Our friends at MINIKRAFT sent us another model from their assortment, the Kia Motors K9 Quoris.  If you remember we reviewed a beautiful model from the team back in March 2016, it was the 1:18 Audi RS7 Sportback.  The Audi RS7 was also a contender for model of the year.  So you may be asking yourself, what is a K9?  I believe to us North American folk the car is better known as K900.  The K9 represents Kia’s full-size luxury car, which is fitted with a 3.8l V6 producing 329 brake horsepower.  So how does the model hold up, read on…

The K9 comes in at around 11 inches in length. As well as having a large footrpint it comes in quite heavy too.  This thing is a brick, 4-5 pounds for sure.  MINIKRAFT is old school in construction, no resin here and very little plastic is found on the exterior panels.  These guys produce a replica the way it should be, diecast metal, opening parts, and a host of exterior and interior details that marvels the mind.  More on this later.

The exterior paint is thick and shinned to perfection, no notable flaws in execution.  Chrome work is on par with the Black exterior paint too.  Body panels align well and shutlines are excellent throughout.

A few elements not usually found in scale in recent times that separate the good manufacturers from the great are found here.  Access to the fuel tank is available, and also the driver and passenger mirrors are adjustable too.  Each works flawlessly and isn’t fragile as one might think.

The front of the Kia K9 features a large chrome grill front and centre.  Execution here is solid along with the nicely detailed headlights and lower turn signals.  MINIKRAFT also incorporates a 3D Kia emblem.  The lower section of the bumper features solid bits, but I’m not 100% sure if this section should be is solid or perforated on the 1:1.  Anyone?

The rear follows suit from the front.  Execution of all elements is once again solid. 3D emblem makes an appearance again as well as nicely crafted photo-etched badges and clean chrome work.

Access to the rear is available.  It features a fully carpeted area with accessible lower panel, see the provided images.  One miss, no supporting struts to add that extra bit of realism.

As mentioned the K9 here is powered by a 3.8l V6.  Access to the motor is achieved by pressing a button found underneath the model.  This allows just enough space to open the hood.  Motor detail is good; I love the use of coloured bits and badges, each adds authenticity.  The big miss here is the large hinges and lack of strut supports.  You can see improvement by the team here with their later release of the Audi RS7, which incorporates these changes.

The under-belly of the model features some surprisingly good detail that isn’t quite the norm from many other manufacturers.  Suspension bits and exhaust components are nicely defined and detailed front to rear.  Well done!

The wheels are a multi-spoke blend on the K9.  Execution is excellent.  Nice touch with the 3D emblem, which  is the centre at all four corners.  The rest of the braking package is hidden behind the massive rollers.  More detail can be found by looking at the model from the under side position.

Inside is where the K9 continues to the shine.  The interior is completed in all Black with some Silver accents bits.  All areas are crafted with care and excellent execution.  This includes doors panels, seats, dash and centre console.  There are so many hidden gems within the interior that if not for the included instructions I would have missed most!

Front section centre console is accessible, same with the rear.  Dash passenger storage is accessible too and a small coin storage compartment (centre console) is functional.  Front seats are moveable too.  MINIKRAFT even includes the OEM instructional decals, note the one of the driver side dash.  Just wild!  See the numerous photos for more details.

The MINIKRAFT Kia Motors K9 Quoris is a marvel for the senses, there is so many added elements that it puts many other brands to shame.  Execution for the most part is top-notch.  There are no corners cut, or cost out, they just want to put forward the best possible model with the upmost detail.  This is the old school way, the way models were once produced, the golden era of collectability maybe.  I can respect that.  If you’re a fan of luxury/sport models the MINIKRAFT Kia Motors K9 Quoris is definitely a perfect choice.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: MINIKRAFT Kia K9 Quoris"

  1. Sac says:

    nice review..I had bought this model in blue as soon as it released back in 2014 or 2015…was my first Minikraft model and still is one of my fav displays at home !

    One thing that got my attention was the Minikraft customer service..they are very polite, prompt in response and follows up on your purchases for feedback..good work guys !

  2. Moondawn says:

    “This thing is a brick, 4-5 pounds for sure….These guys produce a replica the way it should be, diecast metal…” You guys don’t give up, do you? If you want your resin models to weigh heavy, put a piece of lead in it. That will do the trick…

    • Henry says:

      That is like saying instead of buying a gold bar, get a cheap plastic bar with a gold wrap.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, we’re is pro diecast. It is called in the end ;)

      • Robert says:

        Diecast is the method taken to mold something… It doesn’t mean “metal model”. Now that this is out of the way, I applaud the effort and work that went into this one, proving there is still somebody out there that cares for what the collectors want. By the way, as long as “metal’ models are still not being molded with the best materials, I still say plastic is a good way to go. I have had my share of paint rash on these up to now. It seems better nowadays but some manufacturers such as Ertl, Kyosho and even (god forbids) GMP and Highway61 are guilty of this. Curiously I have all kinds of older AutoArt cars and don’t suffer from this disease… Kudos to Minikraft, may you have a long and prosperous life.

  3. ryser says:

    bonjour , voila enfin de vrais modeles reduits , comme on les aiment , tout s ouvre , et c est ce qui compte a cette echelle , bravo .

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