the exception here is the integrated wood elements.  The texture is used on the seating as hopefully, the photos will show.  I would have preferred a little more “colour” to the central rear venting and control panel.   To sum it up, the overall parts do work together well and the interior’s overall fit, definition and look are more than satisfying, well at least to me.

I know SUVs in general don’t appeal to the masses, but don’t let that stop you.  If you’re into the unusual and unique, Kyosho’s Volkswagen Touareg Snow Edition is definitely a must-add!  The model is extremely affordable too and I believe one that will interest and initiate conversion among collectors, friends and the miscellaneous if you choose to place it on display, more so than that Lamborghini or Ferrari model.  Enjoy the pics!

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3 Responses to "REVIEW: Kyosho Volkswagen Touareg Snow Edition"

  1. Pablo Pozo says:

    Suggestion to Kyosho
    If overstocked with these, make a real off road version with portal axles big mudder tyres and winch, etc….

  2. Karsten says:

    Definitely has a cool factor (excuse the pun). The snow storms this last christmas certainly justify this Touareg. Thanks for the review a d congratulations on this addition to your collection!

  3. Martin Nilsson says:

    On the one with swedish ski team there is a mayor fault. The logo says swedish alpine team , but they are displayed a cross country skier on the side of the car.

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