REVIEW: LCD Models Pagani Huayra Roadster •

REVIEW: LCD Models Pagani Huayra Roadster

Words and photos courtesy of Stephane


There has been some talk recently about a model from the new manufacturer LCD Models. The model in question is the Pagani Huayra Roadster in 1:18. I heard lots of praise about this one and some criticisms. Since I had the opportunity to get it for a fair price I decided to go ahead and order one. The Huayra Roadster is sold at 980 RMB or about $145 USD in China. The seller was asking for $180 USD shipped by DHL. Once delivered in Canada it set me back the equivalent of $200 USD including duties. So let me give you my honest opinion about this model and what you get for that price.

The box arrived minimally packaged (apparently re-packed by DHL) in a tight-fitting carton with slim bubble wrap and plastic protections at all corners. The corners did the job well to protect the model box.

Along with the classic styrofoam clamshell a screwdriver matching the colour of the model is provided. Nice touch but in fact, the screws holding the car to the clamshell are so tiny that it’s almost like a special tool is needed. It wasn’t the easiest model to unscrew but all went well. At first, glance when opening everything looked fine but upon unwrapping a plastic part fell off; a small carbon fibre cover with the Pagani badge. The transport must have been a bit rough. The part was quickly glued back after so no big deal.

So how is the model and does it meet the expectations? The model at first makes a great general impression. I used my phone to take pictures but the pictures don’t lie. The model looks good, everything can be opened, it is heavy and has a full working suspension. The paint application seems smooth and uniform. There are a lot of very nice details like glossy carbon fibre parts, opening aero flaps and luggage compartment, realistic metal parts and a bi-colour interior true to the aesthetics dear to Horacio Pagani. But as always the devil is in the details in this case the execution of the model.

The model is available in metallic red, purple, blue and is coming soon in white. I went with the blue car as the specs are very close to the car presented at the Geneva motor show in 2017. To the exception that it was presented with a blue carbon fibre body and the LCD has just metallic blue paint. The wheels specs, silver on the left (with white tire marking) and gold on the right side (with blue tire marking) match the presentation car. The beige and white interior is also exact.

The wheels on the model are well done and have a real metal feel. The stance however isn’t perfect as the car sits a bit too high in my opinion.

On the exterior, the carbon fibre parts are mostly done with clear coated decals. On my model, I can confirm the application is well done as I carefully inspected it all around with my binocular magnifier. The scale of the carbon weave is questionable though, maybe slightly too large. Also, the orientation of the weave isn’t always true to the 1:1 car.

Clear coated carbon decals can also be found in the interior and engine compartment. However, some carbon surfaces have been simulated with moulded plastic of poor quality compared to what other model manufacturers have achieved. In some areas, there is even no carbon at all like on the outside of door sills. Obviously, the manufacturer cut corners where the carbon is not so visible. Not great.  Some exterior details are really good, others are a bit clumsy, as the typical Pagani mirrors with stems slightly too thick.

Moving to the interior a lot of details can be seen like carbon fibre parts, metal parts and small luggage behind the seats. But the interior feels plastic as the various textures are missing. For example, the paint used for the white quilted bands on seats is semi-gloss which doesn’t look right.

The engine execution appears acceptable but again the various parts feel plastic with several apparent mould lines and plastic moulded carbon. It certainly does not compare well with the original Huyara from AUTOart. Since I don’t own the composite AUTOart Huayra BC I cannot really compare but according to the pictures I have seen they look kind of similar.

At this point let’s talk a bit about fit and finish. The front clamshell and doors fit isn’t great and is causing panel gaps larger than they should be at the front of the door. The hinge mechanism of the front clamshell seems well-engineered though, made of metal parts and small struts. So the issue is apparently somewhere else.

The doors fit when closed isn’t perfect either. The driver door is a bit tight and the passenger door too loose. All opening parts are equipped with small magnets to secure them but several just don’t work. Like the passenger door that won’t lock. I have seen these issues on other high-end models but this is definitely a let down on this model. After studying the front end hinge I realized there is a better way to close it by pushing the front down first (towards the hinge) then close it. The same as with the AUTOart Aventador front trunk for example. That’s helping but not solving completely the gap issues.

Possibly as a consequence of the fit issues my model had paint chipped off a few panel edges. Nothing too difficult to touch-up when you have the skills but this is another let down for sure.

The openings are razor sharp at some places and there is a sequence to respect in order to open them. To be fair I remember I had to touch-up my diecast AUTOart Huayra when I received it. But the LCD Model is definitely worse in the department of fit and finish.

In conclusion, the model has many positives and a few things that bother me. Considering what I paid, it is not a bad deal. But I wouldn’t pay the 235 Euro now asked by some European shops.  I feel LCD Model has done a lot to impress but not enough to produce a perfectly polished model. A little more effort in making sure the fit and finish of opening parts are perfect, improving a few details and adding interior textures would have gone a long way. Since this is still a new manufacturer I am just hoping this one is part of their learning curve. I think I will keep the model but I am very curious to see how it will compare to the composite AUTOart Huayra Roadster when released.

