REVIEW: LCD Models Honda Civic Type-R •

REVIEW: LCD Models Honda Civic Type-R

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LCD models are one of those Chinese brands making great diecast model cars, highly detailed and sold for more than a decent price. The brand has been active on the market for several years now, developing and producing OEM projects for several brands. This year they started their own line of metal models.  The team has already proven with many fans of past and future releases things are looking promising.  I passed over their initial line of Range Rovers, only because it is a question of taste, but I was more determined to have the Civic Type R (FK8), so I ordered it as soon as it was available!

I must say I was shocked about its final price, compared with the photos, that showed a beautiful detailed and fully functional model. So, how is the alternative to the AUTOart Type R (FK8) at less than half of its price?  Read on.

​​The model is secured by a styrofoam shell with a folding cap, the two parts being kept closed by a plastic piece wearing the Honda logo. A second quality card box wears the manufacturer logo, a sketch of the car on three sides and some information on its bottom. Within packaging is included a screwdriver, an opening tool and a note informing you about all the features available on the model inside. Looking from the exterior, you can only expect to find a high-quality product inside and this is not far from the truth.

The model has a protection on the top of the roof to avoid direct contact with the box, I appreciate this a lot since I’ve seen some serious damage on other models before. At first contact, the model is more than I expected it very well put together, very robust and very, very heavy.  This is due to diecast metal parts in its composition, even more, surprising is the floor!  I just can’t remember when I saw this kind of detail.  My expectation was already confirmed, this is a model that will destroy the theory that making diecast models is very expensive nowadays.  Very clear to me, the manufacturer of this model is against all the actual standards. The paint job is perfect, maybe not so smooth, but glossy and uniform, the gaps between parts are minimal, with exception of the front bonnet area, but I don’t consider this an issue at all and the stance is spot on.

I’m a huge fan of the Honda Type R brand and related products.  I know the real car very well and I’m very surprised to find many details beautiful replicated on the model.  Managing this model will take the old collectors back in time for a while because it gives that sensation of quality and responsible model car production with value, a characteristic to the scale model craftsmenship from the golden days of the hobby.

If you’ve seen the full grills in various areas, is just because they can be found on the real car as well, and every single little detail was replicated here, like the parking sensors, the photo-etched metallic badges, the carbon fibre parts on the spoiler or on both sides of the car. The front lights missed the manufacturer’s attention and look too simple for the model’s overall high level, but not the same in the rear side where are correct coloured and terrifically detailed. I like the front grill ornament made of metal and the characteristic Type R badges replicated as single parts and a true replica of the real ones.

I mentioned before the carbon parts, replicated by a perfect printed pattern and I can’t stop thinking how some, so-called serious manufacturers still using plastic to replicate carbon fibre on models over 200 Euros. The rear spoiler is a combination of metal and polished plastic, looking very well and are some other details around that must be mentioned: the turn signals developed as single parts and fixed without stubs, the four full opening doors featuring real hinges and detailed handles, a functional gas cap and a triple exhaust replicated so well that I nearly expect to pop somehow. Great job so far, this is an insane model car!

The front bonnet is opening on real hinges and remains open without any problem, a prop is available just in case. The engine looks great, has a lot of individual parts, a correctly coloured cover, carbon fibre, legible labels and metallic photo-etched lettering. I will mention the good finishing and plastic quality of the engine bay for the best result seen by me for a while.

On the backside now, the model offers full access to the trunk and I recommend you not to use the spoiler to open it, just use the included tool, to avoid damaging your new model. With all these opening features, the presence of a tool in the package may be very useful in the future. We find struts here and a full carpeted trunk, even on the backside of the seats, all finely detailed, all to be appreciated.

From my point of view, the wheels are painted and detailed to perfection! The studs are moulded on and the central wheel logo is from far the best I have seen. Behind the rims, the braking system is gorgeous: different sized Brembo callipers painted in red with the inscription for the front and metallic discs perforated on the front and brushed on the rear, for a dash of great realism. I still can’t believe how detailed this model is in it’s every single component reviewed thus far.

The interior is following the same direction of accuracy and is highly detailed as the rest of the car.  I like to comment on such elements as the carbon ornaments printed on the doors, the central console or the back of the front seats, the steering wheel and the gear shifter very accurate compared to their real counterpart, even the Type R limited edition badge is in place and brings its contribution to the general realistic note. The seats are great moulded, they are made of some kind of soft plastic and provide texture, and seat belts with metallic buckles. All the interior is carpeted.  The pedals are to thick for the scale, but on the flip side, I can spot nice details here: the safety label and instructions for a child seat, placed on the right sunshade.

In the end, this is how myth-buster looks, fully opening diecast metal model, highly detailed and under 100 Euro!

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  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks for sharing this review, a first for LCD Models at DS! Based on your feedback the model is very capable, and that with GREAT value. I’m sure this will appeal to many! LCD is lacking in distribution on a globe scale, that’s where their immediate competition, AUTOart excels. If they can fix this they will continue to steal market share!

  2. TgrClw says:

    hoping they’ll do a VA STI…

  3. kitefighter says:

    This looks too good to be true, but at the time warp asking price for a 360 diecast model of one the most exciting cars available right now, it’s worth a punt, so based on your review and pictures, I’ve ordered one. Can’t wait to see it on next to the other Japanese performance cars!

  4. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    Great review. Although some interior shots will add more sparkle.

    (:P You didn’t just buy all 4 colors did you?)

  5. Epic says:

    I have a big issue with this model… which freakin color should I choose? Not the black one – that’s for sure. But remaining 3 are all so much beautifull… And I can’y buy them all for sure!

    • Rafa says:

      I will buy the red one. I know the white with the red interior is a great colour too, but on display, I think the red one will look much better, more impressive. This is only my opinion.

    • DS Team says:

      LOL! Buy what you like best!

      • Epic says:

        I decided for blue one… But does anyone know when it will be released?
        No shop have it yet…

        • Rafa says:

          The blue and the black ones are scheduled for late november, so I think in december theese two colours will be released. You can find more pictures on website. The blue one could be an option for me too.

  6. Stephane Demers says:

    Well nice review but for me what kills this model is when you turn it upside down… Really low quality, doesn’t even have an exhaust line.. I’ll buy the Aa one.

  7. Hi thanks for the amazing review. I also got my review on my YouTube you may want to visit it. I will drop the kink below. Thank you.

  8. Faruk Tepe says:

    How much does this vehicle weigh?

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