REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 911 Club Coupe •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 911 Club Coupe

To mark the 60th anniversary of the first Porsche based clubs in Germany, Porsche brass decided to release a special edition of the latest 911 Carrera S, named the 911 Club Coupe.  The 911 Club Coupe is a limited edition factory car of 13 pieces, with one remaining with Porsche.  The special edition car features the basic Carrera S bones, and the differences include new front bumpers, ducktail rear spoiler, 20″ SportTechno alloy wheels and the unmistakeable factory green hue of Brewster Green.   The model reviewed here is from GT Spirit, a limited edition piece of 3000.


First off, kudos to GT Spirit for taking the chance with a special edition model, especially one in green.  I have an extensive collection of Porsches, but most live with the traditional exterior colours of white, silver or black.   The Porsche Brewster Green is a refreshing addition, and one that can definitely be distinguished from a crowd of 911s.  Since we’re talking about paint, we’ll begin here.  Consistency is what we have with GT Spirit; paint is perfect and rich throughout.  Depending on the angle, the colour intensifies or lightens, which brings out the various hues of the green – nicely done.



Model is cast in resin and sealed, so we know shutlines and panel gaps are near perfect here.  Front air intakes are solid pieces, while the detail on the side indicators and headlights are executed above average.  Fitment is extremely clean throughout.  The rear is much the same.  The ducktail rear spoiler stakes its presents, the integrated third brake light in clear is good attention to detail.  Decal work is above average and clean throughout.


Wheels are beautifully executed.  A strong GT Spirit trademark for sure, based on past reviews.  I personally like the colour-matched wheels, though a few friends do think different.  Rotors and calipers are all high quality pieces and marry the entire package perfectly.


Inside, the model is treated to a unique reddish/brown interior.  Absolutely works well with the green exterior.  This was another element of the model that attracted me at first glance.  Sorry, the images are limited, good natural light was in short supply that day.



Underneath the detail is limited, something quite common with resin models.  Other than the number badge and the 911 bottom end with exhaust bits, the undercarriage is quite sparse.


GT Spirit has provided fans of the Porsche brand with a number of exciting platforms over the last little bit, and their latest, the 911 Club Coupe, is yet another example of consistent execution.  I really can’t find anything wrong with it.   The colour combo is very unique, one that any Porsche collector should have in their collection.  This one gets two thumbs up from me.  Enjoy the pics!

porsche911_991coupe5 porsche911_991coupe6 porsche911_991coupe7

porsche911_991coupe8 porsche911_991coupe10 porsche911_991coupe11

porsche911_991coupe12 porsche911_991coupe13 porsche911_991coupe14


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  1. Francis Broka says:

    Thank you for this excellent review. I really think it’s a shame that GTSpirit doesn’t want to make steerable wheels. I don’t think it would make the models much more expensive, and the steered wheels give the car a certain look.

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