REVIEW: LCD Models McLaren 600LT •

REVIEW: LCD Models McLaren 600LT

We wanted to find out first-hand what all the excitement and praise behind LCD Models was all about.  We tried to get our hands on their earlier supercar release, the Pagani Huayra Roadster but our efforts went astray.  Contacting LCD Models through their various media vehicles went unanswered (though their European division did answer our call; either nothing was in stock and promise to forward a sample never materialized when promised…)  Why a manufacture would tinker with a website or other media vehicles and forget to connect with fans or a possible sale is just one of their challenges, the other is distribution.  If they want to compete with the big boys and gain market share, they need to figure out how to get models into collectors’ hands.

We did manage to source their latest supercar release, the 1:18 McLaren 600LT in Sky Blue.  If you’re not familiar with LCD Models, the team has built a reputation on solid diecast metal replicas with full 360 access among other interesting features.  We’ll elaborate in more in detail below.  All this at an affordable price.  The McLaren 600LT set us back less than $200 CND before shipping.  In comparison to market giant AUTOart, this is huge!

Since this is our first official review of an LCD Model product we’ll start off with the packaging.  The model ships with a traditional style box.  The exterior is found in all White with McLaren logos and typical product information on the bottom.  How they emboss 600LT on top is definitely unique, and a good indication of something special inside…

The model itself is housed in a three-part Styrofoam shell.  Three screws hold the model securely to the base while the top section is split into two pieces.  This is held in place with a simple plastic locking key featuring the McLaren logo in the centre.  Once the key is removed the upper two halves open to reveal the model inside.

Before we bring the 600LT under the microscope we wanted to share some of the supporting items included in the box.  LCD Models provides user instructions, a screwdriver (painted to match the exterior body), a second screwdriver bit, and a model access key with the upper finger section shaped as the McLaren logo.  These are nice to have, but most of this is filler in our opinion, and any true collector would rather the manufacture either put $$$ into a better overall executed model or keep the price point as low as possible.

With this being our first LCD Model, the anticipation of seeing one in the flesh was somewhat unnerving, to say the least.  We had high expectations, and we truly wanted them to succeed…  You know what LCD Models lived up to the hype and then some!

As for the overall exterior lines and appearance, LCD Models do extremely well in capturing the true essence of the car.  However, one area we noticed not found on this replica is the fins/venting on the front fenders.  Not sure if this is a factory option or not.  Can someone confirm?  On the whole, the panel gaps and shut lines are for the most part within spec, more on this below.

The exterior colour is defined by LCD Models are Sky Blue.  As for the craftsmanship, it satisfies, the transition between painted surfaces and carbon fibre is handled with precision.  In comparison to the recent BBR Ferrari Tributo Spider, it does fall short, though on the positive side it clearly keeps pace with AUTOart.

Where the model excels is their use of truly authentic looking carbon fibre – LCD Models implements a nice blend of decal/carbon weave.  The look is polished and the gloss appearance is definitely a tangible delight.  And there is a lot to see here; LCD Models went forward with the optional McLaren Club Sport Pro Pak – that extends the carbon fibre to the roofline.  It looks superb!  There is a noticeable steam line on the roof section, though so minor that one would hardly notice.

Further on the exterior features, we need to acknowledge the over and above experience and some of which are usually absent from other so-called premium brands.  First, both driver and passenger mirrors offer up the option of pivoting inwards.  Also, the rear fuel filter cap is accessible here.  Though the shut lines are so tight we could not physically open the filler cap and did not want to run the risk of damaging the exterior paint.  Priorities LOL!

The front section is littered with more of that delicious carbon fibre work.  The overall good results help form the front fascia.  LCD Models even captures the sensors, the two upper lines of the arms of where the bumper ends and what we believe is the outline of the front toe hook cover.  The headlight execution is fair, though we don’t see the McLaren logo inside.  The only complainant is the outer side/lower vents that are solid plastic, which here has been defined by extending the lower bumper trim to accommodate the look.

The front storage is accessible here.  The lower shut line gap is slightly large for our liking, however, a minor gap it is.  Inside the storage area is fully flocked.  We love the technique embraced here, definitely elevates the model.  Note the quality hinge work and two strut supports.

Moving to the rear the motor cover is removable – we must say the workmanship on the hatch is quite good.  We did find a minor quality control issue with one of the two magnets used to secure the hatch.  One-half of the two pieces (two pieces per side) came loose and was found on the adjacent magnet.  A little CA glue and it was as good as new.

