REVIEW: Laudoracing-Models Alfa 75 V6 3.0 •

REVIEW: Laudoracing-Models Alfa 75 V6 3.0

In fall of 2013 a new player of resin scaled replicas hit the diecast scene, Laudoracing-Models.  Their initial announcements included the Alfa 75 V6 3.0 and Fiat Uno Turbo,  two cars we in North America know very little of.  Specializing in late 70’s to early 90’s European brands, the team at Laudoracing-Models is posed to make their mark.   The first of two models we have in review is the Alfa 75 V6 3.0.  This model is 1:18 scale,  cast in resin, and sealed, very typical of resin based models of the day.


 75_alfa22 75_alfa21


Since Laudoracing-Models is a relatively new brand, I thought I’d start with the packaging.  The exterior box is black with Laudoracing-Models logo on both sides.  The bottom features the typical informational bits.  Inside, the model is housed in a styrofoam shell with the model itself encompassed in cellophane paper and a plastic bag.  Both techniques are very similar to what OttOmobile is using today.



Laudoracing-Models employs the latest innovation in capturing subject matter. CAD helps to ensure the subject matter is captured within scale and specification of the original.  Body lines do the Alfa 75 V6 3.0 due justice.  Panel gaps and shutlines aren’t an issue here as the model is sealed resin.  Many details can be found on the front facia, which include headlights, alternative secondary lighting, and grille, and are nicely executed.  The same for the rear section too.  Exterior paint is consistent and very good throughout.

What could use a little improvement is the installation of the side indicators, door-handles and decals.  Though very respectable, there is an issue with signs of foreign material, most likely the glues used for installation, though I’m sure future projects will improve.  On the flip side, there are no signs of any residue on the exterior paint work, which was a common problem with OttOmobile models.


Wheels on the Alfa 75 V6 3.0 are pretty basic compared to wheels of today.  Rims and rubber are nicely executed and mimic the original car well.  Note the Alfa Romeo logo in the centre of wheel.


We can’t access the motor or rear storage but the undercarriage does show some life.  Though typically spare for a resin model, the budget Laudoracing-Models does highlight the oil pan, exhaust system and rear diff.  Nice work gents!


The interior is quite monotone, which I believe was a common theme with the cars of that era.  All the elements seem to mimic the 1:1, good detail on the interior seating, centre console, and dash.


For a budget minded buyer, the Laudoracing-Models platform is an excellent fit.  Unique subject matter and great execution make for a successful combination, and on average, pre-ordering their new models saves you at least 20 Euro!  I like what I see here, and I’m sure many European fanatics will agree.  Look for the Fiat Uno Turbo i.e. review in the near future.  Enjoy the pics!

75_alfa 75_alfa5 75_alfa7

75_alfa9 75_alfa12 75_alfa8

75_alfa14 75_alfa15


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