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25 Responses to "REVIEW: LCD Models Pagani Huayra Roadster"

  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks for helping us with the review! Our sample isn’t due until October! We love the honest and unbiased perspective; collector for collectors!

    As for the model, there is a lot of good here, and the price of $260 CND is well below the Canadian price point that will be tipping the scale $400 (taxes in). LCD Models do show some promise. However, they need to work and worldwide distribution and customer service (Asain) if they want to take more share from competitors

  2. Kevin says:

    I think LCD should go more into sportscars than hypercars. The level of detail is not there for the price you are paying (at least in Germany)… I am planing on getting the Velar and I think that’s the direction they should go for! I would appreciate models that no one did so far with full opening features like the RS3, some AMGs like the c63 or something you know… If they keep the prices and quality they are asking for the
    Range Rovers, I will be all In with their models! Almost real will probably do a better job with their Paganis!

  3. Florin Baxty says:

    LCD is to be appreciated for doing its best to give a lot of details to its models, but reading this review confirms the fact that what I discovered in my LCD model (Velar) continues on the other models. (eg small but numerous traces of glue left behind by joining the plastic components on the diecast) But overall, as you said, the price remains a strong point of the LCD. It seems to me, however, that their most successful model so far was the Honda Civic. So, we are waiting for the AA answer, which by the nature of the composite material used, it is possible from the start to come with many advantages in terms of details.

  4. Karsten says:

    As far as I know, there already is an AA answer, both for the Civic and the Huayra Roadster.

    • DS Team says:

      Correct. AUTOart’s Civic is more refined but more money… It all depends on what level of detail you’re comfortable with and yes, diecast metal vs. composite.

  5. Karsten says:

    It goes without saying that the AR will be better than the LCD. Crucial question is, though, will it be better than the AA and justify the much higher price? And will it be in time to pick up the gauntlet? What will you do if AA comes out with a decent Huayra Roadster in the same colour as AR + of your liking, with AR nowhere in sight? Buy, I guess. And then, when the AR appears finally and is not better by miles? Not buy, I guess. Good to know, though, that the LCD is nit a contender, makes decisions easier, so zhank you very much indeed for the review.

  6. Scenic says:

    Going by current Autoart pricing you can expect at least $150 CAD difference between the two. I have both the LCD and the old diecast Huayra by Autoart. On comparing the two I certainly thought Autoart was more refined with better and consistent panel gaps, and overall fit and finish. LCD seems to have a higher ride height, the wing mirror stalks are a bit on the thicker side, the paint used on the seats and interior are too glossy, especially the seats, which gives it a cheap look. Where I really think LCD shines is the abundant use of carbon fibre decals. I would disagree with the reviewer’s view on the textured carbon bits. Autoart does the worst job in this department than even say a bburago. Since Autoart uses tampon printing it doesn’t have the glossiness that decals offer. In the engine department I expect the LCD to be slightly better than the composite counterpart. I personally do not like the toyish look of the exhaust on the Autoart. Neither has LCD captured this well. For the price LCD is a great model and definitely worth the money. I will definitely be keeping it as it’s not at all a bad effort.

  7. Marcel171281 says:

    My biggest isue with this model, apart from the mentioned, is the fact that LCD chose to replicate the car from the Geneva motorshow, but forgot the carbon fiber body. Even the different wheels on each side are present, but why on earth isn’t it exposed blue carbon then, like the car they try to replicate….. cost cutting?

    • DS Team says:

      It is definitely a measure of keeping the model withing a competitive price point, and they succeeded. Though it is a lot more than recently issued models in 1:18.

  8. Andy Razor says:

    As far as I can see, whether this model is worth buying or not is depending on the price. I got this one around 3 months ago and paid 980CNY (145USD). From where I’m sitting, it’s totally worthy. With almost half of the AA’s price, LCD managed to give us a decent model. Yes, some of the details are a little “plasticy” and yes some of the edges can be more refined. But with100USD cheaper, I would happily live with it.
    LCD is a newcomer and it’s aiming for the biggest guy in the 1/18 world. That’s bold .However, the product they give us is promising. Monopoly is not a good thing, and I’m glad LCD is here to make a difference.
    PS. Rumor says LCD is planning to do the colored carbon version (including blue carbon) for this model after white one is relased.

  9. Atalante says:

    Agreed. For the price mentioned it is a very decent model and makes it quite easy to forgive the few things that could have been better. Lately we haven’t seen many newcomers challenging the established brands so early in the game so yes LCD products are promising. We can just hope they will go for more exclusivity in the selection of their scale models. Choice is always good but 3 or 4 manufacturers making the same popular model isn’t the smartest thing.