What you find inside is much better than we expected.  And more polished than that from AUTOart. LCD Models closest competitor, we think.  There are multiple layers of detail in play here.  It includes the block, intake and supporting cast of hoses, wires and whatnot.  There is some colour too but the structure and supporting apparatus is mostly executed with Black and Silver.  There is the use of browning on the exhaust components with the upper rear section of the exhaust area being crafted in moulded carbon fibre.

The rear spoiler is functional to a point, the upper fin does pivot back and forth.  Our example worked without issue.  Carbon fibre details are once solid and look terrific here.  Taillights are quality, and if you look closely you can see the honeycomb effect in the centre.  However, the actual car is not solid it is perforated on the smallest level.  We don’t think it was an LCD Model oversight more of a question on how to replicate this size in scale.

What is more impressive is the metal grille work on the bottom section of the bumper – it aids in the motor cooling; where some may have ignored this detail LCD Model embraced it!  It’s not a true home run though, the lower fin on the bumper passenger side is protruding outwards a little too much for our liking in comparison to the driver side.

Wheels are always a large part of any successful replica.  The 600LT comes equipped with a multi-spoke wheel designed finished in Black. Very solid effort here.  In behind the Orange calipers and cross-drilled/ceramic rotors are up to speed too.   No tire branding is included in this package but they did provide four corner spring loaded suspension!

We did find one quality control mishap, the rear driver’s side wheel is missing the small centre cap outer ring, though someone did remember to adhere the Mac logo LOL.

The doors on the McLaren 600LT swing upwards.  LCD Models does execute this well.  Our example worked without issue on both sides.  Usually, when one executes a solid exterior the interior lags behind, not so here.  Inside the 600LT comes highly appointed.  So well, in fact, it rivals that of the BBR’s Ferrari Tributo Spider (it was striking), honestly, if it wasn’t for the smaller detail on the dash (i.e. the overall definition of the dash vents) it would have exceeded it!  And for an AUTOart comparison, there is no comparison, AUTOart falls way behind with their generic look and feel.

That is high praise for a relatively new brand.  And well deserved, here’s why, the entire interior is afforded the proper attention, even the roofline!  The Alcantara look is found within all elements of the interior, this includes the dash, door cards, console, steering wheel and exceptional optional Senna seats! The Orange stitching which matches the exterior brake calipers is nicely executed too.  That distinctive carbon fibre is also found here.  And the basics, like fabric seat-belts, are a staple.  AUTOart are you listening?

That’s not all, the best part, and we must say maybe the best door trim we’ve seen on a supercar to date.  Look at the level of definition here.  The Alcantara is on point and the layers of detail, especially that of the audio speakers are truly remarkable.  This is worth the price of admission alone.

Final comments.  First off, we want to say diecast metal or composite, we don’t care, as long as the model is executed well, that is the most important thing, right?  Well, for some composite isn’t an alternative, and based on the comments over the years some are totally against it.  Plus one for LCD Models.

LCD Models have provided an exceptional product for under $200 CND, which is no small feat.  The level of detail is quite remarkable on the whole, and the interior is just that good!  Quality control is definitely something the team needs to improve on and the most important piece is their distribution model.  Right now, it is extremely taxing to find a reliable retailer.  If they implement the changes to the above the team will continue to seize market share.  We for one are now fans of the brand.

We hope the brass at AUTOart does read this review, if we were part of the team it would definitely raise some concern.  AUTOart provides similar subject matter, less detail and they charge more.  Something here just doesn’t add up??? As for LCD Models they have almost found the perfect ingredients to produce a better product at a more attractive price.  This is definitely welcomed in 2020.  Enjoy the pics!

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38 Responses to "REVIEW: LCD Models McLaren 600LT"

  1. Giorgio262 says:

    I was particularly impressed by photos of the interior. It’s simply fantastic. And the comparison with Autoart is on point. When you compare a model such as this one with Autoart offerings it’s pretty clear that the shortcomings on the part of Autoart are not the trade off of trying to make ends meet. The retail prices for their models aren’t cheap, but they’re not justified either by the level of detail or by the accuracy. Quite the contrary infact. They may get the shape right, but then they mould details they don’t care to finish or simplify too much, and sometimes they make mistakes that can only be attributed to superficiality, I could give several examples. Sometimes I just whish their models were easier to take apart so that I could at least try to fix some of the shortcomings myself. Quite a bit of frustration, and I never buy them at full price. I can only imagine how frustrated one would be to get certain models when they paid full price. That said, all the best to LCD models. I was tempted to try one of their Land Rovers, although SUVs are not my thing, but I’d definitely go for this one if it fell in my budget range. I also love the colour combination on this example. Thanks for the great review and beautiful photos.

