REVIEW: Maisto/Bburago Bugatti Chiron •

REVIEW: Maisto/Bburago Bugatti Chiron

Words and photos courtesy of Lucky13


First off, I am not sure how to list this. It came in a Maisto box, which is the cheapo crap (the box) you find in Costco/Sam’s, but underneath the model is stamped as Bburago. First thing I have to say is WOW!!!! I know Maisto/Bburago have been doing a lot better lately, but this model is better than I expected. The first thing that grabs you immediately is the color. They nailed it. The dark blue is supper deep and ultra fine metallic. The nice creamy french blue is also flawless. Next thing is abundance of carbon fiber, which is molded in, but is very well done and pretty convincing. The wheels come next. They are very well done and all though I hate to admit it, I like the chrome finish. It is also prototypical in correctness!


This comes as a surprise to me, but this model does not have active suspension. No springs here. This results in a lot more solid rear wheel attachment and eliminates “the camber issue”, which some Maisto/Bburago models suffer from. The front wheels still have some play, but overall there is an obvious improvement over previous models. The brakes are also very well done, all though the calipers are just a touch undersized In my opinion.


Next great feature is the interior. The doors open a little more than on other models, which is a welcomed change. Inside there is plenty of carbon fiber and excellent detail. The interior color is just the right color like the exterior and there is plenty of shiny stuff where necessary. If there was some carpeting, this interior would beat most Minichamps models and definitely give most AUTOarts a good run for their money. One thing that kind of puzzles me are the seats. Very nicely done, with different color carbon backs, they miss the “shoulder-harness-holes”. Of course I already took one apart and the seats actually have the holes on their backs. they just don’t go through. This would make it a lot easier modifying the seats to add the holes and I have a feeling we may even see them added if this model makes it into some sort of Signature edition.


I was also very pleasantly surprised to see that the rear wing is active. It lacks the refined detail of the AUTOart “hydraulics”, but this model costs about half the amount of the sales tax I would have to pay for an AUTOart. Literally!!!!


Last but not least comes the engine. It is actually pretty well done with some nice carbon fiber on it. When you get the model, the rear does not open. When taken apart however, one can see there are hinges and two little tabs in the hood molding that prevent the hood from opening. I filed mine off and now the hood opens without a problem. This is just one more reason to think that there is going to be a higher tier model of the Chiron.


Enjoy the pictures. I think they speak for themselves. And don’t forget! This model costs me less than the shipping of a model bough online. They go for $13.99 in the Big-Box stores and are than worth triple that price.

buggatichiron buggatichiron2 buggatichiron4

buggatichiron5 buggatichiron6 buggatichiron7

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29 Responses to "REVIEW: Maisto/Bburago Bugatti Chiron"

  1. DS Team says:

    It is quite amazing what they can pack into one model for $13.99. Are we getting hosed by other manufactures? You tell me!

  2. Lausambaychua says:

    Wow, I thought you only collect Ferrari models, Michael? Is this the first exception?

  3. Wes Shakirov says:

    Holy cow

  4. Cameron says:

    The engine bay hatch won’t open on mine can you help me

  5. TERRYM says:

    Where did you buy it?

  6. Cn0711 says:

    Where did you get it from?

  7. Jonathan says:

    The Costco stores in Alberta don’t have any of the Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s, or Ford GT’s available at all. Really hoping to find them soon.

    • TERRYM says:

      I’m in Calgary & you are right but they do have some Ferrari’s. I should have known they were in the U.S of A as price stated was $13.99. We get to pay $19.99 CDN Pesos @ Costco. No complaint these are still a bargain. I would just like to find one.

  8. Jase G says:

    such a great bargain….have picked a few up already (they are being bought up like hotcakes at most Costcos that do end up getting them). I’ve already customized one and the other is a super special One-offbuild I’ll be posting soon….. ;-)

  9. Silver. says:

    That feel when u r a yuropoor and have to pay 40 dollars for it even in our local stores this side of the pond.

  10. Sunny says:

    Hi, I opened the diecast and see there are 2 tabs hatched by engine bay. But how do you “filed the tabs off”? Or you mean to cut it off? Appreciate if you can share some more pics on that.

  11. TERRYM says:

    Just got back from the Britain last night & picked up the only Red/Black one a London Costco had.
    There were 0 Blue ones.
    Paid 13 pounds or about $20 Cdn.
    Really nice model especially for the pounds :).

  12. TERRYM says:

    Maisto’s are now $9.97 Canadian @ Costco.
    Don’t know if you will find any Chiron’s there.

  13. You know the question of overpricing in the” Land of Diecast” is a very valid one !! So much of what we pay for in the range of the various companies that we engage is illusion , and perception. Just dig this , the world of collector’s in its relationship to money is really pretty quirky ,just look on ebay’s secondary market. You’re buying the model to look at , hold ,work the features and display….YET the difference in price of that same piece without a cheap cardboard or styrafoam box can be as much as $50 to $60 difference !! I’m just making the point that it’s all cockeyed in the collector’s world ! Insofar as the production of our beloved cars, bikes, etc.goes ? There cetainly are differences between the way say a CMC and a Maisto are produced, but yes there’s a lot of ground in the middle where the differences in production are nowhere near that of the price. That’s where buyer perception ,and past product rep and many other factors come into play…..Most of them having nothing to do with what’s going into these models , but we carry that home with us ,and all those perceptions commensurate with the price tag are still with us, as we lovingly look at, and adore our cars !! ” Whatta ya gonna do”

  14. Thienan Vu says:

    How long did it take to file the tabs? What’d you use to file the tabs? I’ve been trying for a long time and it’s barely coming off.

  15. TERRYM says:

    Where does anyone buy Maisto in Canada?
    Costco seems to have stopped.

  16. János Velics says:

    I customized my Chiron too: I opened the engine bay lid but I didn`t find rear wing active. (my one is 1:24 scale – yours is 1:18 ?) I customized the interior: I opened the “shoulder-harness-holes”, I made upholstery for the top and an additional carpet before the driver’s seat. I made the inside lighting of LEDs in a bent row from the rear window to the inside mirror.where are some switches placed too.
    Regrettably, I couldn`t attach photos.

    • Will says:

      Would love to see the pics of your mods, esp since its 1:24 ! Clearly your eye sight is much better than mine !

  17. János Velics says:

    Hi Will,
    I contacted the site and asked for advice how can I send photos to you as a reply. I got no answer.
    So my proposal: check at Model Cars Magazine Forum (register is free and necessary for the following search) – search in All Content – Bugatti Chiron – and look “Bugatti Chiron 1:24 Maisto Surprised Me”
    If you are interested you can check my other models: search for – caapa – profile – activity.
    Enjoy the pictures !

  18. John says:

    They go for 40+ dollars on amazon here in Europe ! Can’t believe you got one for 13$, would love to live in the US !

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