REVIEW: Model 777 Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo •

REVIEW: Model 777 Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

The model under the microscope today comes from a manufacturer we know very little about, they are Model 777. A recent release captured my eye and imagination, it’s the 1:18 scale Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept, a car that came to fame with the video game from Sony that bears the same name, Gran Turismo.

As is customary with all first official reviews here at that we start off with the exterior and interior package. In the case of Model 777, there isn’t much to see, the packaging is a mysterious as the brand. A basic cardboard box similar to that used by Looksmart and Top Marques is the packaging of choice here. Instead of using removable inner fame, Model 777 tucks the base of the model underneath the enlarged outer fame of the exterior box. What does that mean for you? A good deal of pain in the ass to remove the model from the box without damaging the model itself.

Once that is complete, you remove four screws from underneath the base to set the model-free!  The AMG Vision Gran Turismo from Model 777 wasn’t cheap; retail is roughly $169US for a sealed, resin replica.  I sourced one from our sponsor American Excellence for $149 shipped after 10% member saving.  Thank you.  If you know me you know I love concept cars, and the Vision Gran Turismo is one of the hottest and coolest concepts to arrive in some time.  Seems this is the year of the concepts!

The exterior is finished is a nicely and constantly applied Silver paint. The model shines in view and still looks wet to the touch.  Overall lines seem to mirror the original piece, though I suspect the wheels to be slightly out of scale, possibly a shade too small.  This is a resin product, so as always the shutlines and panel gaps are near perfect.

From the front, there isn’t much to admire other than the lovely lines of the car.  The real concept has a wonderful array of lighting techniques and technology that simply cannot be replicated in scale, well not at an affordable price. So basically what we see in scale is found in the “off” state.  Nonetheless, I like what is presented. Grille’s work and headlights are nicely crafted.  Chrome work around the centre grille perimeter is slightly suspect, definitely not at the same level as the wheels or the model on the whole.

Rear much like the front, overall nicely executed.  What takes centre stage is the large red (LED or LCD) brake light.  Again chrome finish mirrors that of the front – below average.  A shame the model is sealed, the Vision Gran Turismo features a very dynamic rear spoiler, and this replica finds it in the off state.

As I mentioned earlier the wheels are possibly out of scale, no big issue for me at least.  What is truly great about the wheel package is the chrome mirror finish, beautifully executed rotors and calipers, so good in fact they look real!  If you look close enough you’ll also notice the AMG and GT script in red.  Well done Model 777.  None of the wheels on my sample would rotate and they definitely don’t steer.

Inside the cockpit, the overall finish is complete and clean.  If you study images of the original design the approach is minimalist for sure.  The large Orange seats definitely take centre stage.  It is nice to see cloth seat-belts with metal buckles for the added realism effect.

This is the first model I’ve seen from Model 777.  I’m impressed, I’m a fan! Though it isn’t the cheapest of the resin brands, their execution and subject matter are excellent.  There are some shortcomings, specifically the lacklustre chrome work I mentioned above.  If you’re a fan of concepts, this one is a must.  I don’t know much about the brand, but I would like to learn more.  If anyone can provide any insight into the origin of the manufacturer or website, please send me an email via the website.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Sac says:

    looks good..would luv to see an opening diecast counterpart though..

  2. Miles1977 says:

    Beautiful model and great review. On my wishlist !

  3. Moondawn says:

    Nice design, but most of it, if not all, is stolen from others. The car was originally designed for Vision GT video games. This is actually a model of a 1:1 model of the car in the video game. It’s not an actual car, so I’m a bit worried about the opening parts remarks. The 1:1 model doesn’t have any: it’s an empty shell. There is a rumor though that Mercedes is actually going to build a few of these…

  4. Erik says:

    How do I get the 10% off code to order, thanks and love the site.

  5. Death7890-beginner collector says:

    So, uh… Can this model’s wheels move or steer? I mean, if it’s a resin model it shouldn’t move really. (BTW sorry I’m just a beginner collector I don’t know like the heck about resin models LOL)

  6. xaml says:

    There are now also models available by Schuco in scales 1:12 and 1:43, though for a hefty premium over the model reviewed above and its mysterious manufacturer:

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