  2. Jamie says:

    This model looks amazing, and definitely seemingly on par with AA. The only thing that is keeping me from buying it is the ‘honeycomb effect’ in the tail lights. This is one of the only aspects of the model that isn’t accurate. It is supposed to be mesh!!! Solid plastic for mesh is my biggest pet peeve. Otherwise it is very desirable. I’ve never seen folding mirrors on a model before, as well as actual speaker grilles in the door cards. That being said, I’d easily trade both of those features for mesh in the tail lights. I hope they can somehow revise this in a future release, otherwise I’ll need to wait until AA builds one.

  3. Veneno says:

    Looks great, thanks for the post. Weird, they were able to do that to the speakers, but they just used solid plastic for the vents under the tailghts!? I would rather have it the other way around.

    • DS Team says:

      This is trade-off we would agree too as well!

    • Jamie says:


    • Giorgio262 says:

      Could it be that the mesh on the rear light clusters on the real car have a very complex shape since they are both curved and have a sharp crease on them? To give a tiny flat piece of photoetched mesh both curvatures and a crease that has to be curved, well I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually tried and just could get the result they needed.

      • DS Team says:

        Possibly, but LCD Models would know the answer. However, if you reach out for an answer they are likely not to respond :)

      • MYTHIC says:

        Could be, but the rear mesh grilles around the taillights of my AA 675LT don’t look that easy to pull off. It’s one of the details that really impressed me on that model. Either way LCD deserves credit for their effort here!

  4. James says:

    I believe there is a distributor here in Canada for LCD models and the prices are definitely more reasonable

  5. Vitaliy D says:

    Wow! Finally a scale model of a modern McLaren with nice-looking interior and engine! From the details on the photos, it is the _first_ modern McLaren in 1:18 that worth to be added to collection!

  6. marcel171281 says:

    That looks really good! Now let’s find a way to get one….. Maybe CK will get them, they sold the Huayra as well.

    Thanks for the excellent review again!

    @ AUTOart, please read and take notice. I’m a fan of your work, but it gets harder to stay a fan.

  7. ATEOTD says:

    The fender louvres are an option on the real car.

    One thing I don’t like on the model is how the rear looks compared with the front.

  8. Ole Andre says:

    I got the white one myself, and its a great model car. I have around 250 model cars now, from 40 to 1200 dollars, and i payed 129 dollar for this one. And its defenetly on my top 5 list of the best medel cars in my collection. I am thinking of bying the orange one to acctually.

  9. AndyRazor says:

    Actually, the filler cap can also be opened.

    • DS Team says:

      It was noted, thanks. “Further on the exterior features, we need to acknowledge the over and above experience and some of which are usually absent from other so-called premium brands. First, both driver and passenger mirrors offer up the option of pivoting inwards. Also, the rear fuel filter cap is accessible here. Though the shut lines are so tight we could not physically open the filler cap and did not want to run the risk of damaging the exterior paint. Priorities LOL!”

  10. Michael L Rogers says:

    I have this model as well……..extremely satisfied with this purchase. I look forward to buying the purple one if it gets released. And yes…they really need to improve on their distribution network. It’s really lagging and insufficient.

  11. TgrClw says:

    I still feel that the car is sitting too high.

  12. Ollie says:

    As good as it is, I can’t bring myself to buy one given the actions the Chinese government has taken towards Australian businesses. I won’t be buying anything Chinese anytime soon as I refuse to support the economy of a government that behaves like they do. It might be a drop in the ocean but I know plenty of others doing likewise so hopefully if enough people stand up against this bully, something may change.

    • DS Team says:

      We’re not taking sides, this site isn’t a political medium. The intent here is fun and passion nothing more.

    • M says:

      LOL Good luck with that. You better drop the hobby altogether since 99% of them came from China, so no matter which brands you buy, the Chineses still gonna be benefited from the purchase.

  13. Andrew says:

    After such a promising review i have just ordered one to the uk. Shame delivery will be so long.

  14. Vitaliy D says:

    It’s also worth to mention the working suspension of this model as a plus!
    You may say it’s not a big deal… well, but all the latest 1:18 AutoArt models lack working suspension!

  15. Yamato says:

    I’m pretty sure the wing on the 600LT does not move at all and what were the venting on the front fenders you were talking about??

  16. Mike Wiseman says:

    I’m not sure if the front fender venting is actually an option or not. I might be wrong but to my findings mclaren didn’t didn’t add the vents until the 2019 model year. The LCD replica is a 2018 model of the 600LT.

  17. ATEOTD says:

    Question: Have you heard of any problems with the fins in front of the rear wheels coming off? I read a listing on eBay that said they can come off easily in transit, and that this is a manufacturer defect.

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