    Thanks for the insight on the colored carbon version.

    • Andy Razor says:

      I agree with you. As customers, we want them to make as many different models as possible.
      However, in my opinion, making same model probably is the smartest thing for them to do now. Newcomers like LCD, they need customers to know what they can do with them paying less money. Making the same model as AA would show the comparison more clearly. This would definitely make a name for them.

  10. Scenic says:

    I agree with Andy. Also, having more competition is definitely a good thing. Right now, Autoart is enjoying a monopoly and is getting away with poor QC and putting in mediocre effort. In the recent years, whenever Autoart has had competition, they’ve paid more attention to those models, I feel.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, competition is a good thing, we need more. We don’t favour the ” poor QC” from AUTOart, we seen many models over the years, and based on their volume we find their product quite good overall from a QC perspective.

      It definitely is a mystery of why so many brands feed off the same marque and model. Not sure if the angle is shared resources/moulds brings the cost down from a factory manufacturing side. There is way too many examples to concede coincidence.

  11. Channabasanna Shivamurthy says:

    For the price point, this is definitely a great model. I am getting the red one in couple of days. But i dont understand why they used different colored wheels, brake calipers, tyre markings on both the sides.

    I do have their RR Sport and is to be said as the best model from a new manufacturer. Likes other collectors thought they should start making more varieties slowly. Probably Koeingsegg, as i know only Autoart makes the opening detailed models apart from high end manufacturers.

    • DS Team says:

      “But i dont understand why they used different colored wheels, brake calipers, tyre markings on both the sides”

      From what we gather it was part of the Pagani sales pitch at the unveiling… it provided potential customers a look at options.

  12. C11 says:

    I like the red one but unfortunately i dont have the urge to buy one. I am glad that lcd models make real diecast 18s scale. I hope they make an aston martin db11 and dbs superlegger in the future as i do not want to buy some autoart plastics.

  13. Anthony White says:

    I think the model looks nice..but why the 2 different color wheels

  14. Lykan Hypersutra says:

    Call Me Crazy But I Actually Like LCD’s Blue Version More Than The CF Version By Autoart. Both Look Great On Pics But I Like The LCD Version More. So I Ordered One For 175 Euro. It Arrived Yesterday And What Can I Say? It Was The Absolute Right Choice. Ritch, Shiny Metallic Blue Painting With No Disruptions Caused By Carbon Pattern Coupled With The Shape Of The Beautiful Huayra Looks Really Great. My Model Is Not Perfect Though. Both Doors Are Somewhat Sticky Which Has Something To Do With The Alignment Of The Opening Parts. Shut Lines Of The Door On The Driver’s Side Are Not Perfect Either. But If The Rear Cover Is Opened, Both Doors Close Properly. I Think The Issue Can Be Fixed Easily. Maybe The Doors Have To Be Pushed a Bit Forward While I Close Them. I’m Gonna Try More Later Tonight. On The Other Hand, The Panel Gaps Are Really Good On This Model. All Things Considered I Have To Say I’m Really Happy With My Decision. I Don’t Think I’m Gonna Wait For Almost Real Version. This One Is Good Enough For Me Especially At That Price Point.

    There Are a Some Things I’d Like To Mention:
    1. The Model Is Really Heavy. I Mean, I Knew That Because You Guys Mentioned It Multiple Times And Yet Still I Was Surprised.
    2. The Mirror Stems Thikness: It’s Really Negligible. Compared With Autoart’s Huayra Coupe Or BC It’s Really No Big Deal.
    3. The Stance Of The Model: If You Put The LCD Model On a Desk And Push It Gently Down You’ll Notice That There Is Some Room Because Of The Working Suspension. So I’m Pretty Sure The Gravity Is Gonna Fix The Higher Stance Issue At Some Point.

    This Is My Second LCD Model Now And I Like Them Both. Both Offer Unique Features For a Very Good Price. So In My Opinion It Was a Sucessful Start And I’d Like To See More Super Cars Made By LCD Models. This Brand Has Definitely What It Takes To Make Great Scale Models.

    Short Question: What Am I Supposed To Do With The Second (Tiny) Screw Driver Provided With The LCD Model?

    • DS Team says:

      Nice that you liked it! Throw the secondary driver out LOL.

      • Lykan Hypersutra says:

        Yeah, Will Do. :D

        BTW, I Figured Out What Was Wrong With The Doors. It’s The Rear Cover Pushing Up Against Them. Whenever I Open Or Close The Doors The Rear Cover Needs To Be Pushed Down a Bit.
        Oh And My Model Has Paint Chipping As Well. Size Of a Neadel And Barely Visible. I’m Sure LCD Team Ment It Well with This Tight Panel Gaps But Unfortunately It Kinda Backfired Here.

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